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Wandering in Northern China - with - Roving Through Southern China - Harry A. Franck

1923 - The Century Co., New York & London - First Editions
Together, these two volumes, profusely illustrated with 100’s of Franck’s photographs, provide the most comprehensive reference to what China was really like in the mid-1920's, as well as the adjacent territories.

Wandering in Northern China documents Franck’s personal vagabond adventures - Korea, Manchuria, Gobi, Mongolia, Urga, Peking, Jehol, Shansi, Shantung, Tsingtao, the bandits in Honan, Sian Fu, Shensi, Mohammedan China, Yangtze and other places along the way. A journey mostly conducted on foot through Korea & the whole of Northern China & Mongolia down to Peking, ending at Shantung.

The companion volume
Roving Through Southern China which covered Franck’s journey through Shanghai, his travel up the Yangtze, Kingtehchen, Fukien, Foo- chow, Canton under Sun Yat-Sen, Hainan, Kwangsi, Yunnan, Szechuan, Chengtu and beyond. Much on China's unabsorbed tribes [ethnic minorities]: the Miao, Nosu, Lolo, and other ethnic groups. 
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Flashman and the Mountain of Light - From the Flashman Papers 1845-46 - SIGNED - George MacDonald Fraser

1990 - Collins Harvill, London - First Edition
The ninth packet of the Flashman papers, spanning 1845-46, with the mighty Sikh Khalsa, the finest army ever seen in Asia, poised to invade India and sweep Britannia’s ill-guarded empire into the sea, every able-bodied man was needed to defend the frontier – and one at least had his answer ready when the Call of Duty came: ‘I’ll swim in blood first!’

Alas, though, for poor Flashman, there was no avoiding the terrors of secret service in the debauched and intrigue-ridden Court of the Punjab, the attentions of its beautiful nymphomaniac Maharani (not that he minded that, really), the horrors of its torture chambers or the baleful influence of the famous Koh-i-Noor diamond, the Mountain of Light.
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Round Kangchenjunga - Douglas W. Freshfield

1903 - Edward Arnold, London - First Edition
Freshfield’s incredible account of his dangerous and exhausting circuit of Kangchenjunga, considered one of the greatest early works on Himalayan exploration, and a standard reference to the Kangchenjunga massif. The party’s entire route followed previously unknown areas, much of it at a great height: they climbed the Zemu glacier reaching 5,350 metres, then crossed the Lhonak valley and proceeded west over Jongsong La into Nepal, descending along Kangchenjunga glacier, before trekking ahead to Tseram and finally crossing back to Sikkim.

Accompanying Freshfield was Italian photographer Vittorio Sella, whose remarkable photographs feature in this book.

Profusely illustrated with two large folding colour maps of Sikkim and the glaciers of Kangchenjunga, forty full page black and white plates, two in-text illustrations of the peaks of Kathmandu and a geological map of Sikkim, and one folding panoramic black and white photographic plate of Kangchenjunga Glacier, taken by Sella.
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The Shop Signs of Peking - H. K. Fung

1931 - Issued by the Chinese Painting Association of Peking, China - Edition Limited to 100 Copies
A beautifully hand coloured book showing the signs used by Chinese shopkeepers to advertise their trade, with 101 hand-coloured illustrations of shop signs each accompanied by the Chinese and English description, together with a forward in English by H. K. Fung. 
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1878 - C. Kegan Paul and Co., London - First Edition
Written in the form of an autobiography, the work gives much information of early British-Burmese relations. The author served as Chief Commissioner of British Burma from 1867 to 1871.

Two volumes, beautifully illustrated with ten colour chromolithographic plates, two engraved portraits, five engraved plates, one plate of Burmese Writing, two in-text engravings, and a large colour engraved folding ‘
Map of Burma and Adjacent Countries with Routes of Various Explorers by Lieut. General Albert Fytche’ [68.5 x 42 cm], and additional contemporary colour map of ‘Farther India’ tipped in at rear of volume II. 
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Historic China and Other Sketches - Herbert A. Giles

1882 - Thos. De la Rue & Co., London - First Edition
A scarce copy in original pictorial gilt covers. Giles adequately, if somewhat dryly, introduces this fascinating work as follows:- ‘The six ‘Dynastic Sketches’ with which this volume begins, are intended to present a rough panorama of the history of China. About sixty pages, or two pages a century, for the British public takes but a scanty interest in Chinese affairs, past or present, in spite of the enormous lapse of time during which the Chinese people have covered a vast proportion of the earth's surface.

Between these six ‘
Dynastic Sketches’ I have sandwiched some translated extracts as specimens of the lighter literature of China. Then follow a series of Judicial Sketches comprising a brief survey of the Penal Code of the present dynasty, and translations of twelve criminal cases, tried by a famous magistrate who flourished 150 years ago, since which date the procedure of Chinese courts have undergone no changes.

The volume concludes with several miscellaneous articles on various tropics, such as
Freemasonry in China, On the surnames of the Chinese and Wei-Ch’I or the Chinese Game of War. 
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The River of Golden Sand, the narrative of a journey through China and eastern Tibet to Burmah - Captain William Gill, Edward Colborne Baber, Colonel Henry Yule

1883 - John Murray, London - First Edition Thus
Altogether his journey is one of the most successful and useful which has been performed ion Western China’ - Baron Von Richthofen.

The abridged edition of Captain William Gill’s remarkable account of his expedition from Chengdu, China through Sichuan, along the eastern edge of Tibet via Litang, and finally to Bhamo in Burma, a region little explored by westerners before him. Travelling by train through Europe, and then by sea to Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tianjin, he reached the British legation at Peking in September 1876, before setting out on his five week journey. In 1879 Gill was awarded the Royal Geographical Society gold medal for his scientific work and maps made during this expedition. Gill describes in vivid detail the landscapes, cultures, societies, and settlements of the region, along with their political and economic systems

This edition was published after Gill’s death in 1882, and to it is added a memoir of Gill written by Henry Yule, in addition to his original Introductory essay detailing the exploratory history of the region and briefly outlining those of his friend Captain Gill. Certain portions were adjusted to bring the whole up to date, and a number of additional illustrations added, whilst the number of maps were reduced to two, including a large folding colour map of China showing Gill’s routes.
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Green Willow and other Japanese Fairy Tales - James Grace, Warwick Goble (illustrator)

1910 - Macmillan and Co., London - First Trade Edition
A lovely collection of tales and legends, many of them sourced from the Ko-ji-ki, or Record of Ancient Matters, which contains the mythology of Japan, and beautifully illustrated with 40 tipped-in colour plates by Warwick Goble.

Stories in the collection include ‘Flower of the Peony’, ‘Green Willow’, ‘Tamamo, ‘The Fox Maiden’, ‘The Flute’, ‘The Moon Maiden’, and ‘The Wind in the Pine Tree’, among many others.
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