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The Shop Signs of Peking - H. K. Fung

1931 - Issued by the Chinese Painting Association of Peking, China - Edition Limited to 100 Copies
A beautifully hand coloured book showing the signs used by Chinese shopkeepers to advertise their trade, with 101 hand-coloured illustrations of shop signs each accompanied by the Chinese and English description, together with a forward in English by H. K. Fung. 
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Historic China and Other Sketches - Herbert A. Giles

1882 - Thos. De la Rue & Co., London - First Edition
A scarce copy in original pictorial gilt covers. Giles adequately, if somewhat dryly, introduces this fascinating work as follows:- ‘The six ‘Dynastic Sketches’ with which this volume begins, are intended to present a rough panorama of the history of China. About sixty pages, or two pages a century, for the British public takes but a scanty interest in Chinese affairs, past or present, in spite of the enormous lapse of time during which the Chinese people have covered a vast proportion of the earth's surface.

Between these six ‘
Dynastic Sketches’ I have sandwiched some translated extracts as specimens of the lighter literature of China. Then follow a series of Judicial Sketches comprising a brief survey of the Penal Code of the present dynasty, and translations of twelve criminal cases, tried by a famous magistrate who flourished 150 years ago, since which date the procedure of Chinese courts have undergone no changes.

The volume concludes with several miscellaneous articles on various tropics, such as
Freemasonry in China, On the surnames of the Chinese and Wei-Ch’I or the Chinese Game of War. 
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Green Willow and other Japanese Fairy Tales - James Grace, Warwick Goble (illustrator)

1910 - Macmillan and Co., London - First Trade Edition
A lovely collection of tales and legends, many of them sourced from the Ko-ji-ki, or Record of Ancient Matters, which contains the mythology of Japan, and beautifully illustrated with 40 tipped-in colour plates by Warwick Goble.

Stories in the collection include ‘Flower of the Peony’, ‘Green Willow’, ‘Tamamo, ‘The Fox Maiden’, ‘The Flute’, ‘The Moon Maiden’, and ‘The Wind in the Pine Tree’, among many others.
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1847 - J.E. Gotta’schen Buchhaudlung, Stuttgart - First German Edition [First Published 1834]
First edition of the German adaptation of A Sketch of Chinese History, Ancient and Modern. Edited by K. F. Neumann.
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Morokoshi Meishô Zue [Description of Famous Places in China] - Okada Gyokuzan, Oka Yûgaku, Ôhara Toya Minsei

1806 [Bunka 3] - Kawachiya Kichibei [and 11 others], Ôsaika - First Edition
Very scarce first edition of this magnificently illustrated six volume work on the famous places of Qing Dynasty China, with approximately 327 full-page woodblock prints (xylographic printing on mulberry paper) of which there are 135 double-page illustrations, 1 triple page illustration and three eight-page illustrations [a few of the maps being outlined in red ink]. Edited and illustrated by the Japanese artists Okada Gyokuzan, [1737-1812], Oka Yûgaku [1762-1833] and Ôhara Toya [1771-1840]. Text printed in Chinese and Japanese with Japanese reading marks, in original publishers blue wrappers.

Housed in custom made navy morocco leather and cloth clamshell case, titled in gilt.

The illustrations depict mostly topographical views: natural archaeological or sacred sites [the Four Sacred Mountains of Buddhism, monasteries] and palaces, or historical and legendary scenes based on classical literature. Specifically a map of China and Korea, a map of Peking, a plan of the the Forbidden City, a fine double-page plate depicting the astronomical observatory of Peking set up by the Jesuits Johann Adam Schall and Ferdinand Verbiest, maps and views of the Great Wall and its numerous gates. There are also views of buildings no longer extant, such as the Imperial Elephant Stables.

In summary - Eleven 2-page maps, thirteen 2-page city plans, six 2-page temple plans, three 8-page scenery print, one 3-page scenery print, one-hundred and five 2-page scenery prints, thirty 1-page scenery prints, nineteen in-text prints, four pages of Chinese costume prints, two circular prints of Chinese dignitaries, one full page print of patterns, nine pages of prints of Chinese weapons, armour, and tents, four pages of prints of Chinese vessels and containers, five pages of prints of costumes and jewellery, ten pages of prints of musical instruments, two pages of prints of scales, nineteen pages of prints of modes of transport and accompanying banners and musicians, eight pages of prints of globes and other related instruments, a two page army schematic, four pages of prints of Chinese military costumes, two pages of elephant accessories, and numerous vignettes and samples of Chinese text.
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A Study of Chinese Paintings in the Collection of Ada Small Moore - Louise Wallace Hackney, Yau Chang-Foo

1940 - Oxford University Press, London New York Toronto - First Edition
A significant catalogue of the substantial collection of Chinese paintings in the collection Ada Small Moore (Mrs. William H. Moore) from pre T'and times to the Ch'ing Dynasty. Profusely illustrated, and with detailed descriptions of each work, together with additional notes on history and provenance.

Illustrated with 43 monochrome plates of paintings (a number of which are folding), five colour plates of paintings, five plates of calligraphy, and three plates of seals.
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Account of a Voyage of Discovery to the West Coast of Corea, and the Great Loo-Choo Island - Captain Basil Hall, H. J. Clifford

1818 - John Murray, London - First Edition
A fine full margined copy, with nine aquatint plates by William Havell, all but one hand-coloured, five engraved maps, including two folding, and an engraved plate of ‘Wollaston’s Dip Sector’ instrument.

‘This expedition took Lord Amherst's embassy to China and explored the relatively little-known East China Sea and the Yellow Sea. Visits were made to Korea and the Ryukyu Archipelago. Korea had been sketchily explored by Europeans, but it was not until this 1816-7 expedition of the
Alceste and Lyra, under Captains Murray Maxwell and Basil Hall, that detailed information was obtained about the Ryukus. On the homeward passage, the Alceste was wrecked in Gaspar Strait off Sumatra. Captain Hall served in the Royal Navy from 1802-23 and achieved the rank of post-captain. He saw extensive duty on the Pacific coast of America, and continued his travels as a private citizen. He wrote many other books about his travels and experiences.’ - Hill. 
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South Australia - William Harcus

1876 - Sampson Low, London - First Edition
An informative, late 19th century guide to South Australia, compiled by Adelaide congregational minister, William Harcus, and published by ‘Authority of the Government of South Australia’. With interesting chapters on climate, population, government, land, railways, mining, the Murray River, the Trans-Australian Telegraph, exploration, immigration, agriculture, wine making and vineyards, flora and fauna, and meteorology, together with various statistical information, including one folding diagram showing the ‘progress of the province of South Australia’.

Profusely illustrated with 66 wonderfully detailed, full page engravings taken from photographs, and two folding lithographic maps of South Australia and Australia, housed in rear pocket.
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Price HK$ 2,800

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