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A Collection of above Three Hundred Receipts - Mary Kettilby, ’By Several Hands’

1734 - First Part - Printed for Executrix of Mary Kettilby, London - Fifth Edition of Part I, Fourth Edition of Part II
A wide-range of recipes and home remedies; the second part, with a separate title-page 'A collection of receipts in cookery, physick and surgery. Part II', contains 'a great Number of Excellent Receipts, for Preserving and Conserving of Sweet-Meats, &c.'

Of course other important and wonderful remedies are included, covering many areas from mad dog bites, in-growing toenails, thicker hair, and apoplectick pain in the head, to scurvy in the teeth.
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1901 - Macmillan and Co., London - First English Edition (preceded by the American edition by 16 days)
He sat, in defiance of municipal orders, astride the gun Zam-Zammah on her brick platform opposite the old Ajaib-Gher – the Wonder House, as the natives call the Lahore museum. Who hold Zam-Zammah, that 'fire-breathing dragon', hold the Punjab; for the great green-bronze piece is always first of the conqueror's loot.

A bright copy of Kipling’s legendary Indian spy novel, set amongst the background of the Great Game, and one of the author’s most enduring thrillers. Considered to be Kipling’s greatest work, and the finest novel about the India of the British Empire.

Though he was burned black as any native; though he spoke the vernacular by preference, and his mother-tongue in a clipped uncertain sing-song; though he consorted on terms of perfect equality with the small boys of the bazar; Kim was white – a poor white of the very poorest.’

Illustrated with 10 plates from photographs of bas-reliefs by Rudyard's father, John Lockwood Kipling. The basis for the classic 1950 movie starring Errol Flynn and Dean Stockwell. This is the book for boys.
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The Old Bunch - Signed - Meyer Levin

1937 - The Viking Press, New York - First Edition
Signed ‘Sincerely Meyer Levin’.

The Old Bunch chronicles the lives of nineteen Jewish men and women on Chicago's west, a sprawling yet intimate portrait of American life during the Great Depression, by an author the LA Times hailed as "the most significant American Jewish writer of his time”. Too young for World War I, they will later be too old for World War II. But they are not too young or too old for the Great Depression that begins to unravel their lives.

The Old Bunch, retains great power’ - The Wall Street Journal, 2012. 
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The Influence of Sea Power Upon the French Revolution and Empire 1793-1812 - Captain A. T. Mahan

Circa 1894 - Sampson Low, London - Fourth Edition
Two volumes by this influential naval strategist, illustrated with five full page maps, one large folding map of the ‘North Atlantic Ocean’, and seven full pages of battle plans. With interesting provenance.

‘Alfred Thayer Mahan (1840–1914) was an American naval officer, considered one of the most important naval strategists of the nineteenth century. In 1885 he was appointed Lecturer in Naval History and Tactics at the US Naval War College, and became President of the institution between 1886–1889. These two volumes, contain Mahan's detailed analysis of British and French naval strategy during the French Revolution. Mahan recounts chronologically the major naval battles and campaigns between Britain and France and their allies, analysing the different naval strategies used and discussing Britain's successful naval tactics.’ (CUP).
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Recipes of All Nations - Countess Morphy (Editor)

Circa 1935 - Selfridge & Co. Limited by Herbert Joseph Limited, London - First Edition
‘The art and science of cookery is essentially French. Although I have never met a frenchman who is a glutton, I have never met one who is not an epicure. The French have an inborn appreciation of good food and an almost reverent attitude towards it...’

A nicely bound example of this hugely popular book, with helpful tabs to divide the recipes by region, and blank pages for additional notes. While some of her recipes might verge on the dubious (namely ‘Fricassée of Iguana’) - the majority stand the test of time and taste, and would be a welcome addition to any adventurous cook’s bookshelf. 

The spiritual predecessor to Julia Child, Marcelle ‘Countess Morphy’ Hincks healthily doses her recipes with practical advice and humour. Whilst writing, Hincks also worked for the department store
Selfridge’s as a cookery demonstrator,and Elizabeth David recalled attending her cookery classes at Selfridges as a young girl and being impressed with her expertise. A smashing success upon publication, it has enjoyed enduring popularity up to the present day, and contains recipes from France, Sweden, New Orleans, India, and China, making it one of the most diverse cookbooks of its time. 
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The Chronicles of Clovis - H.H. Munro (pseudonym ‘Saki’)

1912 - John Lane, London - First Edition
‘The world ‘Saki’ populates is a world full of sunny humour and zephyrs of merriment, where wit and wisdom are one and the same thing. Let us live there and laugh unrestrainedly’ – Morning Post

A bright first edition of one of ‘Saki’s’ most popular collections of stories, many of them featuring the disenchanted hero Clovis Sangrail, and including one of his best tales, ‘Tobermory’, the story of a temperamental and occasionally malicious talking cat named Tobermory who, with magnificent disdain for the rules of social interaction, repeats back to both hostess and guests every rude piece of gossip uttered by each one about the others.

Perhaps the most graceful spokesman for England’s ‘Golden Afternoon’ – the slow and peaceful years before the First World War – ’Saki’s’ macabre, satirical, and occasionally supernatural tales skewered the banality and hypocrisy of polite Edwardian society, and established him as an undisputed master of the short story and one of the great writers of a bygone era. 
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“Farthest North” - Fridtjof Nansen

1898 - George Newnes, London - Second Edition
Fridtjof Nansen [1861-1930] - winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, scientist, diplomat, explorer, expert cross-country skier.

A bright sharp two volume set describing Nansen's three-year expedition to the North Pole with his boat the Fram, which marked the beginning of the modern age of exploration. Illustrated with 120 full page and numerous text illustrations and coloured plate from Dr. Nansen’s own sketches, together with three maps.

It includes a description of his plan, ridiculed by his peers, to allow the specially designed Fram to become frozen in the treacherous pack ice of the Arctic Oceans. Drifting with the current, he and his crew of twelve would be carried to the Pole.
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Howard Pyle’s Book of Pirates - Howard Pyle

1930 - Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York and London - Early Edition
‘...Howard Pyle’s pictures do breathe an American Spirit. Beyond the technical excellence which has caused artists to treasure proofs of these pictures, beyond the unquestioned accuracy of costume and setting, is the spiritual, personal something that makes pictures live.’

A lovely copy of these highly readable, magnificently illustrated tales recount the rip-roaring adventures of swashbuckling pirates and buccaneers of the Spanish Main. Includes ‘The Ghost of Captain Brand, Tom Chist and the Treasure Box, Jack Ballister’s Fortunes, The Ruby of Kishmoor’ and other tales. Enhanced the author’s own incomparable illustrations, including ten full-colour plates, four black and white full page plates, and line drawings throughout. This immensely popular work became a seminal reference for those interested in maritime studies due to the meticulous research Pyle undertook while writing and illustrating the title.
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