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On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Ian Lancaster Fleming

1963 - Jonathan Cape, London - First Edition
A sharp and smart first edition of the second of the Bond books now known as the ‘Blofeld’ trilogy, sitting between Thunderball (1961) and You Only Live Twice (1964). Appropriately housed in a custom made black morocco leather, felt lined, clamshell case, with gilt lettering to the spine.

Filmed in 1969; directed by Peter Hunt, with a terrific story line and slick script from the ever-reliable screenwriter Richard Maibaum, O.H.M.S.S. features superb action, spectacular locations, a marvellous John Barry score, and, in Diana Rigg’s Contessa Teresa de Vicenzo (aka Tracy, aka Mrs James Bond), probably the greatest Bond Girl of all time.

The movie, unlike most in the franchise, was faithful to the original Ian Fleming novel and is a fine thriller; one of the grittiest movies of the series.
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Dr. Thorndyke’s Discovery - R. Austin Freeman

1932 - Dodd, New York - First American Edition
A superior example of this Dr. Thorndyke mystery, published the same year in London as ‘When Rogues Fall Out’. 
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Dr. Thorndyke Intervenes - R. Austin Freeman

1933 - Dodd, New York - First American Edition
A fine copy in nice example of this rather delicate dust jacket. 
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The Penrose Mystery - R. Austin Freeman

1936 - Dodd, New York - First American Edition
Dr. Thorndyke is concerned with the mysterious disappearance of Daniel Penrose, a well-to-do collector of antiquities. 
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Dr. Thorndyke’s Crime File - R. Austin Freeman, P. M. Stone (editor)

1941 - Dodd, New York - First Omnibus Edition
A rather fabulous example, elusive as such, of this selection of Dr. Thorndyke’s three most celebrated cases, together with an introduction titled ‘Meet Dr. Thorndyke’, Freeman’s essay ‘The Art of the Detective Story’, and ‘5A King’s Bench Walk’ a short sketch about Dr. Thorndyke by Percival. M. Stone, Feeman’s editor. The three cases are - ‘The Eye of Osiris’, ‘The Mystery of Angelina Frood’, and ‘Mr. Pottermack’s Oversight’. 
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For Special Services - John Gardner

1982 - Jonathan Cape and Hodder & Stoughton, London - First Edition
A fine first edition of the second James Bond novel by James Gardner, who, after a stint as a commando with the Royal Marines, studied theology at Cambridge, had a short career as an Anglican priest before finally turning to writing.

‘Bond is on loan to the United States Government, his partner none other than the tough and beautiful Cedar, daughter of 007’s old friend Felix Leiter. Their enemy? An old adversary, the legendary SPECTRE.’
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The Face of War - Inscribed - Martha Gellhorn Coward

1959 - Rupert Hart-Davis, London - First Edition
First edition and first collection of the great Martha Gellhorn’s war articles.

Inscribed to war correspondent and author ‘
Alan Williams, this museum piece Martha Gellhorn London, April 1997

Like Gellhorn, Williams worked as a correspondent for the ‘
Dail Express’ in many of the world’s ‘hot spots’, including Algeria, Vietnam and North Ireland, gaining a reputation for hell-raising and hard-living in dangerous settings. Later becoming ‘the master of adult entertainment and the first real challenger to Ian Fleming, although the possible influence of his godfather Noël Coward may have caused Williams to stray from a similar work ethic.

The articles are grouped into: The War in Spain; The War in Finland; The War in China; and The Second World War.
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1931 - Methuen & Co. Ltd, London - First Edition with Shepard’s illustrations (38th)
‘And you really live by The River? What a jolly life!’

‘By it and with it and on it and in it,’ said the Rat... ‘It’s my world, and I don’t want any other. What it hasn’t got is not worth having, and what it doesn’t know is not worth knowing.

A fine example of the first edition with the classic and charming illustrations and map endpapers by Ernest Shepard. In a particularly clean example of the scarce dust jacket.
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Price HK$ 15,000

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