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Celebrities of the Shanghai Turf - Juel Madsen, Edmund

1923 - Juel Madsen, Shanghai - First and only edition
A rare piece of Shanghai horse racing history, in remarkably clean condition.

Containing 54 full page captioned illustrations of prominent members of the Shanghai community, by Danish artists Juel Madsen, and Edmund Toeg, with an introduction by A. W. "Bertie" Burkill, Steward of the Shanghai Race Club.

The illustrations consist of 33 individual portraits of members of the Shanghai Race Club, Shanghai Paper Hunt Club, and International Recreation Club, beginning with G. H. Stitt, then Chairman of the Shanghai Racing Club (and Shanghai manager of the Hong Kong bank, interesting trivia – the right hand lion below the HSBC building in Hong Kong is nicknamed Stitt); 5 group sketches of Shanghai Race Club and Paper Hunt Club; 2 group sketches of the Shanghai Volunteer Corps (those featured are named below each sketch); 2 horses; all by Juel Madsen and 12 caricature sketches by Edmund Toeg.

Possibly the last publication and showing some of the last sketches by the Danish artist and war correspondent Juel Madsen who was killed in September 1923 in the Great Kantō Japanese earthquake.
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Borneo and the Indian Archipelago. With Drawings of Costume and Scenery - Frank S. Marryat

1848 - Longman, London - First Edition
A superbly illustrated work on Indonesia, and Rajah Brooke, with additional detail on Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.

Illustrations include the marvellous illustrated title page, chromolithographed colour frontispiece, twenty tinted lithographic plates, and thirty-seven woodcuts. Many of Marryat’s expertly lithographed drawings represent the earliest ethnographical records of life in Borneo and the Indian Archipelago.

Frank Marryat served as a Midshipman on board the H.M.S. Samarang on a surveying expedition to the Indian Archipelago, 1843-1846, cut short in consequence, as Mr. Marryat infers, of the ill-conditioned behaviour and unpopularity of her captain, Sir Edward Belcher.
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Introductory Mandarin Lessons - or - Hua Yu Hsin Chieh Ching - J. M. McHugh - First Lieutenant U. S. Marines. Attach

1931 - Kelly &, Shanghai - First Edition
Rare first edition In fine condition and with the dust jacket.

Written by OSS officer James McHugh, who was assigned as a Marine to the U.S Language Officer program in Peking. He went on to become Naval Attaché and after twenty years in China, retired to Washington to work for Jardine, Matheson & Co.

A practical course aimed at beginner’s, with 50 lessons including
Money; Drinking Tea; Tobacco; Clocks; The Family; Buying Silk; and Buying Hats and Shoes. 
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The Sand Pebbles - Richard McKenna

1963 - Victor Gollancz, London - First English Edition
Fine copy in nice bright unclipped and scarce dust jacket. The story of a US naval river boat based on the Yangtze river in 1925, the author served for ten years in the US Navy in the Far East, two of them on a Yangtze River gunboat.

The basis for the film starring Steve McQueen, Richard Attenborough, Richard Crenna and Candice Bergen. Later republished by the U. S. Naval Institute as part of their ‘Classics of Naval Literature’ series.
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Shanghai Paper Hunt Club - A Short Resume of the Season 1929-1930. - Major E. H. McMichael

1930 - North-China Daily News &, Shanghai - First and Only Edition
An extremely rare and fine little one-off production, only printed for this particular season. As explained in the foreword ‘For certain reasons it was deemed undesirable to publish the accounts of the past Season’s Hunts in the daily press, but in order that a complete record of the sport during 1929-30 might be preserved for future reference, the Stewards considered that it would be much appreciated, both by members and friends, if some account of the Hunts held could be published in pamphlet form.’ Why it was ‘deemed undesirable’ they do not explain.

A fine copy illustrated with 20 photographs and two sketches. The resume covers nine Paper Hunts and three Handicap races from November 24th, 1929 to February 23rd, 1930. With a list of events for the Shanghai Hounds’ Drag Hunts Season of 1929-30 to the rear.
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The Grandeur of the Gorges - Donald Mennie

1926 - A. S. Watson &, Shanghai - First Edition, number 699 of 1, 000 numbered copies.
A fine first edition of this important work containing twelve hand-tinted gelatin silver prints and thirty eight photogravures [15x21cm], each tipped-in from photographs taken by Donald Mennie. Enhanced with pen and ink sketches by Lt.Col. H. G. Gandy and descriptive notes by Lieut.-Comdr. H. Foote Carey opposite each plate. Introduction by Marc T. Greene, and preface by Mennie.

Mennie “took the pictures during two trips on the upper Yangtze River in China: the first on a steamer from Ichang to Chungking, during poor weather, and the second between Ichang and Wan Hsien. The book ends at Chungking, “the great metropolis of Western China”, 1,400 miles from the sea. His apocalyptic vision of the city is seen across the 700 yard stretch of turbulent water where the current was so strong it could take an hour to cross. Between the angry, storm filled sky, and the reflecting, threatening water, the scale of the city is compacted into a strange and ominous shape.” [National Galleries of Scotland]
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Eighteen views taken at & near Rangoon [Views in the Birman Empire] - with - Rangoon Views and Combined Operations in the Birman Empire - Lieutenant Joseph Moore, Captain Frederick Marryat

October 1825 - January 1826 - Kingsbury &, London - First Editions
A rare set of these twenty three hand-coloured aquatint plates from the first and second series, exceptionally bright colours. Together with the engraved allegorical title-dedication leaf for the ‘Eighteen Views’ [First Series] by R. W. Smart after Thomas Stothard, the aquatint leaf listing the eight most important subscribers with large vignette by J. Bromley after Thomas Stothard, and six page lithographed list of subscribers in England and India.

These aquatint plates, published during the First Anglo-Burmese War of 1824-1826, concentrate on Rangoon, captured by the British in 1824. In the subject matter of the plates there is an interesting comparison between graphic battle scenes and picturesque views of the Burmese countryside and architecture. Although Moore wished to record the details of the battles he was involved in, he also wanted to depict the pagodas, temples and views around Rangoon.

A complete set of the first series of eighteen plates from drawings by Lieutenant Joseph Moore, together with five plates from the second series from original sketches by Captain Marryat, which were published eight months later.

With rather fabulous provenance, coming from the Honourable East India Company’s East India College Library (with their armourial bookplate), which was founded in 1806. The ‘
Eighteen Views’ are dedicated to the Court of Directors of the East India Company. The contemporary binding is by Stephen Austin of Hertford, Stephen Austin had been associated with the East India College since boyhood. When it closed in 1858 he was a leading member of the group which set up the public school in William Wilkins’s classical buildings at Hertford Heath.

Plate 16, in first state with ‘ajacent’ (corrected to adjacent in the second state), and plate 14 of the first series and plates 1, 2, & 3 of the second series marked ‘Proof’. The Abbey catalogue notes that ‘... it does not seem that the appearance or non-appearance of the word 'Proof' can be made into an issue point, and, in fact, it seems that all the plate differences must be ascribed to states, not issues’.
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Soochow: The Garden City - F. R. Nance

1936 - Kelly &, Shanghai - First Edition
A fine and exemplary example of this beautifully illustrated guide to the ‘Garden City’.

With twenty four black and white photographic plates of photographs by H. C. Wong and four folding maps, as well as a
Map of the Waterways Around Soochow highlighted in green and used as endpapers.

Florence Rush Nance (1875-1940) was an American teacher of mathematics and chemistry at the McTyeire School for Young Ladies in Shanghai (now the Shanghai No. 3 Girls' High School). She was the first woman to receive a degree in science from Vanderbilt. Nance also taught at Soochow University where her husband was President.
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