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A Voyage to Abyssinia and Travels to The Interior of That Country in The Years 1809 and 1810 - Henry Salt

1814 - F. C. and J. Rivington, London - First Edition
First edition of this landmark work on the Ethiopian Empire, complete with all required maps and plates, in contemporary binding.

Henry Salt, who had been trained as a painter, first visited Egypt when he toured India and North Africa with Viscount Valentia ... He returned to Africa in 1809 on a government mission to establish contact with the King of Abyssinia which occupied him for two years. This work describes those travels and the appendix contains vocabularies of various African dialects.

Finely embellished with large folding engraved hand-coloured map of ‘Abyssinia’, six engraved charts (five of which are folding), 27 engraved plates by Charles Heath after Salt, engraved headpiece vignette and tailpiece vignette.

All of the folding maps and charts have been removed from the binding, backed onto linen, folded and then attached to tabs, making them more manageable. The list of plates calls for two separate charts of Howakil Bay and Annesley Bay, however there is just the one folding plate on which these two charts are engraved opposite p. 184. In the present copy, the chart of Zeyla which should be bound to face p. 475 has been misbound opposite p. 453.
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Black Beauty. The Autobiography of a Horse - Anna Sewell, Cecil Aldin (illustrator)

1912 - Jarrold Publishers (London) Limited, London - First Edition Illustrated by Aldin
Illustrated by Eighteen Plates in Colour Specially Drawn For This Edition by Cecil Aldin, together with additional black and white illustrations.

A handsomely illustrated and finely bound edition of Anna Sewell’s classic and only novel, the first major animal story in children’s literature, first published in 1877.
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South - The Story of Shackleton's Last Expedition 1914-1917 - Sir Ernest Shackleton

1919 - William Heinemann, London - First Edition, First Impression
A legendary account of leadership. It was on this expedition that the marooned Shackleton made his famous voyage in a 22-foot boat with five companions through 800 miles of some of the stormiest seas in the world, finally reaching South Georgia and a Norwegian whaling station [Spence].

With 86 full page plates, and large folding map to the rear, many classic photographs existing only due to the stubbornness of Hurley, Shackleton’s photographer, in refusing to leave the plates behind to conserve energy and food.

An exceptionally fine and thus scarce first edition of this large book that is notorious for its poor quality of paper and binding, the silver to spine and covers is bright and sharp, paper toned as is usually the case. Housed in a bespoke blue solander slipcase.
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1896 - Edward Arnold, London - Second Edition
A nice example of Slatin’s magnificent autobiography, one of the most important and captivating tales of the Sudan ever written.

With wonderful provenance, including a card ‘
To my dear old friend Bill Spencer in remembrance of ‘happy days’ in the Sudan from The Author’ which is also signed by Reginald Wingate (aka Wingate of the Sudan who translated this work). Together with a 1931 Christmas card, with tipped in portrait, from Slatin, in Meran, Northern Italy, and a long hand-written note sending his best wishes ‘dear old boy’ and hoping to meet in 1932 ‘somehow - somewhere in good health and spirit’, sadly the year Slatin passed away, signing off Inshallah!, and a number of relevant newspaper clippings.

If Slatin was looking for adventure as he rode his camel into Sudan’s Darfur province in 1881 he got it in spades when one of the most spectacular wars of the 19th century broke out. Under the leadership of their leader known as the Mahdi, a vast native army arose to throw off their Egyptian overlords and cast out its foreign governors. Suddenly what had seemed to Slatin like a well-ordered military career in a quiet back water became a savage struggle of survival between natives and foreigners. Slatin was captured and enslaved. Gordon was surrounded at his capital in Khartoum and beheaded, his head being presented to Slatin. England eventually arose in outrage and sent out an army to retaliate. But it did not arrive before the young Austrian had undergone a series of adventures, survived cruelties too numerous to mention and escaped across the desert one step ahead of his enraged captors.

Fire and Sword in the Sudan records the life story of one of the 19th century’s most gallant soldiers, a man who after escaping from brutal slavery, was awarded military honours by Queen Victoria and returned to the Sudan to assist the very people who had held him in captivity.

A bright and sharp copy, illustrated throughout with black and white photographs, together with two folding maps, this timeless account remains one of the most important and captivating tales of the Sudan ever written.
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An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. With A Life of the Author, an Introductory Discourse, Notes, and Supplemental Dissertations by J. R. M Culloch, Esq. - Adam Smith, J. R. McCulloch

1828 - Printed for Adam Black, Edinburgh - First McCulloch Edition
Four volumes in contemporary bindings, with a portrait frontispiece of Smith in Volume 1 after the Tassie bust. ‘Of real importance is [this] edition by John Ramsay McCulloch (1828) which contains a life of Smith and numerous notes, first published in four volumes and later in single-volume editions which for some three decades were used by students almost to the exclusion of others’. [Bullock]

First published in 1776, ‘the same year as the American Declaration of Independence, it has been argued that the global effect of Smith’s work has exceeded that of American constitutionalists. And if the wealth of a nation or a people is the foundation of all else, then from Hong Kong and Shanghai to Peru, from the oil and gas fields of Russia to the United States itself, from Estonia to Australia, it can be claimed that the principles and economic dynamics at work in all these places come from a book by a scholar of Scotland published before the French Revolution, before the Industrial Revolution and eighty four years before
Das Kapital by Karl Marx.’ - Melvyn Bragg – 12 Books That Changed the World.

Reputedly stolen by Gypsies at the age of three, Smith grew up to become one of the pillars of the Scottish Enlightenment, winning fame as a moral philosopher as well as an economist. In 'The Wealth of Nations,' Smith laid the intellectual foundations for a liberal free-market society, and in so doing revolutionised the understanding of how societies, governments, and markets interact. He always insisted, from 'The Theory of Moral Sentiments' onwards, that the 'invisible hand of the market' would regulate capitalist impulses and channel excessive behaviour into productive and beneficent projects. 'The Wealth of Nations' further addresses questions of sovereignty of colonies, the origins of coinage, and the concept of credit, all of which would have a profound influence on the germinating United States of America, which declared independence in July 1776, the same year that Smith's work was first published. 
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Journal of the Discovery of the Source of the Nile - John Hanning Speke

1863 - William Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh and London - First Edition
A good clean copy, becoming increasingly difficult to find, in the original gilt illustrated publisher’s cloth boards.

First edition, describing Speke’s 1859 expedition to explore Lake Victoria and investigate whether it was really the source of the Nile as claimed, their challenging and eventful journey through present-day Tanzania and Uganda, and the indigenous peoples they encountered.

Embellished with two steel-engraved portrait plates, including the frontispiece, 25 wood-engraved plates, and numerous other illustrations throughout, after sketches by Captain Grant. Together with two maps, including the large folding of Eastern Equatorial Africa [dated 1863. Size 44.5x57.5cm] in pocket to rear, which is often missing. 34 pages of publisher’s advertisements.
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Maus. A Survivor's Tale / RAW Magazine - Signed - Art Spiegelman

1980-86 - Raw Magazine, New York - First Editions
The true first appearance in print in RAW magazine of Art Spiegelman’s groundbreaking and Pulitzer winning ‘Maus. A Survivor's Tale’, the first chapter inserted into issue two is signed and dated by Spiegelman. Housed in two bespoke black cloth clamshell cases with red morocco labels lettered and ruled in gilt.

American cartoonist Art Spiegelman’s graphic retelling of his parents’ experience as Jews in Hitler’s Europe as well as an exploration of his own relationship with his father and his experience as the son of a survivor.

Maus won the cartoonist a Pulitzer Prize in 1992 – the first time the award had been given to a graphic novel, which was initially serialised as a little insert in RAW Magazine as presented here. Spiegelman depicted the Nazis as cats and the Jews as mice and was considered “the most affecting and successful narrative ever done about the Holocaust” by the Wall Street Journal.

Consisting of seven large folio issues of
RAW Magazine, 1980-1986, containing the first edition, first appearance of the first seven chapters, in seven issues (volume 1, nos. 2-8) of RAW magazine (Maus is produced as a separate small publication tipped into RAW, as issued (volume 1, no. 1 of RAW is not present as it did not contain Maus).

Together with: Three thick quarto issues of
RAW Magazine, 1989-1991, containing chapters eight, nine, and ten of Maus, in three issues (volume 2, nos. 1-3), volume 2 issue 4, which presumably would have the last chapter of Maus, was never published. 
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Traveller s Prelude, Beyond Euphrates, The Coast of Incense, Dust in the Lion's Paw - Freya Stark

1950 - John Murray, London - First Editions
A complete and finely bound four volume first edition set of the autobiographies by the ‘Grande Old Lady’ of travellers, the intrepid and pioneering Freya Stark (1893-1993).

Dame Freya Stark’s ‘figure has become the image for an archetypal British eccentric abroad – comfortable and regal, colourfully draped, and invariably topped with an elaborate titfer, perhaps astride a camel (’always so obliging’) or bobbing up-river on an inflated goatskin waving serenely to passers-by – but there is a far more serious side to her career. In all her journeys she has been able to distil and communicate a rich philosophy of travel and to illustrate the art of travelling in time as well as place. She carries the past with her, whether discovering long-buried fortresses in the Valley of the Assassins in Luristan, or tracing the footsteps of the ancient incense traders of Arabia, always teaching and learning at the same time. She is, quite simply, a classic.’ – Jane Robinson, Wayward Women.
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