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Canoe Errant, Canoe Errant On The Nile, Canoe Errant On The Mississippi, Canoe to Mandalay, Canoe in Australia. - Major R. Raven-Hart

1935 to 1948 - Various, Various - First editions, Canoe Errant is ‘the first of Major Raven-Hart’s books on his canoe trips throughout the world. He had survived World War I with impaired health, had little money, and wished to see Europe, especially those parts of it not yet spoiled by tourists. One day in 1928 he saw two German’s assembling and launching a folding canoe on the Seine below his home in Herblay. After chatting with them, he bought one, named her Couer Fidele (the family motto), made some experimental trips, and, in 1930, began serious voyaging. He tells of cruises in the spring, summer and autumn of each year through 1934. By the latter year, having travelled many of the rivers of France and Germany, he went down the Danube to Budapest and then cruised Dalmatian waters.

These are the first five books by Major Raven-Hart taking him canoeing across the world, from the Irrawaddy to the Murrumbidgee, the Mississippi to the Wadi Halfa. His books contain adventures, views on customs and languages and historical insights throughout.
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Mountain Monarchs : Wild Sheep & Goats of the Himalayas - George B. Schaller

1977 - University of Chicago Press, Chicago - First Edition
First edition in elusive dust jacket. The first detailed behavioural study of mountain ungulates in a little studied region - the Himalaya. Illustrated throughout.

In 1968, the intrepid George Schaller began a three year study in the vast mountainous and forested regions of Central and Southern Asia, focusing his research on six species of wild sheep and goat – Punjab urial, Persian wild goat, markhor, Himalayan tahr, Nilgiri tahr, and bharal, or blue sheep.

During part of his travels through the Himalayas to study the bharal, or blue sheep, and to possibly to catch a glimpse of the rare and elusive snow leopard, Schaller was accompanied by writer Peter Matthiessen, who would later write his own account of the journey in his award-winning book,
The Snow Leopard, referring to Schaller throughout the work as ‘GS’.

Schaller is indeed one of only two Westerners known to have seen a snow leopard in Nepal between 1950 and 1978.
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Dainty Confections: 400 Splendid Recipes for Puddings, Bread, Cakes and Sweets - Mrs. A. K. Alicia Shelton

1918 - Thacker, Calcutta - First Edition
Rather scarce first edition of this wonderful mixture of British, Indian, and Anglo-Indian desert recipes, in publisher’s original binding showing the Memsahib in her pinny, stirring a pot - possibly Alicia’s Indian recipe for coconut pudding? (see page 27) or Turkish Delight (page 163)... 
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The Flight of the Lapwing - Hon. Henry Noel Shore, R.N.

1881 - Longmans, London - First Edition
An exceptional example of the first edition. Illustrated with an engraved frontispiece of the ‘Lapwing’ and two colour maps (one folding).

Henry Noel Shore, 5th Baron Teignmouth (1847-1926), writes sympathetically and observantly over three years active service on HMS Lapwing, a 170 foot 800 ton gun boat of the Royal Navy’s ‘China Station’. He covers both the activities, skirmishes and accidents of service as well as numerous journeys inland wherever possible whilst sailing between Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Japan.
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The Walls and Gates of Peking - Osvald Sir

1924 - John Lane The Bodley Head, London - First and only Limited Edition. Number 144 of 800 copies
A superior example of this exquisitely illustrated cornerstone of any photographic or architectural history collection of Peking. Containing 128 black and white photogravure plates (on 109 sheets, including the frontispiece), 2 full page colour elevations of the Gate of Perpetual Certainty (Yung Ting Men), 32 in-text and 19 full page black and white diagrams and plans.

‘Superb historical description of the substantial stone monuments in the Peking area, probably the most important work and the only photographic monograph on the subject form this period, by one of the greatest authorities on Chinese art history and architecture.’

‘The work, lavishly illustrated by the author’s excellent photos, with useful and in-depth essays on these wonderful monuments, offers details of each, giving sizes, construction materials and techniques.’

‘Sirén’s goal was to provide a compete survey of Peking’s city wall. He traces some parts of the wall back to the late 15th century whil other features were added as late as 1850. In the name of “great wisdom” and communist progress in the 1960’s under Mao and the “Cultural Revolution” a greta number of the walls and gates were destroyed, thus making this record particularly valuable.’

‘The magnificent photogravures also provide a superb record of the surrounding city life, while the main mode of transport to the capital was by camel caravan.’ – Bibliotheca Wittockiana,
Western Travellers in China. 
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Pagan Races of the Malay Peninsula - Walter William Skeat, Charles Otto Blagden

1906 - Macmillan &, London - First Edition
A large and comprehensive two volume ethnographic study on the manners, customs, religion, and language of the peoples of the Malay Peninsula.

Profusely illustrated. Skeats adds a bibliography of most of the early literature, consisting of mainly travelogues and reports by colonial administrators and a few scholarly journal articles.

‘Skeat went to much trouble to obtain a large and comprehensive collection of photographs for use as illustrations, which are an excellent record of aboriginal life in his time. He also wrote an Introduction entitled '
Environment', which is a first-rate description of the Malayan jungle and its flora and fauna as a habitat, and he also included a bibliography which, among other things, takes in the work of continental scholars of his day on Malayan aborigines.’ - [J.M. Gullick, The Skeat Collection, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford] 
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Chinese Characteristics - Arthur H. Smith

1890 - Printed and published at the ", Shanghai - First Edition
First edition of this influential work, rare in such nice condition. Considered by many as the most widely read book on China by Westerners until Pearl S. Buck’s ‘Good Earth’ in 1931, it was also translated into Japanese and Chinese. This copy formerly owned by fellow missionary Ruth Marie Sites, who was based in ‘Foochow’ in the late 1800’s.

Arthur Henderson Smith (1845-1932) was a highly influential American missionary who spent 54 years in China, in addition to his ‘acerbic style and pithy judgements’ which are present in his writings on China, he also drew attention to and spoke out against the Chinese practice of infanticide of girls. Present at the Boxer uprising in Peking he later wrote the most detailed account of the Rebellion.
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Sketches of Chinese Life & Character - William R. Snow

1860 - Dickinson Bros., 114
A rare large folio of 17 hand-coloured lithographic plates by M. & N. Hanhart from sketches by William R. Snow. Some plates heightened with gum-arabic. Originally sold in three parts, probably loose for ease of framing, and housed in wrappers. It may be assumed that the plate of ‘The Game of Shuttlecock’ was used for that purpose as it is not included here. The three sets of original wrappers have been bound in, and the plate titles are as follows:

Part I.
Going to a Picnic, Mode of Travelling A Long Journey in China.
Rival Caravans, The Desert of To Day.
A Clean Shave.
A Slap on the Back, More Pleasant Than it Looks.
How This Little Pig Went to Market.
Ye Civil Force.

Part II.
Costermongers - Victoria Street, Hong Kong (named as ‘Canton’ in the Plate List).
Chinese funeral - Mode of Carrying the Coffin.
Musicians and Flag Bearers in Advance of a Funeral.
Sketch from the Wall on the Morning after the Grand Attack.
Dinner Hour of a Chinese Family on Board a Chop on the Canton River.

Part III.
On the Wall, Canton.
A Group of Coolies at a Portable Soup Kitchen.
Military Train Coolies Going Home.
Sketch of a Mandarin, Grand Stand Canton.
Astonishment of Ye Natives at Red Hair.
A Group of Coolies on the Road at Dinner.
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