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The Fly-Fisher's Entomology - Alfred Ronalds

1844 - Longmans, London - Third Edition
A superb example of Ronalds' ground breaking work on fly -fishing with twenty delicately engraved, hand-coloured plates.

‘Alfred Ronalds is one of the principal milestones in the entire history of fly fishing; with his Entomology, the rational basis of the scientific method had reached angling in full flower. The graphic work is beautifully executed, and the copper plate lithography remains equal to most modern printing technology.’ -

‘A serious and in many ways startlingly modern study of trout and grayling, their senses of hearing, sight, taste and smell, and the insect life in and around the river. It describes some 50 artificial flies each tied to represent a different natural, and presents 20 plates displaying around a hundred delicately hand-coloured illustrations of insects and their imitations. Many editions have appeared over the subsequent 160 years. Though only the earliest are hand-coloured.’ -
Mick Hall - The Flyfishers Annual 
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Burma and Beyond - Sir James George Scott

1932 - Grayson & Grayson, London - 1932
All was ludicrous, but our foreign office has no sense of humour, though it has great delight in the writing of dispatches....’

Profusely illustrated with over 32 photographic plates, and a folding map of Burma and the Shan states, this volume is an informative work on the author’s experiences working in Burma in the early 1930’s.

‘Scott draws on his own observations and those of contemporary colonial officials to sketch the beliefs, customs, and daily life of Burma’s minority ethnic groups - the Shans, Karens, Chins, Kachins, Padaung, etc. The book is illustrated with Scott’s own photographs and contains a final chapter by G.E. Mitton on the Burmans.’ - Patricia Herbert.
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Zos-Kia - Gavin W. Semple

1995 - Fulgar BCM , London - First Edition
‘....we find him of the company of Blake and Fuseli and their circle; but far superior to any of them in the mastery of representational craft.’

A fine, bright copy of Gavin W. Semple’s
Zos-Kia, an essay exploring the life and methodology of famed occultist, artist and writer, Austin Osman Spare, illustrated throughout with 8 full page colour plates, 2 black and white photographs and numerous full page and in-text drawings, together with a woodblock print on rust coloured paper laid in.

As one of the most fascinating figures of the surrealist movement in 1920’s Europe, Spare captured the public imagination with his etchings, drawings and paintings, and became the youngest entrant to the Royal Academy summer exhibition in 1904. Gavin Semple’s
Zos Kia is unrivalled in its critical examination of Spare’s influences and methodology, and contains previously unpublished excerpts from Spare’s last grimoire ‘The Logomachy of Zos’ 
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The Gardens of China - Osvald W. Sirén

1949 - The Ronald Press Company, New York - First Edition
‘Gardens of China - how delightful a subject for those who have rambled and lived in those fantastic pleasure grounds, and how strange and exotic for those who have never visited the Flowery Middle Kingdom!’

A large and comprehensive work which is both descriptive and analytic, with a chapter on ‘
Gardens in Literature and Painting’ and translations from the ‘Yüan Yeh’, the Ming dynasty treatise on gardening.

Beautifully and profusely illustrated with eleven colour plates of paintings, and 208 gravure photographic plates, the volume is additionally accompanied by drawings, sketches and plans throughout the text. The photographs of gardens were taken in Suchow and Peking by Osvald Sirén in 1922, 1929 and 1935 and include private gardens, parks at sea palaces, the Yüan Ming-yuan and the New Summer Palace.
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An Authentic Account of an embassy from the King of Great Britain to the Emperor of China - Sir George Staunton, Earl of Macartney, Sir Erasmus Gower

1797 - Printed by W. Bulmer and Co. for G, London - First Edition
A clean and exquisitely bound set of this cornerstone of Chine related travel literature, together with the magnificent Elephant Folio Atlas showing forty-four engraved maps and plates (mainly after Alexander), of which two are folding and six are double-page.

‘An account of the first British embassy to China, under Lord Macartney. Great Britain was anxious to establish formal diplomatic relations with China and thus open the way for unimpeded trade relations, but centuries of Chinese reserve and self-sufficiency presented a formidable obstacle to the embassy, and the Chinese emperor effectually resisted Lord Macartney’s arguments and gifts. The visit of the British embassy nonetheless resulted in this remarkable account of Chinese manners and customs at the close of the eighteenth century’ -
The Hill Collection of Pacific Voyages. 
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1957 - Simon and Schuster, New York - First Edition
‘Oh my Lord we are going to Paris France, to get roses in our cheeks!’

The second book in the famous children's series with lovely illustrations by Hilary Knight. Starring the magnificently precocious Eloise, who can become dangerously influential to a daughter's life. A wonderful way of learning about Paris.

Pas de quoi d'accord and zut! 
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1955 - Simon and Schuster, New York - First Edition
‘Anyone who fears that the whole human race has been turned out on the same assembly line had better make the acquaintance of Eloise. She is the raw material of genius.’ – New York Herald Tribune Book Review.

‘I am Eloise. I am six. I live at the Plaza hotel.’

With those immortal words, we are introduced to the irreverent and hilarious young occupant of the Plaza, the quirky and ever-lovable Eloise, (rumoured to have been modeled on Kay Thompson’s young goddaughter, Liza Minnelli)...

Accompanied by her English Nanny, loyal pug, and pet turtle, Eloise enjoys spending her days riding the elevator, adding her crayon art to the walls, and avoiding homework at all costs. Selling over 150’000 copies within the first two years of its publication, Knight’s protagonist went on to become one of the most influential and iconic characters of children’s literature, brought to life by Hilary Knight’s brilliant illustrations, combining child-like wonder with warmth and comedy.
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History of the America's Cup - Winfield. M. Thompson, Thomas W. Lawson

1902 - Privately Printed, Boston - First and Limited Edition, of which this is number 1342
A beautiful copy in publisher’s binding, of this large and splendid volume, over 400 pages illustrated with eighty-nine full page plates of which sixteen are colour and two are maps outlined in colour, detailing the history of the America’s Cup from 1851 to 1902, it’s challenges, yachts, protests, characters and an appendix of press articles. There is nothing finer.

Scarce in this condition even more so in the original magnificent gilt pictorial white canvas cloth binding with green morocco title label. Privately printed for private distribution only, and limited to 3,000 copies most of which were presented to prominent members of the yachting community, this particular copy was presented to ‘The High School Library Of Oceanic’.
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