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The Clans of the Scottish Highlands - James Logan, R. R. McIan (illustrator)

1845-1847 - Ackermann and Co., Strand - First Folio Edition
First editions of the first illustrated encyclopaedia of traditional Scottish tartans. Scarce and in the publisher’s original large folio ornate gilt bindings, with all plates present. Housed in bespoke slipcases.

Containing seventy-two magnificent hand-coloured lithographic plates, and two colour chromolithograph titles with the coat of arms of the different Scottish clans. McIan and Logan’s extensive research into the clans was in response to Queen Victoria’s interest in her Scottish heritage, the final work being published to celebrate the centenary of the 1745 Jacobite Rising, one of the results being the 1746 Act of Proscription prohibiting the wearing of highland clothing, the second offence of which led to transportation (repealed in 1782).

McIan’s Clans is still considered the finest example of a large number of works on the subject.
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Whisky Galore - Compton MacKenzie

1947 - Chatto and Windus, London - First Edition
A finely bound first edition of this whisky highlight.

Love makes the world go round? Not at all. Whisky makes it go round twice as fast

It's 1943, and the war has brought rationing to the Hebridean Islands of Great and Little Todday. When food is in short supply, it is bad enough, but when the whisky runs out, it looks like the end of the world. Morale is at rock bottom. George Campbell needs a wee dram to give him the courage to stand up to his mother and marry Catriona. The priest, the doctor, and, of course, the landlord at the inn are all having a very thin time of it. There's no conversation, no jollity, no fun, until a ship-wreck off the coast brings a piece of extraordinary good fortune.

‘The genre of Scotch whisky fiction is not an expansive one, and would barely make a credible Mastermind specialist subject, but one title stands out above all others in terms of its profile with both aficionados and the general public. That title is Whisky Galore’ – Gavin D. Smith,
Famous Whisky Drinkers, (

‘Compton Mackenzie's timeless text is a triumph. Inspired by the real events of 1941, when a cargo ship ran aground in the channel between Eriskay and South Uist, Whisky Galore is the gentle, comical story of how the booty on board became appropriated by a group of Scottish islanders. ‘ -
100 Best Scottish Books of All Time, The List. 
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Winston Churchill: The Struggle for Survival, 1940-1965. Taken from the diaries of Lord Moran - Lord Moran

1966 - Constable, London - First Edition
Finely bound, illustrated with 15 black and white photographic plates, some double-sided, including a frontispiece.

Selections from the diaries of Winston Churchill's doctor, devoted friend, and confidant, Lord Moran, which form a frank and intimate portrait of the Prime Minister from the tumultuous post-World War II years all the way up to his death in January 1965.

Presenting an invaluable picture of a complicated, contradictory individual: stubborn, defiant, prideful, yet possessing an undeniable strength and nobility. Moran chronicles not only the key political events of Churchill's last twenty years—his legendary Iron Curtain speech, his triumphant return to power in 1951 and his ensuing role in the unfolding political landscape of the Cold War era—but also Churchill's place as a Nobel Prize winning historian, voracious traveller, and enigmatic father and husband.
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1958 - Collins and Harvill Press, London - First Edition in English
Fine and bright example of the first edition in English, in the striking John Woodcock-designed dust jacket.

Loosely based on Pasternak’s life after moving out of Moscow, Lara being modelled on his mistress, Olga Ivinskaya. The manuscript was being smuggled out of Russia in 1957 - ’You are hereby invited to watch me face the firing squad.’ said Pasternak on handing the manuscript over. After the publication of the English translation in 1958
Doctor Zhivago spent 26 weeks on the New York times bestseller list. This is the first edition of that translation.

The epic film adaptation by David Lean, starring Omar Sharif and Julie Christie, won 5 Oscars and 3 Baftas, and cemented
Doctor Zhivago’s place in film folklore. 
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Man-Eaters of Tsavo - with - In the Grip of the Nyika - Lieut.-Col. J. H. Patterson

1907 - Macmillan and Co., London - First Editions, third/second printings (same year as first).
‘We were never long without excitement of some kind or another at Tsavo. When the camp was not being attacked by man-eating lions, it was visited by leopards, hyenas, wild dogs, wild cats and other inhabitants of the jungle around us.’

A scarce bright and sharp pair. Profusely illustrated with black and white photographs and maps.
The Man-Eaters of Tsavo contains Colonel John Henry Patterson’s legendary account of hunting down two man-eating Tsavo lions, which at the time were believed to have killed 135 people, while he was overseeing the construction of a railroad bridge in East Africa, in 1898. Together with In the Grip of the Nyika, the account of Colonel John Henry Patterson’s hunting trips during his later expeditions to East Africa, it includes reminiscences of the Tsavo man-eaters episode, as well as his various experiences on safari, his visit to Nairobi, and his numerous encounters with big game animals, including lions, elephants, and rhino. 
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The Tale of Pigling Bland - Beatrix Potter

1913 - Frederick Warne and Co., London - First Edition
A scarce fine example of this wonderfully illustrated first edition with fifteen colour plates.

The Tale of Pigling Bland is based on two of Beatrix Potter’s pigs who she called Alexander and Pigling Bland, who were sold because food was running short and they had such big appetites ‘five meals a day and not satisfied’.

She also had a little black girl-pig (the inspiration for Pigling’s lady friend Pig-wig) who she ‘put it beside her bed and fed it herself night and day, until in the end it became her pet, and followed her everywhere indoors and out’.
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India and Its Native Princes: Travels in Central India and in the Presidencies of Bombay and Bengal. Carefully revised and edited by Lieut.-Col. Buckle - Louis Rousselet

1878 - Bickers and Son, London - First Edition, Second Printing
The English translation of French traveller Rousselet’s 'L'Inde des Rajas' (1875), being an account of his time in India between 1864 and 1868, filled with 317 engravings based on hundreds of his own photographs many of which are full page, together with six maps.

Uncommon to find this large volume in such nice condition and without restoration or rebind, showing the magnificent intricately decorated covers at their best.
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The Stones of Venice - The Foundations, The Sea-Stories; The Fall. With Illustrations drawn by the Author - John Ruskin

1873-1874 - Smith, London - Signed Limited Edition
Elegantly bound set of Ruskin’s classic and influential treatise on Venetian art and architecture, limited to 1,500 copies signed by Ruskin.

Illustrated with 53 mixed technique plates (including lithograph, mezzotint, aquatint and engraved, some tinted or hand-coloured), together with wood engraved illustrations and diagrams throughout the text.

‘Among the many strange things that have befallen Venice, she had the good fortune to become the object of passion to a man of splendid genius’ -
Henry James on John Ruskin.

The book aroused considerable interest in Victorian Britain and beyond. The chapter "The Nature of Gothic" (from volume 2) was admired by William Morris, who published it separately in an edition which is in itself an example of Gothic revival. It inspired Marcel Proust; the narrator of the Recherche visits Venice with his mother in a state of enthusiasm for Ruskin.
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