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RESERVED - The Land of the Dragon - William Spencer Percival

1889 - Hurst and Blackett, London - First Edition
A scarce and bright first edition of Spencer Percival’s part travel diary, part anthropological study. Percival, a British civil servant stationed in Shanghai, not only describes boat trips through the Yangtze Gorge, but also his thoughts on a variety of topics, with a chapter on Opium, it is also one of the few books to cover wildfowl shooting in China.

With a wood-engraved frontispiece of ‘
The Bund, Shanghai’, illustrated title page, and a folding colour map of the Upper Yangtze to rear.

Czech in ‘
Asian Big Game Hunting Books’ notes - ‘Primarily valuable for its descriptions of the countryside bordering the Yangtze River, this work also includes the author’s bird shooting trips in the region. Of big game interest is his encounter with wild boar in the Wu-chow-Shan Hills.’ 
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A Lady’s Second Journey Round The World: From London To The Cape Of Good Hope, Borneo, Java, Sumatra, Celebes, Ceram, The Moluccas, Etc., California, Panama, Peru, Ecuador, And The United States. - Ida Pfeiffer

1855 - Longman Brown Green & Longmans, London - First Edition
Ida Pfeiffer’s memorable second expedition around the world, these two volumes entertainingly recount her increasingly adventurous journeys, as she wanders further and further off the beaten track, from the jungles of Celebes, to the mountains of Peru. 
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Russko-Kitaiskii Slovar [Russian-Chinese Dictionary] - Pavel Stepanovich Popov [Popoff]

1900 - San-Kio-Sha, Tokyo - Second Edition, Second Printing
First published in Russia 1879 and now an extreme rarity; this is a Japanese printing of Popov’s corrected and enlarged second edition published in Peking 1896, the Introduction to which is reprinted here.

Pavel Popov (Popoff) (1842-1913) was the Russian Consul-General in Peking and Correspondent of the Imperial Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg. In addition to this dictionary, he published numerous tracts on Chinese affairs, and completed Palladii Kafarov’s unfinished Chinese-Russian Dictionary published in Peking in 1888 (although credited as editor, both Popov and Palladius (aka Palladii or Pyotr Kafarov), each dedicated eight years of their lives to the dictionary).
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The Great Plateau - Captain C. G. Rawling

1905 - Edward Arnold, London - First Edition
First Edition of Rawling’s important account of his unofficial and official surveys through Tibet, illustrated with 57 photographs (on 32 plates) and two folding maps.

‘In 1903 Rawling explored the Zoji La, Leh, Chang Chemmo, Lanak La with Hargreaves and Ram Singh. Then he explored and surveyed, with C. H. D. Ryder, from Lhasa to Simla by the valley of the Brahmaputra and Lake Manasaro-war, as a detachment of the Younghusband Tibet Mission in 1904’.

In addition to taking part in a survey that established Everest as the highest mountain in the world, Rawling would have also been the first man to attempt a climb of the North Face of Everest if his senior officers had allowed!
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Map of China. The 18 Provinces (Shipah-Shêng) - L. Richard, M. Kennelly

1908 - T’usewei Press, Shanghai
A highly detailed, clean and fresh, large colour map of China [75 x 66 cm]. Transliterated by M. Kennelly S. J. Sicawei College.

Highlighting borders, The Great Wall, Capitals of Provinces, Railways, Prefectures, T’ing’s (independent and dependent), Chow’s (independent and dependent), Sub-prefectures or Hsiens, and
Important Places. Varying colour shading for altitudes, as well as sea depth.

This map may have been sold individually, or is one of the maps contained in the rear pocket of Richard’s
Comprehensive Geography of the Chinese Empire also published by the T’usewei Press in 1908. 
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Embassy to the Eastern Courts of Cochin-China, Siam, and Muscat - Edmund Roberts

1837 - Harper & Brothers, New York - First Edition
Important account of an early American embassy to the east. Roberts was appointed as special agent of the United States to negotiate treaties with Muscat, Siam, Cochin China and Japan, which he set out to do in 1832 with the ship Peacock and the schooner Boxer.

Includes about 120 pages describing the culture and business practices of China.

In publisher’s original cloth, and paper label to spine.
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Sepia - Owen Rutter

1926 - George H. Doran Company, New York - First Edition
One of the first works of fiction based in North Borneo. It's a story about a newly arrived British government officer's experiences and his struggles to find a woman to love. The book was subsequently published under the title "Passion Fruit." Rutter was a civil servant employed in British North Borneo and wrote several non-fiction works about Government and the people of what is now Sabah. [k@borneo] 
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Golden Rain - Owen Rutter

1928 - Longmans, New York - First Edition
‘Against a background of Borneo jungle Mr. Rutter has told a story of a white girl and a native chief. A war is provoked by the stupidity of an English official. Adventure, fighting and vivid delineation of human character are blended. It is a story that Mr. Conrad would have loved to tell. Mr. Rutter has his own effective way of developing this tale of a beautiful, violent, and mysterious land.’ - [publisher] 
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