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On the Trail of the Opium Poppy - Sir Alexander Hosie

1914 - George Philip & Son, London - First Edition
Two volumes, illustrated with two coloured folding maps and forty one photographs.

In 1908 the government of India offered to stop the export of opium to China if China abandoned the cultivation of the opium poppy. Hosie, an experienced British diplomat with nearly thirty years experience in China, was appointed commissioner to arrange proceedings, and in 1909 was British delegate at the Shanghai International Opium Commission, which led to his being sent in the following year, at the request of the Indian government, to visit the chief opium-growing provinces of China in order to monitor progress. He then published this account of his travels and investigations, which included much information on agricultural and other economic products.

‘This book is not a history of the Opium Question, nor does it deal with the evils which attend the abuse of the drug. It is a plain narrative of journeys made in China during the years 1910 and 1911 for the purpose of investigating the extent of poppy-cultivation in those provinces which had hitherto been the chief centres of opium production 
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Grandeur et Suprematie de Peking - Alphonse Hubrecht

1928 - Imprimerie des Lazaristes du Pé-t'ang, Peking - First and Limited Edition number XXIII of 50 ‘Exemplaires de Grand Luxe’ printed on ‘Papier de Grand Luxe’
A stunningly silk bound copy of this wonderful work, illustrated with seventy full page half-tone photographic plates [with 140 photographs], 560 woodblock in-text engravings, ten full page woodblock plates, a full page plan comparing Peking through the ages, woodblock initials incorporating monuments of Peking, and 220 zincographic engravings of Chinese art [Zincography was a planographic printing process that used zinc plates].

This copy, in a variant binding of orange pictorial silk, is also one of a hundred copies that contained an additional eight full page hand water-coloured woodblock prints of nine porcelain works from the Louvre Museum [Opposite pages 460, 452, 412 [2], 404, 188, 180, 124, 116], water-coloured illustrated limitation page and extra illustrated title page, thirty water-coloured large initials with floral decoration.

This comprehensive work is divided in two parts, one historical, one descriptive. The historical part begins with the Mongol Empire [13th to 14th Century] and ends at the first decades of the Republic of China [1912]. The descriptive part describes the palaces, temples, Imperial Tombs, and also family life in China, social life, beliefs, etc.’ [
Bibliotheca Wittockiana 123] 
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1857 to 1858
The original hand written journal of Captain Robert Jenkins, during his time as Commander of HMS Actaeon for the year 1857 and HMS Comus in 1857, both ships active off the coast of China, mostly around Canton. Included is a hand drawn and water coloured sketch of Chinese villagers being forced to kowtow to the Union Jack. Finely bound in contemporary black calf and brass locks.

HMS Actaeon was commissioned in 1857 to serve as a survey vessel off the coast of China, under the command of Captain William Thornton Bate. She was present at the bombardment of Canton in 1857,where Bate was shot and killed on 29th. December. Captain Robert Jenkins took over the command of the ship and his journal refers to the bombardment of Canton, surveying factories, disputes over land between British and Chinese merchants. It also covers skirmishes with armed junks and defence of the Barrier. Locations include Hong Kong ,Canton, Macao and Amoy.

According to the Journal it appears that Jenkins was wounded seriously on June 30th 1858, and on September 16th ‘Joined Commander J Ward, [vice?] Captain R Jenkins discharged to Half Pay’, September 18th ‘I went to Shanghai with Commander Ward’, from wence Jenkins travelled to Hong Kong, Singapore, Penang, Galli, Aden, Alexandria, Malta, Gibralter, Falmouth, arriving in Southampton 19th November, one month after leaving Shanghai.

(29 x 23.5 cm) pp. 46 [1st January to 31st December 1857 as Commander of HMS Comus] 10 [Summary of year 1857 as Commander of HMS Comus] 8 [January 1-19th, last days as Commander of HMS Comus] 92 [January 20th to 19th November as Commander of HMS Actaeon] [4] 8 [Summary of year 1857 as Commander of HMS Actaeon] 47 blank pages. Paper watermarked ‘1852’ ‘Fellows’.
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The Lacquer Lady - Fryniwyd Tennyson Jesse

1930 - The MacMillan Company, New York - First Edition
‘Fanny, white, draggled, and almost speechless, arrived to find a Mission House already frantic with alarm. No reliable news had escaped the Palace, but everyone in the kalā town knew that murder and perhaps wholesale massacre was abroad’

A lovely copy in an uncommonly bright dust jacket, the novel was inspired by the author’s trip to Burma, and based on the true story of King Thibaw’s downfall in 1870. Seen through the eyes of naive, yet destructive, Fanny Patterson, we witness the decay of an empire, as the king brings a crucial ultimatum to the British army, resulting in the occupation of Mandalay a fortnight later, with devastating consequences for all of Burma.
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SOLD - I Married Adventure - Osa Johnson

1940 - J. B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia - First Edition
‘”We're going round the world, Osa!” – Heady stuff for a dainty little Kansas girl, who had married at sixteen a handsome film photographer just back from the exotic South Seas. Osa Johnson would have been quite happy to keep home and settle down – she had never been further than thirty miles from the house she was born – but Martin Johnson and their whirlwind romance so bowled her over that all she could answer was “Well – all right, dear”.'  – Jane Robinson, Wayward Women.

A superb copy in the fantastic Zebra print boards, and in a rare dust jacket. The classic real life travel exploits of husband and wife adventurers Martin and Osa Johnson, this is a lively memoir relaying their journeys from Borneo, to Kenya and the Congo. A best seller when it first appeared in 1940, its wonderful observations of nature and heart-stopping narrative are accompanied by scores of striking photographs of the Johnsons’ exotic destinations.

‘Books of adventure are so numerous.... [But] this one is unique. It has the human quality of a novel and the permanence of social history’. – Katherine Woods,
The New York Times. 
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The Currencies of China - Eduard Kann

1927 - Kelly & Walsh, Shanghai - Second Edition. Revised.
An exemplary copy of this exhaustive work on China’s monetary system after the establishment of the Republic, and still the major reference on the subject. There is also one chapter devoted to ‘Hong Kong’s Currency’.

As described in the author’s preface, the second edition enlarged the sections ‘that deal with the practical side of China’s currency system. Numerous additions have been made in this direction, as for instance, with regard to outturns of bullion shipments, parity tables, etc.’.

Illustrated with a Silver tael to title page, a coloured plate of two gold bars, map and nine plates, some folding.
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Tibetan Trek - with - Salween - Ronald Kaulback

1934 - Hodder & Stoughton, London - First Edition, Second State (paper jacket)
‘An explorer in the old-fashioned mould of buccaneering Englishmen who roamed the blank spaces of the map’ – The Times.

Two first editions of Kaulback’s acclaimed accounts of travel and adventure in Tibet.

‘Ronald Kaulback came down from Cambridge having skilfully avoided reading too many books, or attending too many lectures. He had no very clear idea of what he wanted to do in life, and so tagged on to an expedition led by F. Kingdom-Ward whose introduction to
Tibetan Trek is a wonderful introduction to Kaulback himself’.

Kaulback followed this with an eighteen months' expedition in south eastern Tibet searching for the source of the Salween, the black river of Tibet. With one other Englishman and three faithful (and quite enchanting) natives and a good stock of supplies, he collected specimens of insect life, distributed medical care to the very friendly residents and gives a record of their daily progress. Across 3,000 miles of unexplored territory, there were many oddities to be seen, minor discomforts rather than major calamities, to be endured, and plenty of good anecdotes, which he describes in

Both works profusely illustrated with black and white photographs and numerous maps. Both in their rare bright illustrated dust jackets.
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Three Years in Tibet - The Shramana Ekai Kawaguchi

1909 - The Theosophist Office, Madras - First Edition in English
A fine first edition in English of Japanese monk Ekai Kawaguchi’s fascinating account of his legendary journey through Tibet between 1987 and 1903. Earnestly seeking the origins of Buddhism, Kawaguchi spent several months in Darjeeling learning the Tibetan language, before this travels took him along the Kali Gandaki River in Nepal, and past the northern side of Dhaulagiri and into Tibet. Disguised at times as a native Tibetan or as a local Chinese doctor, he eventually entered the forbidden city of Lhasa in 1901, where he would spend a year’s residence and have an audience with the Dalai Lama.

Profusely illustrated throughout with ten full page photogravure plates and one folding photogravure of Mount Gaurishankara at rear, together with numerous Japanese illustrations by the author and a folding sketch map with the author’s route marked in colour.
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