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All The Sad Young Men - F. Scott Fitzgerald

1926 - Charles Scribner's Sons, New York - First Edition, First Printing
‘Begin with an individual, and before you know it you find that you have created a type; begin with a type, and you find that you have created – nothing.’

A handsome first edition of Fitzgerald’s third short story collection, which showcases his unique writing style and vividly describes in various ways the dazzling 1920s jazz-age society that Fitzgerald himself inhabited.

This collection includes the stories ‘The Rich Boy’, ‘Winter Dreams’, ‘The Baby Party’, ‘Rags Martin-Jones and the Pr-nce of W-les’, ‘The Sensible Thing’, ‘Gretchen’s Forty Winks’, and ‘Absolution’, one of the author’s best-received stories, originally written as a background piece to
The Great Gatsby, that novel having been published one year earlier. 
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Jock of the Bushveld - Sir Percy Fitzpatrick

1907 - Longmans, London - First Edition, Second Impression [Same year as First]
A superb copy of this legendary tale, illustrated by the British wildlife artist Ernest Caldwell with colour frontispiece, 22 full page monochrome plates and numerous in-text vignettes.

Fitzpatrick`s travels with his dog Jock during the 1880s, when he worked as a storeman, prospector`s assistant, journalist and ox-wagon transport-rider in the Bushveld region of the Transvaal (then the South African Republic). Fitzpatrick later recounted these adventures as bedtime stories to his four children. Rudyard Kipling, a good friend of Fitzpatrick, also took part in these story-telling evenings and eventually persuaded him to collect the tales in book form.
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Thunderball - Ian Lancaster Fleming

1961 - Jonathan Cape, London - First Edition, First Issue
Thunderball’ is one of the most pivotal works of the series, and the first of the ‘Blofeld’ trilogy. It was in ‘Thunderball’ that Fleming first introduces the world to the ultimate Bond villain - Ernest Stavro Blofeld. Though Bond and Blofeld never actually meet here, it is in this book that Bond first battles the schemes of SPECTRE, Blofeld's criminal organisation.

Filmed in 1965, starring Sean Connery as 007, Claudine Auger as Domino and Adolfo Celi as Emilio Largo- SPECTRE's No.2. The later film ‘
Never Say Never Again’, with Connery again as 007, was loosely based on this story

Appropriately housed in a bespoke black morocco leather, felt lined, clamshell case, with gilt lettering to the spine.
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On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Ian Lancaster Fleming

1963 - Jonathan Cape, London - First Edition
An exceptional example of the second of the Bond books now known as the ‘Blofeld’ trilogy, sitting between Thunderball (1961) and You Only Live Twice (1964). Appropriately housed in a custom made black morocco leather, felt lined, clamshell case, with gilt lettering to the spine.

Filmed in 1969; directed by Peter Hunt, with a terrific story line and slick script from the ever-reliable screenwriter Richard Maibaum, O.H.M.S.S. features superb action, spectacular locations, a marvellous John Barry score, and, in Diana Rigg’s Contessa Teresa de Vicenzo (aka Tracy, aka Mrs James Bond), probably the greatest Bond Girl of all time.

The movie, unlike most in the franchise, was faithful to the original Ian Fleming novel and is a fine thriller; one of the grittiest movies of the series.
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Payment Deferred - C. S. Forester

1926 - John Lane The Bodley Head Limited, London - First Edition
A scarce and attractive first edition, broody, gritty, and extraordinary in every sense of the word, one of the darkest murder mystery titles of the early 20th century.

The novel follows anti-hero William Marble, and his slow, unremitting descent into madness as he manipulates his wealthy nephew in order to solve his own financial despair. Combining the psychological trauma of Poe’s
‘The Tell Tale Heart’ with Forester’s excellent eye for dialogue and realism, the novel is a masterpiece of suspense. The title has been listed as a Haycraft-Queen cornerstone of detective fiction, and Julian Symons 100 Best Crime & Mystery Books. 
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Investigation Into the Causes of the Gold Panic. Report of the Majority of the Committee on Banking and Currency. March 1, 1870 - James A. Garfield

1870 - Government Printing Office, Washington - First Edition
House of Representatives, 41st Congress, second session, Report No. 31.

‘…on the 23rd of September the market had risen to 162; the Treasury decided to sell four millions of gold; and within fifteen minutes the price fell from 160 to 133. A conspiracy was alleged with government officials, including even President Grant, directly or indirectly engaged.’

Black Friday, September 24, 1869 was caused by two speculators’ efforts, Jay Gould and James Fisk, to corner the gold market on the New York Gold Exchange, with the alleged encouragement and the accused involvement of President Ulysses S. Grant.

This is the important and rare report and transcripts of the subsequent dramatic Congressional investigation, which was chaired by James A. Garfield. The investigation was alleged on the one hand to have been limited because Virginia Corbin and First Lady Julia Grant were not permitted to testify. Garfield's biographer, Alan Peskin, however, maintains the investigation was quite thorough. Garfield was chairman of the Committee on Banking and Currency at the time (later the twentieth U.S. President, but assassinated only four months into his term).

The investigation was set up to examine the following topics:
First. The Gold Exchange and the Gold Exchange Bank; their history, the character of their ordinary operations, and their relations to the gold panic of September. Second. The alleged conspiracy of September, to raise the price of gold; the persons engaged in it, and the instrumentalities made use of. Third. Whether any officers of the national government were directly or indirectly engaged in the alleged conspiracy.  
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A Gun for Sale. An Entertainment. - Graham Greene

1936 - William Heinemann Ltd, London Toronto - First Edition
‘Murder didn’t mean much to Raven. It was just a new job. You had to be careful. You had to use your brains. It was not a question of hatred.’

An exceptional copy of one of Greene’s early and rarer titles, chilling political noir and espionage, published as A Gun For Hire in the United States, and with many characters, themes, and settings which went on to feature in Brighton Rock.

Raven stalks the criminal underworld, accepting the jobs that even the most diabolical of criminals refuse to take. When he completes his most dangerous assignment: the murder of a European minister of War, he must avoid the detection of the police, while also discovering the identity of the agent who betrayed him.
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Nightmare Alley - William Lindsay Gresham

1946 - Rinehart and Company, New York Toronto - First Edition
A striking copy of this ‘Noir’ masterpiece.

‘While I've known for a long time that William Lindsay Gresham's "
Nightmare Alley" was an established classic of noir fiction, I was utterly unprepared for its raw, Dostoevskian power. Why isn't this book on reading lists with Nathanael West's "Miss Lonelyhearts" and Albert Camus' "The Stranger"? It's not often that a novel leaves a weathered and jaded reviewer like myself utterly flattened, but this one did.’ – Michael Dirda, Washington Post, 2010.

Nightmare Alley follows the exploits of Stanton Carlisle, a ruthless hustler who learns the tricks of the carny trade and uses them to prey on the wealthy and the weak. Carlisle's determined rise to power and inevitable plunge into depravity is more than great drama, it is an evisceration of the post-war American dream.

‘Never was noir more autobiographical than here….
Nightmare Alley remains a masterpiece, not only due to its driving narrative power, but because it’s underpinned by the premise that the human animal is alone, helpless in the face of destiny, stumbling in the dark, down the nightmare alley toward the inevitable wall of death at the end. Yet we can’t stop ourselves hoping, and fearing, that there might be something beyond that wall. The message of this disquieting book couldn’t be more human, yet that message is metaphysical rather than moral." – Richard Rayner, Los Angeles Times, 2010.

Gresham's ‘legacy was a brilliant and horrific book - read it and you'll never refer to someone as a geek again.’ –
The Times (London)  
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