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The Poetical Works of John Keats - John Keats, H. Buxton Forman (editor)

1946 - Geoffrey Cumberlege, London
‘A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.’

A handsome edition of Keat’s poetry, finely bound by Bayntun Rivière. Arguably the most famous of the romantic poets, the popularity of Keat’s work has stretched easily into the 21st century. Despite a brief life, and a slim selection of work, he has left us with a stunning collection spanning every topic imaginable, from the Greek epics to themes of pastural life and domestic romance.  
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The Salmon Fly: How to Dress it and How to Use it - Geo. M. Kelson

1895 - Published by the Author, London - First Edition
One of the finest books produced on the Salmon Fly, for the passionate fly fisherman, with eight beautiful full page colour plates of flies, and over 120 black and white wood engraved illustrations. In The Salmon Fly, George Kelson boldly and confidently distilled a lifetime of salmon fishing wisdom into this privately published work. In the publisher’s bright burgundy and gilt cloth, housed in a custom felt lined slipcase.

The first part of the book is devoted to the techniques of tying the salmon fly as well as patterns for individual flies. The second part is devoted to the practical aspects of fishing for salmon with the fly, locating fish, casting techniques, catching and landing fish and various accessories and equipment.
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1901 - Published by the Author, London - First Edition
This lovely work, is the follow up to Kelson’s large and highly successful ‘The Salmon Fly’ published in 1895. Here he gives illustrated and up to date guidance to those interested the art of catching the king of fish with a fly, in a book at such a price as will bring it within the reach of all.

Grouped into seven chapters -
The Rod to Select; The Fly to Use; Methods of Casting; Riverside Hints; Wading; Knots; and Modern Improvements.

Interspersed amongst the 25 illustrations are wonderful illustrated advertisements for Burberrys, as well as numerous advertisements to the rear. Tipped in on a separate pink sheet is a notice for the author's "
The Salmon Fly... only a few copies left".

In the publisher’s bright burgundy and gilt cloth, housed in a custom burgundy cloth slipcase
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A Collection of above Three Hundred Receipts - Mary Kettilby, ’By Several Hands’

1734 - First Part - Printed for Executrix of Mary Kettilby, London - Fifth Edition of Part I, Fourth Edition of Part II
A wide-range of recipes and home remedies; the second part, with a separate title-page 'A collection of receipts in cookery, physick and surgery. Part II', contains 'a great Number of Excellent Receipts, for Preserving and Conserving of Sweet-Meats, &c.'

Of course other important and wonderful remedies are included, covering many areas from mad dog bites, in-growing toenails, thicker hair, and apoplectick pain in the head, to scurvy in the teeth.
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Eighty-eight Years of Commercial Progress Ruined. Shanghai Shelled and Bombed - Sargent Key (editor)

1932 - Privately Printed, Shanghai - First Edition
A collection of editorials and reports written by impartial foreign observers on the local war situation for leading American and British papers including “The Shanghai Evening Post & Mercury”, “The China Press”, “North China Daily News”, etc.

Rare and highly detailed account of the Shanghai war of 1932, also known as the January 28 incident, and a plea for foreign intervention, compiled over the two months of the war and Illustrated with 34 black and white photographs, many of which are of a graphic nature.

In January 1932 Japanese agents incited unrest to justify further Japanese military action in Shanghai. This descended into war after the Japanese bombed Shanghai in what many consider to be the first mass aerial bombing of a civilian population (five years before the bombing of Guernica in the Spanish Civil War). The battle ended on March 3rd, with Chinese troops retreating from the city. After much international pressure China and Japan signed an agreement which made Shanghai a demilitarised zone and forbade China to garrison troops in areas surrounding Shanghai, Suzhou, and Kunshan, while allowing the presence of a few Japanese units in the city. China was allowed to keep only a small police force within the city.

With a foreword by H. E. C. dated Shanghai, February, 1932, and an introduction by D. J. Evans, a British resident with over 25 years experience in Asia.
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The Seven Seas - Rudyard Kipling

1905 - D. Appleton and Company, New York - Early Edition
‘There’s a Legion that never was ‘listed, that carries no colours or crest. But, split in a thousand detachments, is breaking the road for the rest. Our fathers they left us their blessing - they’ve taught us, and groomed us, and crammed; but we’ve shaken the clubs and the messes to go and find out and be damned.’

A beautifully bound collection of 44 poems, the pages decorated in an art-nouveau style, and with eight full page illustrations of marine life and history. A mixture of beloved and controversial poems,
The Seven Seas involves themes such as colonialism, war, and childhood, and provide a fascinating glimpse into the final years of the British empire through the eyes of one of its staunchest advocators. Written shortly after ‘The Jungle Book’, the title is dedicated to the city of Bombay. 
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Shanghai: its Mixed Court and Council - A. M. Kotenev

1925 - North-China Daily News & Herald, Shanghai - First Edition
A rare first edition of the most detailed work on Shanghai’s Municipal Council and Mixed Court from 1842 to 1924, the year before its demise.

Contents: Rules for the Mixed court, 1869. Rules of procedure of the International mixed court, 1914 and 1919, supplemented with provisions on general principles of the modern procedural laws of China, 1921. The provisional Criminal code of the republic of China. The provisional Criminal code amendment act.--The revised draft of the law on offences relating to morphine. The Chinese Supreme court decisions (1923). Rules for application of foreign laws (1921). Regulations relating to commerce. Copyright, 1916. The Law of publication, 1914. Rules of the Court of consuls. Land regulations and bye-laws for the Foreign settlement of Shanghai.
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China, Its Marvel and Mystery - T. Hodgson Liddell

1909 - George Allen & Sons, London - First Edition
A large, scarce, and nicely illustrated work with forty colour plates from paintings by Liddell.

I undertook this journey to China solely to paint pictures of a country I had during all my life heard a great deal of, and, in my book, I try to convey my impressions as an artist."

The journey took Liddell to Hong Kong, Macau, Canton, Shanghai, Soochow, Hangchow, a short spell in Japan to avoid the summer heat, Pei-Tai-Ho, Tientsin, and Peking where he is issued with an edict by the Empress Dowager allowing him to visit the Summer Palace and paint there.
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