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1905 - George Newnes Ltd., London - First Edition
With sixteen illustrated plates by Sidney Paget.

The murder of the Honourable Ronald Adair brings ‘The Great Detective’ back to life after the infamous events at the Richenbach Falls, commencing a search for the second most dangerous man in London.

The ‘
Return’ is a collection of thirteen stories, among them some of the most interesting in the whole series - 'The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton' is a good example (which Doyle first called 'The Adventure of the Worst Man in London'). Four of the stories ('The Empty House', 'The Dancing Men', 'The Priory School' and 'The Second Stain'), were listed by Doyle in 1927 as being among his favourite Holmes episodes.

This copy from the library of the fabulous Lady Constance Butler [1879-1949] Anglo-Irish noblewoman, yachtswoman, and expert radiographer who after the 1st World War headed the X-Ray department art St. Andrew’s Hospital in London. With her sister she coronation of King George V and Queen Mary in 1911, seated in a box set aside for "personal friends of the Queen and Queen Alexandra”. One would not have been surprised if she had sent a case to the great Holmes himself...
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2012 - Taschen GmbH, Koln - First Edition
Large art book format, illustrated throughout with film stills, set photos, posters, books, stunt stills, and more. Housed in the original printed card carrying case.

With a preface by 007 film producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli and a 12-page profile of Ian Fleming, including a new printing of his Playboy interview conducted in 1963.

A terrific tribute to the enduring legacy of the James Bond books and films which have thrilled and delighted readers and audiences the world over for more than fifty years. This is the first printing; the book was slightly altered and reissued as '
The Spectre Edition' in 2015, to coincide with the film of that name. 
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Ask the Dust - John Fante

1980 - Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara - First Black Sparrow Edition
One of 750 copies, with a preface by Charles Bukowski. Fante’s account of coming west as a young man, considered by Bukowski to be both the finest novel ever written about Los Angeles and the inspiration for his own writing career.

First Black Sparrow Press trade edition of Fante's much acclaimed first book, made into a movie starring Colin Farrell and Salma Hayek. Originally published in 1939 by Stackpole who then used the funds allocated for the book to cover Adolf Hitler’s lawsuit against them for an unauthorised printing of Mein Kampf, hence the scarcity of the original work and lack of further printings.
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Shaken. Drinking with James Bond and Ian Fleming - Signed - Fergus Fleming

2018 - Octopus Books/Mitchell Beazley, London - First Edition
A fine, as new example, signed by Fergus Fleming who also provides the introduction. Illustrated throughout.

Inspired by the writings of James Bond's creator, this official 007 cocktail book is created in association with the Ian Fleming Estate. The text and recipes provided by bar industry legends Edmund Weil, Bobby Hiddleston and Mia Johansson.
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News from Tartary: A Journey from Peking to Kashmir - Peter Fleming

1936 - Jonathan Cape, London - First Edition
An elegantly bound first edition of one of Peter Fleming’s great travel books, the extraordinary travel narrative in the company of Swiss adventurer Ella Maillart, crossing from Beijing through central China and into the north of the Indian subcontinent.

News from Tartary’ describes a phenomenally successful attempt that legendary adventurer Peter Fleming made to travel overland from Peking to Kashmir. The journey took seven months and covered about 3,500 miles. Motivated largely by curiosity, he set out with his companion Ella Maillart across a China torn by civil war to journey through Xinjiang to British India. It had been eight years since anyone had crossed Xinjiang; in between, those who had entered this inhospitable and politically volatile area – under the control of a warlord supported by Stalin's Red Army – seldom left alive. Entering the province by a little known route and following the path of the Silk Road, they ended up in Kashgar before crossing the Pamirs to India. Beautifully written and superbly observed, this is not simply an account of a part of the world few of us will ever see, but also a marvellous insight into the last days of the Great Game, when Britain and Russia still faced each other across a Central Asia in a state of anarchy.” [Taurus] 
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One’s Company. A Journey to China - Peter Fleming

1934 - Jonathan Cape, London - First Edition
A finely bound first edition of this detailed and entertaining account of the journey from London, through Russia to Nanking, China by one of the finest between the wars travel writers. Illustrated with 16 black and white photographs taken by Fleming and a folding map.

‘Fleming seems an almost ideal product of the Thirties. As a special correspondent for the
Times of London his account of a journey through Russia and China has all the hallmarks of that period: elegance, world-weariness, and casual curiosity. But it is superbly written and endlessly funny. You feel a bit tainted by his heartlessness, of course, but the feeling soon disappears under a deluge of laughter, and later, by horror.’ - The Independent. 
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Octopussy and the Living Daylights - Ian Lancaster Fleming

1966 - Jonathan Cape, London - First Edition
M looked coldly across the desk. It was going to be dirty work and Bond, because he belonged to the Double 0 section, had been chosen for it.

“You've got to kill this sniper. And you've got to kill him before he gets Agent 272. Is that understood?”

So, it was to be murder.

The fourteenth and final publication by written by Ian Fleming in the 007 series, containing two short adventures; the title novella plus 'The Living Daylights'. These were later successfully filmed by EON productions with Bond played by Roger Moore (Octopussy, 1983) and Timothy Dalton (The Living Daylights, 1987).
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You Only Live Twice - Ian Lancaster Fleming

1964 - Jonathan Cape, London - First Edition, First Impression, First State
A wasted Bond is given a ‘mission impossible’ to the exotic orient, which in turn leads him to the maniacal westerner Dr. Shatterhand; a ‘collector of death’. ‘Shatterhand’ is the working title for the 25th James Bond film, currently in production.

Fabulously Fleming characters include Bond's nemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Tiger Tanaka the head of the Japanese Secret Service, Kissy Suzuki, pearl diver and ex-movie star, and not to forget Irma Bunt, Stavro's henchwoman responsible for the death of Bond's wife Tracy Di Vicenzo.

The last title in what has become known as the ‘Blofeld’ trilogy and Fleming's last published novel before his death.

Appropriately housed in a bespoke black morocco leather, felt lined clamshell case, with gilt lettering to the spine.
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