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The Boys from Brazil - Ira Levin

1976 - Michael Joseph, London - First Edition
A fine copy in fine dust jacket and with price intact to front flap (usually found with the price clipped off). The basis for Shaffner’s 1978 film, which was nominated for three academy awards, and starred Gregory Peck and Laurence Olivier alongside James Mason and Denholm Elliot.

‘one of the strangest and most masterful novels of Ira Levin’s career. Why has Mengele marked a number of harmless aging men for murder? What is the hidden link that binds them? What interest can they possibly hold for their killers: six former SS men dispatched from South America by the most wanted Nazi still alive, the notorious “Angel of Death“? One man alone must answer these questions and stop the killings—Lieberman, himself ageing and thought by some to be losing his grip on reality.

At the heart of The Boys from Brazil lies a frightening contemporary nightmare, chilling and all too possible.’ [Simon & Schuster]
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Price HK$ 1,200

Back Where I Came From - A. J. Liebling

1938 - Sheridan House, New York - First Edition, First Issue
A first edition of this classic New York literature by the legendary New Yorker and New York journalist A. J. Liebling. In the complete thus rare pictorial jacket with wraparound scene.

A large collection of Liebling’s
New Yorker columns describing the ups and downs of life in New York in the 1930s and some of the unusual people who made the city the way it was, written by one of the best-known and most widely admired journalists of his generation and times. 
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Price HK$ 6,000

The Defeat of the Spanish Armada - Garrett Mattingly

1959 - Jonathan Cape, London - First Edition
A superbly bound first edition of Mattingly’s brilliant and justly famous study of Armada year.

'A historical masterpiece.' – A.L. Rowse

‘Garrett Mattingly's thrilling narrative sets out the background of the sixteenth-century European intrigue and religious unrest that gave rise to one of the world's most famous maritime crusades and the naval battles that decided its fate. In putting the naval campaign of 1588 back into the context of the first great international crisis of modern history, Mattingly builds up, like the movements of a symphony, a broad picture of how events of the time affected men's actions, plans and hopes. He brilliantly connects a series of scenes or episodes, shifting the point of focus from England to the continent and from courts to ships and cities. The feeling of tension mounts to a crescendo throughout Europe as the great drama of the Armada is approached. The battle itself and the aftermath are so vividly and poignantly described that they might be happening in our world today.’ [Vintage Penguin].

'A rare and wonderful book, as readable and exciting as a novel, amazingly fresh and stimulating in its approach to a great subject, and impressive for the wide range and authority of its scholarship.' – J.E. Neale.
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Price HK$ 2,000

She Walks Alone - Helen McCloy

1948 - Random House, New York - First Edition
First edition in the rare dust jacket. Featuring the Caribbean policeman Miguel Urizar.

‘A woman dies by violence aboard the
Santa Cristina. A radio flash from the West Indies brings word of an apparently related death. A man's body turns up, and in his hand is a suicide note written in one woman's handwriting but signed with another woman's name.’ 
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Price HK$ 2,000

The Sand Pebbles - Richard McKenna

1963 - Victor Gollancz, London - First English Edition
Fine copy in nice bright unclipped and scarce dust jacket. The story of a US naval river boat based on the Yangtze river in 1925, the author served for ten years in the US Navy in the Far East, two of them on a Yangtze River gunboat.

The basis for the film starring Steve McQueen, Richard Attenborough, Richard Crenna and Candice Bergen. Later republished by the U. S. Naval Institute as part of their ‘Classics of Naval Literature’ series.
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Price HK$ 2,500

The Last Picture Show - Larry McMurtry

1966 - The Dial Press, New York - First Edition
A fine first edition of Larry McMurtry's most powerful and memorable coming-of-age novel, and the basis for Bogdanovich's 1971 film which featured Jeff Bridges with a sizzling Cybill Shepherd, winning two Oscars and being nominated for a further six including one for Larry McMurtry.

The Last Picture Show - In the small Texas town of Thalia Sam the Lion runs the pool-hall, the picture house and the all-night café. Coach Popper whips his boys with towels and once took a shot at one when he disturbed his hunting. Billy wouldn't know better than to sweep his broom all the way to the town limits if no one stopped him. And teenage friends Sonny and Duane have nothing better to do than drift towards the adult world, with its temptations of sex and confusions of love. 
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Price HK$ 7,000

Wine, Women and War: A Diary of Disillusionment - Howard Vincent O’Brien, Karl Edwin Harriman (introduction)

1927 - William Heinemann Ltd., London - First English Edition
A superb example, in a rare dust jacket designed by K Romney Towndrow.

As a 28 year old Yale educated American officer, O’Brien gets shipped off to France and is appointed 1st Lieutenant Field Artillery, [November 1917], and “later was later attached to "Intelligence" and worked behind the front lines. His wartime journal was kept in a series of small black books in a half shorthand of his own devisement, but quite readily translatable.”

“Written with perfect candor for the eyes of its author only, the necessity for the author's original anonymity will be apparent to every reader. Authentic from the first word to the last, it is precisely what it appears to be-the undramatized record of the actions and reactions, recorded almost at the moment of their execution and perception, of one young American, who, given an undramatic part to play in one of the greatest dramas the world has ever witnessed, played it through to the final curtain. And, while playing it through, he recorded some of the most perceptive observations ever written about the Allied armies, France and its people and of the Germans” [from the introduction by Karl Edwin Harriman].

It is indeed a wonderfully entertaining and frank account, despite being in a diary format it flows well, energetic, and with a humour that can only flourish during wartime.
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Price HK$ 5,500

Modern Trout Fishing - W. Carter Platts

1938 - Adam & Charles Black, London - First Edition
A handsomely bound first edition of this classic work, illustrated with sixteen photographic plates and fifteen in-text line drawings. Included are numerous extracts from articles by Platts that were first printed in the Field and The Salmon and Trout Magazine. 
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Price HK$ 1,900

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