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Lanark - A Life in Four Books - Signed - Alasdair Gray

2001 - Canongate Books, Edinburgh - Number 1179 of 2000 Limited Edition Sets
A fine four volume set, number 1179 of 2000, with the the slipcase signed by Alasdair Gray.

Lanark, a modern vision of hell, is set in the disintegrating cities of Unthank and Glasgow, and tells the interwoven stories of Lanark and Duncan Thaw. A work of extraordinary imagination and wide range, its playful narrative techniques convey a profound message, both personal and political, about humankind’s inability to love, and yet our compulsion to go on trying.’

‘Widely recognised as a modern classic, Alasdair Gray's magnum opus was first published in 1981 and immediately established him as one of Britain's leading writers. Comparisons have been made to Dante, Blake, Joyce, Orwell, Kafka, Huxley and Lewis Carroll. This edition published in 2001, includes new autobiographical
Tailpiece’ [Canongate]

‘It was time Scotland produced a shattering work of fiction in the modern idiom. This is it … [Gray is] the best Scottish novelist since Sir Walter Scott’ – Anthony Burgess.

‘I was absolutely knocked out by Lanark. I think it’s the best in Scottish literature this century’ – Iain Banks.

‘Remarkable … A work of loving and vivid imagination, yielding copious riches’ – William Boyd. 
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The End of the Affair - Graham Greene

1951 - William Heinemann Ltd, London - First Edition
This is a record of hate far more than of love.’

for me one of the best, most true and moving novels of my time, in anybody's language’ - William Faulkner.

‘Undeniably a major work of art. It remains from first to last an almost faultless display of craftsmanship and a wonderfully assured statement of ideas.’ -
The New Yorker. 
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A Burnt-Out Case – Uncorrected Proof - Graham Greene

1961 - Heinemann, London Melbourne Toronto - First Edition
The advanced ‘Uncorrected Proof’ of Greene’s novel set in the Belgian Congo. These may have been sent out to reviewers, this copy with ‘January 16’ written on the front panel, which was the release date of the book.

Querry, a world famous architect, is the victim of a terrible attack of indifference: he no longer finds meaning in art or pleasure in life. Arriving anonymously at a Congo leper village, he is diagnosed as the mental equivalent of a 'burnt-out case', a leper mutilated by disease and amputation. Querry slowly moves towards a cure, his mind getting clearer as he works for the colony. However, in the heat of the tropics, no relationship with a married woman, will ever be taken as innocent...
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May We Borrow your Husband? and Other Comedies of the Sexual Life. - Graham Greene

1967 - The Bodley Head, London Sydney Toronto - First Edition
‘Wit, humour and irony... deployed with a light touch, and... a wicked sense of fun.’ – Sunday Times.

Author William Harris is spending the fag-end of the season at Antibes finishing his first attempt at historical biography, but he becomes more and more interested and involved in the antics of two homosexual interior decorators intent on stealing Poopy Travis's honeymoon husband. Which leaves him free to fall in love with Poopy himself. A widow and a divorcee tipsily discuss the inadequacy of men, deciding that women have much more to offer each other by way of variety in sexual love. A wife holidays alone in Jamaica's cheap season idly hoping for excitement but finding the only man she can have an affair with is far too old and frightened of the dark. Affairs, obsessions, grand passions and tiny ardours this collection contains some of Greene's saddest observations on the hilarity of sex.
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The Comedians - Graham Greene

1966 - The Bodley Head, London - First Edition
‘"A liar, a cretin, a stool-pigeon…unbalanced, sadistic, perverted…a perfect ignoramus…lying to his heart's content…the shame of proud and noble England…a spy…a drug addict…a torturer." (The last epithet has always a little puzzled me.)’ – Greene describing Papa Doc Duvalier’s description of him. – Ways of Escape.

One of Graham Greene's most chilling and prophetic novels,
The Comedians is set in a Haiti ruled by Papa Doc and the Tontons Macoute, his sinister secret police. Just as The Quiet American offered a preview of the coming horrors of American involvement in Vietnam, this novel presages the chaos in Haiti. 
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The Living Room: A Play in Two Acts The Potting Shed - A Play in Three Acts Yes and No and For Whom the Bell Chimes - Graham Greene

1953 - Heinemann, London - First Edition in English, First Edition Second Printing, Limited Edition
Three volumes of Graham Greene’s plays. The Living Room was Graham Greene’s first play, first published in Swedish the preceding year. It was followed five year slater by The Potting Shed.

The last title, one of a limited edition of 750 copies, contains two plays first performed at the Haymarket Studio, Leicester in March 1980.
Yes and No is a slight two-hander between an actor and his director, poking gentl fun at Sir Ralph Richardson and Sir John Gielgud, one of the two character's only lines consisting of either 'Yes' or 'No'. For Whom the Bell Chimes incorporating the corpse of a murdered woman and a transsexual police officer, reveals Greene's admiration for Joe Orton’s black farces. 
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A Study of Chinese Paintings in the Collection of Ada Small Moore - Louise Wallace Hackney, Yau Chang-Foo

1940 - Oxford University Press, London New York Toronto - First Edition
A significant and large folio catalogue of the substantial collection of Chinese paintings in the collection Ada Small Moore (Mrs. William H. Moore) from pre T'ang times to the Ch'ing Dynasty.

Profusely illustrated with 43 monochrome plates of paintings (a number of which are folding), five colour plates of paintings, five plates of calligraphy, and three plates of seals. With detailed descriptions of each work, together with additional notes on history and provenance, and detailed indexes.

This copy includes the additional ten page additional supplement describing the Ming Dynasty hand scroll ‘Distinguished Scholars Feast Before Parting by Shên Chou (1427-1509)’ which ‘
was added to the Collection too late to be included in this book’. 
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Ling-Nam or Interior Views of Southern China - B. C. Henry

1886 - S. W. Partridge and Co., London - First Edition
Illustrated throughout including two double-page maps of Canton and one of Hainan, twenty full page illustrations and numerous in-text sketches.

Reverend Benjamin Couch Henry (1850-1901), one of the founders of Lingnan University, was an American, Princeton educated, Presbyterian missionary who spent 20 years in Southern China. In addition to his missionary work he collected plants including many new species.
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Price HK$ 3,500

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