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Commentaries on the Laws of England. - William Blackstone, Esq. Solicitor General to Her Majesty

1770 - The Clarendon Press, Oxford - Fourth Edition
It Is Better That Ten Persons Escape, Than That One Innocent Suffer.

‘Blackstone's great work on the laws of England is the extreme example of justification of an existing state of affairs by virtue of its history. Until the ‘Commentaries’, the ordinary Englishman had viewed the law as a vast, unintelligible and unfriendly machine; nothing but trouble, even danger, was to be expected from contact with it. Blackstone's great achievement was to popularise the law and the traditions which had influenced its formation.’
Printing and the Mind of Man.

An attractive four volume quarto set [28 x 23 cm] in contemporary full calf binding. With two engraved tables, being the
Table of Consanguinity [Vol. II p.203] and the folding Table of Descents [Vol. II p.240]. 
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A Pilgrimage To Nejd - Lady Anne Blunt

1881 - John Murray, London - First Edition
First edition of the second of Lady Blunt’s two classic travel accounts, in publisher’s original gilt pictorial cloth, and describing the journey that she and her husband, the poet Wilfrid Scawen Blunt, made in the winter of 1878–7, across the Nejd from Beirut, south into the Great Nefud, north to Baghdad and east to the Persian Gulf. Lady Anne was the first European woman to reach the Nejd and, together with her husband, they were the first Europeans to enter the Jebel Shammar in the Nejd. At Hail they met the Emir who received them courteously, having recently knifed his nephew and cut off the feet of his cousins, leaving them to bleed to death.

With over 30 black and white illustrations including fifteen wood-engraved plates, and large folding colour map.

‘To find out how the Bedouin lived, Lady Anne lived like one herself: she became a temporary nomad, riding the two thousand miles from the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf for the most part in Arab dress, and without guides or the usual caravan. This was quite an innovation, and prompted Blunt to dub his wife ‘the first bona-fide tourist who has taken the Euphrates road'. - Jane Robinson,
Wayward Women. 
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Julens Tolv Dage - Doreen and Lars Bo

1953 - O.C. Olsen &, Denmark
One of 850 copies privately printed for Doreen and Lars Bo to give to friends.

A fine copy, of this personal interpretation in Danish of the traditional carol ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’, written and beautifully illustrated by renowned Danish artist and illustrator Lars Bo, with gilt illustrated blue paper wrappers, and inscribed from Doreen and Lars Bo to their friends the equally renowned illustrator Ronald Searle and his wife, the journalist and publisher Kaye Webb.
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Bowlker's Art of Angling - Charles Bowlker

1826 - Procter &, Ludlow / London - Ninth Edition
An enlarged edition of one of the best early instructional works on fly-fishing and making artificial flies, first published Circa 1747 by the author's father Richard. Illustrated with a hand-coloured copper-engraved frontispiece showing 30 flies and with wood block vignettes throughout the text.

Art of Angling was the standard textbook of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, and ran to at least a dozen editions. A slim volume written in the didactic style that is typical of early fishing manuals.

Continuing the grand tradition of early fishing texts,
The Art ranges widely for such a compact volume and deals with almost every type of fishing - where fly fishing is concerned, there is a great deal on choice of tackle, but relatively little on tactics.

Much of Bowlker's advice has its roots in the seventeenth century and some of his patterns are derived from the
Treatyse on Fishing with an Angle, an important milestone in the literature.’ - Dr. Andrew Herd - A FlyFishing History. 
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1928 - Charles Scribner's Sons, New York - First Edition, Second Issue
Finely bound copy of Boyd’s epic novel of the American Revolution, finely bound, and highlighted by N. C. Wyeth’s iconic illustrations, black and white pen drawings, colour title page and fourteen full-page colour plates.

One of
Life magazine’s 100 most outstanding books for 1924-1944. 
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Fahrenheit 451 - Signed - Ray Bradbury

1953 - Ballantine Books, New York - First edition
One of the Most Desirable Rarities in Modern Science Fiction.

First edition, one of 200 copies, of which this is number 36, signed by Bradbury and bound in ‘
an asbestos material with exceptional resistance to pyrolysis’.

An outstanding, tight and bright copy, whose magnificently named binding material ‘Johns-Manville Quinterra’, a fireproof asbestos material, is prone to crumbling, staining, and soiling.

‘Frightening in its implications.’ -
New York Times. 
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Kai Lung Unrolls His Mat - Ernest Bramah

1928 - The Richards Press Ltd., London - First Edition, in first issue dust jacket
‘The more you can consume, the less will be this self-conscious person’s shame at the insipidity of what he puts before you; the longer you can tolerate his worn-out roof, the greater will be the confidence with which he can henceforth continue to dwell beneath it...’

The third collection of stories in Brahmah’s ‘
Kai Lung’ series: a brilliant literary fusion of myths, legends, and cosmology from the Golden age of Han, tied together with Bramah’s keen eye for combining historic fiction and comedy. Kai Lung, our hapless yet loveable protagonist, must once again defeat his enemies and win back his kidnapped wife; Hwa-Mei, by weaving together seemingly unconnected parables and tales until an overarching narrative is skilfully revealed.

A seminal influence in the genre of speculative fiction, Bramah’s works have been compared with those of Jerome K. Jerome, and PG Wodehouse. His work went on to inspire writers such as Dorothy L Sayers, Jorge Luis Borges, and George Orwell, among many others.
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Hundred Altars - Juliet Bredon

1936 - Kelly and Walsh, Shanghai - Special Far Eastern Edition.
Unusually for Bredon’s works this was first published in London 1934, and later presented here as the Special Far Eastern Edition, published in Shanghai, and with the scarce and delicate Kelly and Walsh dust jacket. Normally the first editions of Bredon were published by Kelly and Walsh.

Hundred Altars is the name of a village in Northern China, an impressive first novel by Juliet Bredon, long term expatriate and author of several detailed historical and descriptive works on China. Penetrates the soul of that vast country, revealing its people, its customs, its struggles as they have seldom if ever been revealed before. The soul of a nation lies in the hearts of its peasantry, and it is of the peasantry that this novel so unforgettably deals. We see them here in the strange humility, with those traits of character so curious in our eyes, these men and women and children of the village of Hundred Altars; they live before us so vividly that the story becomes one of intense personal importance to the reader.’ - publishers description. 
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