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1873 - Harper & Brothers, New York - Household Edition, first to be illustrated by Sheppard
A handsomely bound edition, with 52 illustrations by William Ludwell Sheppard and the text in double columns.

‘Dombey and Son
is both a firm and a family and the ambiguous connection between public and private life lies at the heart of Dickens' novel. Paul Dombey is a man who runs his domestic affairs as he runs his business: calculatingly, callously, coldly and commercially.

Through his dysfunctional relationships with his son, his two wives, and his neglected daughter Florence, Dickens paints a vivid picture of the limitations of a society dominated by commercial values and the drive for profit and explores the possibility of moral and emotional redemption through familial love.’
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The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes - Adrian Conan Doyle, John Dickson Carr

1954 - John Murray, London - First Edition
A fine copy in fabulously sharp and bright dust jacket enclosing a new series of twelve cases for the great consulting detective, including 'The Adventure of the The Deptford Horror' and 'The Seven Clocks', written by the son of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and that master of detective fiction John Dickson Carr.

Each story in this collection is post-scripted with a quote from one of the original Sherlock Holmes stories, making reference to an undocumented Holmes case that had been referred to by Dr. Watson in earlier exploits but exploits but never written up in the Arthur Conan Doyle penned works.
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1954 - The Limited Editions Club, New York - First Edition illustrated by Marsh, Number 764 of 1, 500 copies.
A handsomely bound limited edition of Dreiser’s ‘supreme achievement’ and the inspiration for the Oscar winning 1951 film A Place in the Sun starring Elizabeth Taylor and the perfectly cast Montgomery Clift.

With an introduction by Harry Hansen and illustrated throughout with line drawings by Reginald Marsh.

Based on newspaper accounts of a sensational murder case,
An American Tragedy is an unsurpassed depiction of the harsh realities of American life and of the dark side of the American Dream. Extraordinary in scope and power, vivid in its sense of wholesale human waste, unceasing in its rich compassion, An American Tragedy stands as Theodore Dreiser's supreme achievement.

This is the first edition to be illustrated by Reginald Marsh, and also his final work. Marsh died on 4 July 1954, just prior to it going to press.
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1939 - The Limited Editions Club, New York - First Edition illustrated by Marsh, Number 1194 of 1500 copies.
A handsomely bound limited edition, signed by the illustrator, with an introduction by Burton Rascoe and illustrated throughout from crayon drawings by Reginald Marsh

Banned on publication for its questionable morals,
Sister Carrie is the great American novel of seduction, a masterpiece of insight into appetite and innocence.

Long before she was seduced by the cautious and ordinary man whose life she would unravel with no malice and only intermittent interest, the young Carrie Meeber was seduced by the promise of the city–its vitality and reckless possibility, the thrill of material luxury, and the spectacle of power and industry.

Selected by the Modern Library as one of the 100 best novels of all time.
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1958 - Jonathan Cape, London - First Edition, First impression, second state with dancing ‘Honeychile’ silhouette to front board, in first edition, first impression dust jacket.
Dr No, a sinister recluse with mechanical pincers for hands and a sadistic fascination with pain, holds James Bond firmly in his steely grasp. Bond and Honey Rider, his beautiful and vulnerable girl Friday, have been captured trespassing on Dr No’s secluded Caribbean island. Intent on protecting his clandestine operations from the British secret service, Dr No sees an opportunity to dispose of an enemy and further his diabolical research.

The film that introduced the world to Sean Connery. Many of the now familiar elements appeared in this first entry of the series: M, Moneypenny, Felix Leiter, Q Major Boothroyd, SPECTRE, the Walther PPK, a Casino and a Vodka Martini! .

Smartly housed in custom made clamshell case, black half morocco, gilt titles.
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Price HK$ 25,000

Goldfinger - Ian Lancaster Fleming

1959 - Jonathan Cape, London - First Edition, First Issue, Second State, in First Edition, First Impression, First Issue dust jacket.
Auric Goldfinger, the most phenomenal criminal Bond has ever faced, is an evil genius who likes his cash in gold bars and his women dressed only in gold paint. After smuggling tons of gold out of Britain into secret vaults in Switzerland, this powerful villain is planning the biggest and most daring heist in history-robbing all the gold in Fort Knox. With two of the most memorable villains ever created, a human weapon named Oddjob, and a luscious female crime boss named Pussy Galore.

Smartly housed in custom made clamshell case, black half morocco, gilt titles, felt lined.
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Live and Let Die - Ian Lancaster Fleming

1954 - Jonathan Cape, London - First Edition, in First Issue Dust Jacket
Beautiful, fortune-telling Solitaire is the prisoner (and tool) of Mr. Big - master of fear, artist in crime, and Voodoo Baron of Death. James Bond has no time for superstition - he knows that Big is also a top SMERSH operative and a real threat. More than that, after tracking him through the jazz joints of Harlem to the Everglades and on the Caribbean, 007 has realized that Mr. Big is one of the most dangerous men he has ever faced, and nobody,not even the enigmatic Solitaire, can be sure how their battle of wills is going to end.

A bright sharp copy of the second Bond novel, the scarce ‘First, First, First’ edition, smartly and appropriately housed in a custom made black morocco leather, felt-lined clamshell case, with gilt lettering to the spine.
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Price HK$ 260,000

From Russia, With Love - Ian Lancaster Fleming

1957 - Jonathan Cape, London - First Edition
first edition of Fleming’s most convincing Cold-War thriller and an absolute classic; 007 does battle with SMERSH, the Soviet organisation of vengeance, interrogation, torture and death, and in particular their fearsome executioner Red Grant.

Smartly housed in bespoke felt-lined morocco clamshell case with twin burgundy spine labels lettered in gilt.
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Price HK$ 39,000

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