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Narrative of the late Victorious Campaign in Affghanistan - Lieutenant Greenwood

1844 - Henry Colburn, London - Second Edition
Scarce in both first and second edition, especially in the original cloth. Illustrated with large folding map to rear, and tinted lithographic frontispiece of the Battle of Mazeera and four lithographic plates showing the Fort of Jamrod in the valley of Peshawar, Fort Ali Musjid in the Khyber Pass, Bala Hissar at Cabul, City and valley of Cabul.

‘Here is a volume which must at once take its place beside those of Lady Sale and Lieut. Eyre, to which it forms a natural and necessary sequel... It narrates in the words and with the appliances of en eye-witness, the details, both personal and professional, of that glorious but terrible "measure of revenge," which it was the lot of General Pollock and his gallant band to inflict on the assassins of Cabool. The tale is infinitely better for being a "plain unvarnished" one... A considerable amount of amusement, as well as of utility, is added to this volume by the writer having made it the medium for his recollection of seven years' service in India, previously to the stirring events which give the chief attraction to the work. These recollections touch upon all the usual features of Anglo-Indian life, and are written in the same natural and easy vein which mark the more important portion of the narrative’ –
Coburn’s New Monthly Magazine 1844. 
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Three years travels from Moscow over-land to China - E. Y. Ides

1706 - W. Freeman, London - First edition in English
Superb copy of this profusely illustrated and important work in contemporary full calf binding.

Ides headed an embassy to Peking, which set out from Moscow in 1692 and returned in 1695. ‘He composed his journal for the information and satisfaction of Czar Peter the Great who was well pleased with the results and rewarded the author with the post of Privy Councillor. The Russian embassy had less trouble with the enormous self esteem of the Chinese than many earlier and later embassies. Under the emperor then ruling, Kang hsi, ministers were courteously received and enabled to transact their business as at any other court. The expedition added considerable geographical knowledge to the little that was known about Manchuria and China’ [Cox].

First published in Dutch in 1704, to which Nicolas Witsen, the translator, added 30 newly engraved plates (seven of which are double page folding plates, and one larger folding plate ‘
The Ambassador’s entry thro’ the famous wall’), in addition to the engraved title page, and the large and important map ‘Russorum Imperatori’ by Petro Alexewitz, considered ‘the best of all foreign maps which were based on the Russian original sources and which have exercised a great influence on the development of Russian cartography’ (Imago Mundi III 87). 
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Shanghai: its Mixed Court and Council - A. M. Kotenev

1925 - North-China Daily News & Herald, Shanghai - First Edition
A rare first edition of the most detailed work on Shanghai’s Municipal Council and Mixed Court from 1842 to 1924, the year before its demise.

Contents: Rules for the Mixed court, 1869. Rules of procedure of the International mixed court, 1914 and 1919, supplemented with provisions on general principles of the modern procedural laws of China, 1921. The provisional Criminal code of the republic of China. The provisional Criminal code amendment act.--The revised draft of the law on offences relating to morphine. The Chinese Supreme court decisions (1923). Rules for application of foreign laws (1921). Regulations relating to commerce. Copyright, 1916. The Law of publication, 1914. Rules of the Court of consuls. Land regulations and bye-laws for the Foreign settlement of Shanghai.
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Disputed Barricade - Fitzroy MacLean

1957 - Jonathan Cape, London - First Edition
First edition, this copy inscribed on the front free endpaper, “Bill and Pussy [Deakin] from Fitzroy, July 1957.” A superb association. Maclean’s early exploits as a diplomat in Russia, and with the SAS in the Libyan desert convinced Churchill that he was the man to take in hand the SOE mission to Yugoslavia, where rivalry between the Chetniks under Mihailovich and Tito’s partisans was confusing an already difficult situation.

SOE’s man on the ground was Bill Deakin who had built up a considerable rapport with Tito, having saved his life during an air-raid, and in his own words had taken on “a binding and absolute identity with those around me.” Maclean was daunted at the prospect of working with Deakin, who took a First in Modern History at Oxford, and had become Churchill’s research assistant, even being entrusted by him with a mission to Benes in 1938 to assess Czechoslovakia’s intentions in the face of Nazi aggression, “
We had expected a forbidding academic figure, and were relieved to find a very young and rather untidy undergraduate who combined an outstanding intellect with a gift for getting on with everyone.”

Maclean accepted Deakin’s choice of Tito as the best possible option for Allied support, and despite the apparently shambolic nature of the Mission - which included Churchill’s “
stubborn and quarrelsome” son Randolph, and the “erratic” Evelyn Waugh who “irresponsibly and ludicrously put forward the idea that Tito was a woman.” - the operation was a vital component in the relentless, brutal guerilla war that tied down disproportionate numbers of German personnel in an unwinnable conflict.

A wonderful association between two of Churchill’s hand-picked men. Illustrated with portrait frontispiece and nine other photographs, together with a large folding colour map and other black and white maps throughout the text.

After the war Deakin returned to his academic career and contributed greatly to Churchill’s “Syndicate” in the writing of his war memoirs, while Maclean continued as a rather ineffectual, bankbench MP and under secretary for war, a post which was the PM’s regard for his loyalty. However, Maclean’s already considerable mystique was further enhanced by rumours that he was the model for his school friend Ian Fleming’s hero, James Bond.
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The Punishments of China - Major George Henry Mason

1823 - Printed for William Miller by W. Bulmer and Co., London - Early Printing
A fine copy in magnificent contemporary binding, containing a series of twenty two hand-coloured stipple engravings by Dadley based on paintings attributed to the artist George Henry Mason who, with William Alexander, travelled to China at the end of the eighteenth century. Each plate is accompanied by a descriptive text leaf.

The best western record of these peculiar and often gruesome practices, describing in graphic detail the forms of punishment from less severe penalties like
Torturing the Fingers and Twisting a Man’s Ears, to the most serious The Manner of Beheading. The accompanying text, in both French and English, explains the method by which the punishment is delivered and examples of the crimes that would merit such a punishment. For example the fitting punishment for merchants that had committed frauds, impositions, or any other unwarrantable tricks of the trade was the Punishment of the Swing, in which a man is suspended by his shoulders and ankles, in a very painful situation. [Wittockiana 49]

While the methods are clearly barbaric by today's standards, Mason's book, along with the translation of the Qing penal code in 1810, created growing concern in Britain and other Western countries over the perceived severity and unnecessary cruelty of the sentences described. [Abbey]
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Principles of Political Economy - John Stuart Mill

1848 - John W. Parker, London - First Edition
The brilliant John Stuart Mill's major work, a treatise that marked the culmination of classical economics, and was considered ‘the undisputed bible of economic doctrine’. One of the most widely read of all books on economics in the nineteenth century. As Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations had during an earlier period, Mill's text dominated economics teaching; In the case of Oxford University it was the standard text until 1919, when replaced by Alfred Marshall's theories.

‘To many generations of students, Mill’s
Principles was the undisputed bible of economic doctrine. They represented the final synthesis of classical theory and of refinements introduced by post-Ricardian writers. They were comprehensive, systematic, and, with few exceptions, they presented their theorems without pugnacity which strengthened the impression of assurance and unquestioned authority’ – Roll, History of Economic Thought. 
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1928 - Methuen & Co. Ltd., London - First Edition, in First Issue Dust Jacket
'Pooh looked at his two paws. He knew that one of them was the right, and he knew that when you had decided which one of them was the right, then the other one was the left, but he never could remember how to begin.'

A lovely, bright copy of A. A. Milne’s beloved children’s tale, the fourth in his series of Pooh books and the first in which Tigger makes an appearance.
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1925 - Hodder and Stoughton, London - Number 70 of 600 limited copies, signed by the artist
‘Once upon a time there dwelt near a large wood a poor woodcutter with his wife and two children by his former marriage, a little boy named Hansel, and a girl named Gretel.’

A superb example of this large, limited edition of Grimm fairy tales, illustrated with twelve stunning mounted colour plates and numerous black and white drawings by Kay Nielsen, and signed by the artist on the limitation page, accompanied by the publisher’s somewhat worn slipcase.

Together with ‘
Hansel and Gretel’, this marvellous collection also includes the stories ‘The Six Swans’, ‘The Fisherman and His Wife’, ‘Snowdrop’, ‘Clever Alice’, ‘The Valiant Little Tailor’, ‘Rapunzel’, ‘The Three Magic Gifts’, ‘The Golden Goose’, and ‘Rumpelstiltskin’, among others. 
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