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The Red Pavilion - Inscribed - Robert H. Van Gulik

1961 - Art Printing Works, Kuala Lumpur - First Edition
A bright sharp copy of this rare first edition, with hand-written dedication by Van Gulik, dated February 1962.

One of three Judge Dee titles first published in Kuala Lumpur, whilst Van Gulik was stationed there as Dutch Ambassador to the federation of Malaya. The tenth book in the Judge Dee series, and chronologically fourteenth tale, being set in China 670 AD.

With six illustrations from woodblock prints, and endpapers illustrated with a
Sketch Map of Paradise Island, in Chinese style by Van Gulik. 
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The Haunted Monastery - Robert H. Van Gulik

1961 - Art Printing Works, Kuala Lumpur - First Edition (the first English edition was published by Heinemann, London 1963).
True first edition, in superior condition, of the seventh book in the Judge Dee series, and chronologically eighth tale, being set in China 677 AD. Written by Van Gulik in Beirut between November 22,1958 and the middle of January 1959, before he was posted to Kuala Lumpur as Dutch Ambassador to the federation of Malaya.

With eight illustrations and one plan from woodblock prints by Van Gulik in Chinese style, and endpapers illustrated with a
Sketch Map of the Monastery.

‘Judge Dee and his entourage, seeking refuge from a mountain storm, become trapped in a Taoist monastery, where the Abbott Jade mysteriously dies after delivering an ecstatic sermon. The monks call it a supernatural experience, but the judge calls it murder’
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New Year's Eve in Lan-fang - Robert H. Van Gulik

1958 - By the Author, Printed by &ldquo - One of only 200 printed
An exceptional fine uncut and unopened example of the rarest Van Gulik Judge Dee titles, with fine provenance, being inscribed to the great German sinologist Dr. Wolfgang Franke and signed ‘R. H. van Gulik, Beirut, May ‘59’.

‘One of these beautifully printed booklets happened to come my way, finding my hand on an Amsterdam street stall. It numbers 32 pages and is called
New Year’s Eve in Lan-fang. Printed in Beirut, on high quality paper, with perfect binding and an elegant lettertype, it may have been created by a monk, moonlighting in the ‘Imprimerie catholique.’ The illustrations were drawn by van Gulik himself–consisting of two stylized Chinese characters (each in one unbroken line), the one [on the title page] meaning Fu (to be happy) and the one [on last page of the story] saying Shou (long life). Together the two symbols form the traditional Chinese wish for a Happy New Year.’ - from the final page of Janwillem van de Wetering’s ‘Robert van Gulik. His Life, His Work’.

This rare, small (17.5 x 11 cm), thirty two page booklet, was produced by Van Gulik and sent out as a New Year’s greeting for 1959, whilst posted as Dutch envoy to Syria and Lebanon. In addition to the two red Chinese characters referred to by van Wetering, there is a full page frontispiece from a woodblock print by Van Gulik.
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Diplomatic and Consular Reports on Trade - Various

1897 to 1907 - Foreign Office, London - First Editions
A total of 116 various diplomatic and consular reports on China and the numerous British Consuls, dated from 1896 to 1906, finely bound into two thick volumes.

With reports ‘
On the trade of China’ for the years 1896 to 1905 (the last being of 120 pages in length), together with a selection of individual annual reports on Amoy, Canton, Changhshha, Chefoo, Chinkiang, Chungking, Foochow, Hangchow, Hangkow / Hankow, Ichang, Kiukiang, Kiungchow / Hoihow, Newchwang, Ningpo, Pakhoi, and Samshui, as well as an industry specific report ‘on the Cotton Mills of China’ [Please contact us for a complete excel spreadsheet for full details of all reports]

The reports range from the dry to eloquent and detailed, obviously depending on the importance of the area and the character of the consul and staff making the report, include a number of maps, plans and charts.
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Among the Kara-Korum Glaciers in 1925 - Jenny Visser-Hooft, PH. C. Visser

1926 - Edward Arnold &, London - First Edition
The second Dutch expedition to the Karakoram, by Jenny Visser-Hooft (1888-1939) a respected Dutch explorer and mountaineer, variously Honorary Member of the Royal Netherlands Geographical Society and the Ducth Alpine Club, and Vice-President of the Ladies’ Alpine Club in London. Together with her husband Dr. Philip Visser (1882-1955), a distinguished Dutch diplomat and mountain explorer who unravelled many Karakoram glacier puzzles.

After the war the Visser-Hoofts moved to Stockholm, and a grand total of four expeditions to the Karakoram Glaciers soon followed, during which time the couple became first-hand experts on ‘one of the most difficult fields of exploration on earth’; that great, inaccessible watershed between the Hindu Kush and the Hunza Valley. Jenny took charge of botany and general planning, relishing the long marches through hazardous scrac and rotten ice or along blady, unknown mountain ridges, and by the 1930’s the Visser-Hoofts and that other climbing partnership the Workmans had effectively filled in most of the blank spaces on the Karakoram map’ - Jane Robinson,
Wayward Women.

First edition, illustrated with 25 full page photographic plates one single page map an done folding map to the rear.
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With Boat and Gun in the Yangtze Valley - Henling Thomas Wade

1910 - Shanghai Mercury Ltd., Shanghai - Second Edition
Second and enlarged edition of this practical guide to shooting in the lower reaches of the Yangtze, intended primarily for the Shanghai expatriate community; ‘Even before Shanghai was opened by treaty, officers from the well-manned opium schooners lying at Woosung used to organise shooting parties...’. A comprehensive treatise, with over 40 articles contributed by various authors, including chapters on Chinese methods of game-hunting, hunting districts, house-boats and their owners, cookery, vocabulary, field medicine, how to break in dogs, and ‘What to do in case of Trouble with the Natives’.

Illustrated with five maps, two full page schematics of the author’s 80ft boat
The Thistle and a 50ft steel house boat, full page diagram of Snipes tail fathers for identification, five charming woodblock illustrations, and several other in-text diagrams.

A foreign sportsman is usually fully equipped with a fowling-piece with the latest improvements, the newest and best ammunition and a good dog...... the Chinaman takes the field clad in straw sandals and the poorest of clothes and uses a common, roughly made gingal [the large Chinese matchlock], inferior native powder, and shot of unequal sizes. If comparison be made of the results attained by the two shooters.... the palm must be given to the latter, who use their inferior matchlocks with singular dexterity and precision.’ 
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The Traveller in Asia - Priscilla Wakefield

1817 - Darton, London - First Edition
This lovely little book is the final title of Priscilla Wakefield’s fictional travel series, for the purpose of educating children, and based upon the narrative of Arthur Middleton. Illustrated with a colour folding map.

‘In the book Arthur Middleton travels around India and visits China with his impressions and experiences recorded in a journal format. He makes an acquaintance with a Mr Melville who accompanies him on part of the journey and asks Arthur to take charge of his nephew Charles Melville who is fourteen. Arthur and his new companion Charles continue the journey and Priscilla begins to include into the text letters from Charles to his sister Adele. The visit to China at the end of the book is brief in comparison to the volume of information about India. At the end of the book Arthur returns Charles to his uncle and plans his return to England.’ -
Priscilla Wakefield., Travels in Juvenile Literature (Blog). 
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Shadow Plays of Peking - Wang Hsun, Lu Ching Ta (Lu Jing Da)

1953 - People's Fine Arts Publishing House, Peking - First Edition
A large (52 x 38 cm) and rare silk bound and tied folio, presenting the history of Sung Dynasty (A.D. 960-1279) shadow play, with 15 stunning full page colour lithographs of Chinese shadow puppets by Lu Ching-ta, and an introduction by Wang Hsu, text in Chinese, together with loose eight page pamphlet giving the title and full introduction in English, and detailed description of each illustration, and in the original dust jacket.

Edited by the Department of Applied Arts, Central Institute of Fine Arts, Beijing.
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