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Racing to Win. “The Book of the Gurnays” - Fred Shaw, S. W. E. Bishop

1952 - Teddington All-British Racing Publishing Co., Middlesex - Second Edition
A nice clean copy of a scarce title on the world's greatest strain of racing pigeons, first published in 1949 and then expanded with added introductions shortly after Shaw’s death. Illustrated throughout with 31 full page black and white photographs.

‘His genius as a pigeon racer is equalled only by his genius as a writer, as this book will testify and as his contributions to the world’s leading pigeon journal,
Pigeon Racing News and Gazette, have confirmed on numerous occasions. Here, between the covers of this literary masterpiece, reside both the story and the wisdom of one of the greatest pigeon fanciers the world has known, the incomparable Fred Shaw, of Lancashire.’ - S. W. E. Bishop. 
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A Treatise on Cyder-Making - Hugh Stafford, Anonymous

1753 - Printed for E. Cave, London - First Edition
Legendary and rare first edition of this anonymous work, all of which is generally but erroneously attributed to Hugh Stafford who contributed the sixteen page ‘Dissertation on Cyder and Cyder-Fruit’ at the beginning.

Covering the entire process from identifying and growing the best cider apples, collection, pressing, fermentation, racking, preserving and remedial action for a variety of issues ‘
which are incident to Cyder’. With fold-out engraving of cider press (opp. p.32), in-text wood-cut diagrams to pages 43 and 68 (‘One side of the framed Press...’.) and wood-cut decorations to pages v, 47, and 61.

As Cyder therefore is generally allowed to be an wholesome drink, and as it is the natural product of our own country, he will surely be thought to contribute something towards the good of the public, who gives infallible directions for making it universally agreeable by varrying it so as to suit every palate, and by improving the flavour and the quality, both of the rough and the smooth, divesting it of its tendency to produce cholics, and giving it the sparkle of Champaign, without an eager and windy fermentation, and rendering it more spirituous than a small wine tho' less inflaming’. [Preface]

An influential work, Benjamin Franklin, who was partial to a drop himself, ordered three copies to be reprinted as pamphlets and distributed amongst the New England farmers after failing with their vineyards. It was plagiarised into various publications including encyclopaedias, cookbooks and later reference works related to cider.
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How To Mix Drinks, or The Bon-Vivant’s Companion - Jerry Thomas, Christian Schultz

1864 - Dick & Fitzgerald, New York - First Edition, Early Printing.
An extremely scarce example of the legendary and seminal first bartenders' guide to include cocktail recipes. By the great Professor Jerry Thomas, referred to as ‘The Best Bartender of the Past’ by Harry Craddock in the ‘Savoy Cocktail Book’ of 1930.

Suitable housed in bespoke burgundy morocco leather felt-lined clamshell case.

In addition to listings of recipes for Punches, Sours, Slings, Cobblers, Shrubs, Toddies, Flips, and a variety of other types of mixed drinks were ten recipes for drinks referred to as ‘
Cocktails’. A key ingredient which differentiated ‘cocktails’ from other drinks in this compendium was the use of bitters as an ingredient, although it is not used in many modern cocktail recipes.

Contains 236 recipes by Jerry Thomas and 463 recipes by Christian Schultz, with in text illustration. Publishers advertisements to front and rear and catalogue to rear. One page announcing the publication of ‘
The Bar-Tender's Guide And Bon Vivant’s Companion’ which was the new title used from 1864 onwards. 
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The Ballroom of Romance and Other Stories - William Trevor

1972 - The Bodley Head, London Sydney Toronto - First Edition
A fine first edition of this collection of twelve stories, the title story being considered Trevor’s greatest and best-known Irish story, and the basis for the film of the same name directed by Pat O’Connor and starring Brenda Fricker, John Kavanagh and Mick Lally.

William Trevor KBE (1928-2016) was an Irish novelist, playwright and short story writer. One of the elder statesmen of the Irish literary world, he was widely regarded as one of the greatest contemporary writers of short stories in the English language. Trevor won the Whitbread Prize three times and was nominated five times for the Booker Prize.
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The Private Brewer's Guide to the Art of Brewing Ale and Porter, Particularly Adapted to the Use of the Families of the Nobility, Gentry, Farmers, and Private Brewers, with Complete Instructions for Country Victuallers who Brew at Home. Also, An Account of Drugs, Tables of Duties, Laws of Excise, The Art of Sweetening Casks, Instructions for making up Spirits, Purchasing Wines, &c. On a plain and entire new plan. - John Tuck

1822 - W. Simpkin and R. Marshall, London - Second Edition
A finely bound, rare, important and oft quoted work, in particular in relation to the history of Porter. This second edition, which was published the same year as the first edition, has been enlarged, revised and additions made.

Specific chapters on Porter; Brown Stout; Ale; London Ale; and additional recipes for Windsor Ale; Amber; and Table Beer. Towards the end is a fascinating chapter on drugs and colouring used in the art of brewing. Tables throughout, including one double side folding table [opposite page 84].
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The Prince and the Pauper. A Tale for Young People of All Ages - Mark Twain [Samuel L. Clemens]

1882 - James R Osgood and Company, Boston - First Edition, First Issue
The hilarious adventures of Tom Canty, a ragged street urchin who bears a striking resemblance to Edward VI, son of Henry VIII. Longing to experience the excitement of the outside world, the young prince persuades Tom to exchange places in society.

Finely bound and wonderfully illustrated throughout with 192 in text engravings by by Frank Thayer Merrill and John Harley.
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Poems, &c. Written upon several Occasions, and to several Persons - Edmond [Edmund] Waller

1705 - Printed by T. W. for the Assignes of H.H. and sold by J. Thonson and T. Bennet, London - The Seventh Edition, with several Additions, Never before Printed
A clean copy of Waller’s poems, thoughts and several speeches, and includes his most well known poem ‘Song. Go Lovely Rose’ (p.52). With engraved portrait frontispiece of the author by P. Vanderbank.

Edmund Waller (1606-87), was an English poet and one of the longest serving members of the English House of Commons. Educated at Eton and Cambridge. He came from a wealthy family, and played little part in the political struggles of the period prior to the First English Civil War in 1642. Despite this, he was Royalist in sympathy and was accused in 1643 of organising a plot to seize London for Charles I. He allegedly escaped the death penalty by paying a large bribe, while several conspirators were executed, including his brother-in-law. Waller’s sentence was commuted to a comfortable exile in France and Switzerland until allowed home in 1651 by Oliver Cromwell, a distant relative. He returned to Parliament after The Restoration in 1660 of Charles II.

“Waller’s adoption of smooth, regular versification prepared the way for the heroic couplet’s emergence by the end of the century as the dominant form of poetic expression. His importance was fully recognized by his age. “Mr. Waller reformed our numbers,” said John Dryden, who, with Alexander Pope, followed him and raised the couplet to its most concentrated form.” [Encyclopaedia Britannica].
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Imperial Cricket - P. F. Warner (editor)

1912 - The London & Counties Press Association Ltd, London - Subscriber’s Edition number 339 of 900
Hail CRICKET! Glorious, manly, British Game!
First of all Sports! be alike in Fame!
’ – James Love, 1744.

And Huzzah! to that. Presenting a large, magnificent and obviously Imperial work (32x26x6cm), which covers the growth and development of Cricket throughout the Empire from Hong Kong and the Far East, Ceylon, India, British Malaya and Bermuda to South Africa, West Africa, India, Australia, Fiji, Egypt and the Sudan. Not only the history of Cricket in each area but with anecdotes and illustrations. In addition there are chapters on
The History of Cricket; Cricket and the Royal Family, Oxford and Cambridge Cricket; I Zingari; and Free Foresters.

A superb example, heavily illustrated with six full page photogravure plates, three full page colour plates and 93 black and white images.

Contributors include FS Ashley-Cooper, ACM Croome, Andrew Lang, Cecil Headlam and SP Foenander. With an extensive index compiled by Ashley-Cooper.
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