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Bentley: The Vintage Years - Signed - Michael Hay

1986 - Dalton Watson, London - First Edition, Deluxe Limited Edition
‘I am confident that Bentley: The Vintage Years will find a space on every Bentley enthusiast’s shelf and be held as an example by others, endeavouring to write a definitive work on any motoring subject’ – Gibbs Pancheri.

Magnificently Bentley! The special limited edition, number 68 of 200, signed by author Michael Hays, bound in custom green morocco leather, lettered and edged in gilt, housed in bespoke slipcase.

A most comprehensive survey of the Vintage Bentley from 1919 to 1931, with over 500 photographs of coach built Bentleys, as well as a full account of Bentley’s racing history into the early 1930’s.
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And Death Came Too - Richard Hull

1942 - Julian Messner, New York - First American Edition
A somewhat scarce example, fine in the war-time dust jacket.

‘Arthur Yeldham, a retired housemaster from Finchlngfield School invites four young people to come on to his house after a local dance; and when they get there, Yeldham is found stabbed...’
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The Thirteenth Guest - Inscribed - Fergus Hume

1913 - Ward, London - First Edition
Inscribed to the cousin of Fergus Hume, ‘To Mabel, wishing her all the luck of the year from her cousin, Fergus Hume, Thundesrby, Essex, 25-IX-31’.

First edition, illustrated with colour frontispiece by L. M. Hunter.
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A Week in Wall Street. By One Who Knows - Frederick Jackson

1841 - Published for the Booksellers, New York - First Edition
Rare and desirable first edition of one of the earliest works on Wall Street written as New York emerged from the Panic of 1837, in the publisher’s original pink boards, without restoration or rebinding.

Jackson describes the Wall Street of his day, with advice and satirical wit directed not only at the brokers and bankers who ran the street, but at the ‘flunkys’ or sheep who are forever being shorn (Jackson being one of them). Among the chapters that add importance to this treatise is the one describing what a panic is, how it starts, and what its consequences are.

The author sums up the two main species in the market ‘
a Bear means a man who has no shares in the Stocks–one stripped–in an em-bar-assed condition . . . a Bull means a man who has more shares than he can keep, and has gored his neighbor to procure them.’ [The Devil’s Financial Dictionary, Zweig] 
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Billionaire - Inscribed - Peter James

1983 - W. H. Allen, London - First Edition
A fine first edition of Peter James best seller, signed and with nice and personal inscription from the author in large black pen on title page ‘Jan 28th, 1983, To a fine fellow Old-Carthusian (Without Prejudice) To my second Dad! With very best wishes, Peter’.

An ‘Old-Carthusian’ is a former pupil of Charterhouse, the British public school.

“City stockbroker Alex Rocq leads a comfortable life – with a luxury flat in London, a country cottage, a very expensive car, and a lucrative job that still leaves time for leisure. But all this isn’t enough. After receiving a tip-off, Alex decides to play the commodities market for himself. He soon learns the hard way that fortune doesn’t always favour the brave, and his luck comes to an abrupt end.

When he is offered the chance to write off his debts – in exchange for special services and silence – Rocq can’t believe his luck. But how far will a desperate man go to harness the power players around him?”
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1940 - New Directions, Norfolk - First American Edition, and First Edition with Etting’s illustrations
Translated by Edwin Muir, preface by Klaus Mann, Afterword by Max Brod. Illustrated with sixteen line drawings by the painter, sculptor and filmmaker Emlen Etting.

An exceptional copy of Kafka’s third major work, which he referred to as ‘
The Missing Person’. With the pink paper label still pink (usually toned), in the delicate pink dust jacket also illustrated by Etting.

From the dust jacket: ‘Like so many Europeans, Kafka dreamed of America, of the land of freedom and skyscrapers and opportunity.
Amerika is his dream, a strange blend of fantasy and realism.’ 
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What Shall I Wear? The What, Where, When and How Much of Fashion - Claire McCardell, Annabrita (illustrator)

1956 - Simon and Schuster, New York - First Edition, Second Printing
A lovely copy with wonderfully 1950’s illustrations and line-drawings throughout by Annabrita, and a fold-out glossary of “McCardellisms”.

Don’t try to live up to Fashion. First of all, stay firmly you. And if Fashion seems to be saying something that isn’t right for you, ignore it.”

The revolutionary fashion designer credited with originating "The American Look," Claire McCardell designed for the emerging active lifestyle of women in the 1940s and '50s. She was the originator of mix-and-match separates, open-backed sundresses, and feminine denim fashion; she started the trend for ballet flats as a wartime leather-rationing measure. Spaghetti straps, brass hooks and eyes as fasteners, rivets, menswear details and fabrics: they were all started by McCardell. Her Monastic and Pop-over dresses achieved cult status, and her fashions were taken up by working women, the suburban set, and high society alike.

What Shall I Wear?’ is a distillation of McCardell's democratic fashion philosophy and a chattily vivacious guide to looking effortlessly stylish. Mostly eschewing Paris, although she studied there and was influenced by Vionnet and Madame Gres, McCardell preferred an unadorned aesthetic; modern and minimalist, elegant and relaxed, even for evening, with wool jersey and tweed among her favorite fabrics. [From a later edition].

Fashion does not demand a submissive spirit—in fact it asks for a certain independence…The more of yourself in your clothes the better. Your imagination, your thought, your time, your energy.”

Claire McCardell (1905-58) pioneered a style of clothing both casual and chic. In 1990, Life magazine named her one of the 100 Most Important Americans of the 20th Century. She attended Parsons, learning to construct clothing by taking apart Vionnet samples. As head designer of Townley Frocks, she was one of the first American designers to have name recognition, as the company began to sell its fashions branded as “Claire McCardell Clothes by Townley.” Her work is in museums across the country and has been the subject of retrospectives at the Smithsonian and the Fashion Institute of Technology.
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The Foreigner In Far Cathay - Walter Henry Medhurst

1873 - Scribner, New York - First American Edition [First Published London 1872]
A bright copy of Medhurst’s work whose ‘aim is simply to enlighten the home public as to the actual circumstances in which residents in that remote region find themselves’, it also includes chapters on foreigners on China, consuls and customs authorities, and missionaries. With a folding colour map of China.

The author Sir Walter Henry Medhurst (1822-85), son of the Chinese missionary Walter Henry Medhurst (1796-1857), reached China in 1839. Having been brought up in the Far East he spoke fluent Chinese, Dutch and Malay. Medhurst was first employed by Capt. Elliot in the Chinese secretary's office and then was with Sir Henry Pottinger’s staff in Hong Kong, and was present at the taking of Amoy and Chusan in 1840 during the First Opium War. By 1843 he was serving as interpreter at the Shanghai Consulate, and in the following years, he held a number of important consular positions in Chinese treaty ports such as Fuzhou, Shanghai (as H.M. Consul), Hangzhou and Hankou. Thus he served in China and the Treaty Ports during the most turbulent years of British presence there. This is his sole general account of China.
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