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The Golden Face - Signed - Theodore Stephanides

1965 - The Fortune Press, London - First Edition
Fine and signed first edition of this collection of over 80 poems.

Theodore Stephanides (1896-1993), friend and mentor of Gerald Durrell (
My Family and Other Animals), was born in Bombay and educated in India, France, and Greece. He studied Medicine in Paris from 1922 till 1930, and was awarded a Bronze Medal for his Thesis on Microscopy. He served in both World Wars: during the First as a Gunner in the Greek Army on the Macedonian Front; during the Second as a Medical Officer in the Western District, in Greece, in Crete, and in Sicily. After World War II he worked, until his retirement in 1961, as Assistant Radiotherapist in the Lambeth Hospital. In addition to his own poetry he has translated various modern Greek poets including Kostes Palamas, published papers on Astronomy, Biology and Medicine that have appeared in various Scientific Journals in England and in other countries, add to this his book ‘Survey of the Freshwater Biology of Corfu’, and you get a small picture of the polymath that was the great Stephanides...’

‘Theodore is the most learned man I have ever met, and a saint to boot’ - Henry Miller,
The Colossus of Maroussias. 
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Travels of a Consular Officer in North-West China - Sir Eric Teichman

1921 - Cambridge University Press, London - First Edition
Finely bound classic account of several journeys made in connection with the Anglo-Chinese Opium Treaty of 1911, and other subsequent matters up to 1917. As well as a topographical tour of the region, it also contains two political chapters commenting on foreign missions in China, and Railway projects in Shensi and Kansu.

Illustrated with 29 double-sided black and white photographic plates, as well as a frontispiece, two maps bound in, and two folding maps loose in pouch to rear.

Teichman (1884-1944) was one of those dashing all-round characters of the early twentieth century British Establishment, who shot straight out of Cambridge and into government service in China after a couple of years travelling in Europe and Russia. Following a distinguished career at the British Embassy in Peking, he was murdered on his own estate in Norfolk by two American soldiers based at a nearby airfield.
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The Killer Inside Me; Savage Night; Roughneck; Hell of a Woman; After Dark, My Sweet; The Getaway; The Grifters; Pop. 1280. - Jim Thompson

1952 to 1964 - Lion, New York - First Editions
Seven of the best first editions by Jim Thompson, the ‘dime-store Dostoevsky’, and darkest master of the noir genre.

Including what many consider the greatest hard-boiled crime novel ever - ‘
The Killer Inside Me’, which Sean considered ‘the best book I've ever read’, and Stanley Kubrick called ‘the most chilling and believable first person story of a criminally warped mind I have ever encountered’.

Housed in a custom clamshell case, together with
Roughneck, which was as close as Thompson came to something autobiographical ‘He Brawled Hi Way Through Ten Years of Booze and Bawds’ although perhaps it was rather more than ten years... 
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A Handful of Dust - Evelyn Waugh

1934 - Chapman and Hall Ltd., London - First Edition
All over England people were waking up, queasy and despondent.

‘Few writers have walked the line between farce and tragedy as nimbly as Evelyn Waugh, who employed the conventions of the comic novel to chip away at the already crumbling English class system. His 1934 novel,
A Handful of Dust, is a sublime example of his bleak satirical style: a mordantly funny exposé of aristocratic decadence and ennui in England between the wars.’ - Simon Leake.

A fine first edition, and scarce thus.
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Scoop. A Novel About Journalists - Evelyn Waugh

1938 - Chapman & Hall Ltd., London - First Edition First State
First edition of the essential journalist’s novel, with William Boot being hired by the Daily Beast to cover unfolding, or not, events in Ishmaelia.

‘Based on Waugh’s own experiences in Abyssinia in 1936, where he was writing for the
Daily Mail, the novel is a brilliantly comic satire of Fleet Street ethics and manners, and on the battle for readership between the Beast and the Brute.’ – Oxford Companion to English Literature. 
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Vile Bodies - Evelyn Waugh

1930 - Chapman & Hall Ltd., London - First Edition
First edition of Waugh’s second novel, with the wonderful pictorial title page.

‘In the years following the First World War a new generation emerges, wistful and vulnerable beneath the glitter. The Bright Young Things of 'twenties Mayfair, with their paradoxical mix of innocence and sophistication, exercise their inventive minds and vile bodies in every kind of capricious escapade. In a quest for treasure, a favourite party occupation, a vivid assortment of characters hunt fast and furiously for ever greater sensations and the fulfilment of unconscious desires.’ [Penguin]
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Decline and Fall - An Illustrated Novelette - Evelyn Waugh

1928 - Chapman & Hall Ltd., London - First Edition, First Issue
‘Anarchic and experimental... Surely one of the wittiest and most original of first novels. Champagne to the particular.’ - Cyril Connolly, The Modern Movement.

First edition, first issue, of Evelyn Waugh’s first novel. Illustrated with six full-page line drawings by Waugh.

After the book was rejected for indecency by the publisher of his earlier biography of Rossetti, Waugh offered the manuscript to Chapman & Hall, but he did so while his father, who was the managing director of the firm, was away on holiday. The acting-director agreed to publish the novel. Arthur Waugh returned to London to discover that his son was his firm's newest author. When Arthur Waugh's biography was published three years later, however,
Decline and Fall and Vile Bodies, the two novels published under his directorship of Chapman & Hall, were not mentioned. The indelicate material, which Martin Stannard has since revealed in fact did go through some "taming" revisions, was perhaps a bit too much for the elder Waugh. 
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Black Mischief - Evelyn Waugh

1932 - Chapman and Hall Ltd., London - First Edition
‘'We, Seth, Emperor of Azania, Chief of the Chiefs of Sakuyu, Lord of Wanda and Tyrant of the Seas, Bachelor of the Arts of Oxford University, being in this the twenty-fourth year of our life, summoned by the wisdom of Almighty God and the unanimous voice of our people to the throne of our ancestors, do hereby proclaim . . .' Seth paused in his dictation and gazed out across the harbour where in the fresh breeze of early morning the last dhow was setting sail for the open sea.

First edition of Waugh’s satyrical novel set in Africa. Chronicling the efforts of the English-educated Emperor Seth, assisted by a fellow Oxford graduate, Basil Seal, to modernise his kingdom. Believed to have been a satire on Abyssinia, where Waugh spent time as a reporter, and Haile Selassie, although Waugh denied this.
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