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The Savoy Cocktail Book - Harry Craddock

1930 - Constable & Company, London - First Edition
An exceedingly uncommon near fine first edition of the Mixologist’s Bible. Featuring 750 cocktails, with marvellous art-deco colour illustrations and decorations throughout by Gilbert Rumbold, in original art-deco illustrated covers, using a shiny gold foil transfer which on this copy is bright and sharp. A lovely example, with additional notes and cocktails hand-written to the rear.

The way to drink a cocktail is quickly, while it's still laughing at you.’

Harry Craddock left the United States during Prohibition and came to the Savoy in 1920. He became the star of the American Bar and is credited with inventing the White Lady and popularised classics such as the Dry Martini.

With the
Pegu Club Cocktail on page 120, ‘The Favourite Cocktail of the Pegu club, Burma,and one that has travelled, and is asked for, round the world.' 
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A History of the Shanghai Paper Hunt Club 1863-1930 - C. Noel Davis, Edmund Toeg (illustrator)

1930 - Kelly and Walsh Limited, Shanghai - First Edition
The first edition, in the scarce pictorial dust jacket, of this remarkable insight into one of the important social events in Shanghai, from the late 1800s through to the 1930s. Containing anecdotes, poems, songs, black and white photographs including a long fold-out panorama photograph by Ah Fong of the Meet of the Christmas hunt 1929, drawings and cartoons by Edmund Toeg (including a colour fold-out of the winners of the hunt challenge cup 1910-30). Complete with six large-scale folding maps of the riding and hunting country.

With a loosely laid in note on the paper of Shanghai based architects Spence, Robinson & Partners, to the recipient ‘
With love & Best wishes. This may help you to understand the mysteries & entertainments of our winter sport in which we find so much pleasure’ unfortunately it is hard to make out the signature of the sender.

Introduced by the British, frustrated by the lack of animals for a proper hunt, the paper hunt involved one horseman who would ride ahead of the others to act as the hunted prey, marking the trail with coloured paper. One of the main rules was that only Mongolian ponies were accepted as a valid ride.

The list of participants and winners is a veritable who’s-who of influential traders, bankers and diplomats. Founded in the 1860s in the midst of the Taiping Rebellion (1850-64), the Club thrived through revolutions, warlord control, communist insurgency and suppression, the Japanese occupation and civil war.
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The Count of Monte Cristo - Alexandre Dumas

1894 - J. M. Dent and Co., London
A handsome four volume translation of Alexandre Dumas’s rousing adventure, illustrated with twelve engraved plates from drawings by Edmund Garrett.

‘Life is a storm, my young friend. You will bask in the sunlight one moment, be shattered on the rocks the next. What makes you a man is what you do when that storm comes. You must look into that storm and shout as you did in Rome. Do your worst, for I will do mine! Then the fates will know you as we know you.’

Thrown in prison for a crime he has not committed, Edmond Dantes is confined to the grim fortress of ‘If’. There he learns of a great hoard of treasure hidden on the Isle of Monte Cristo and he becomes determined not only to escape, but also to unearth the treasure and use it to plot the destruction of the three men responsible for his incarceration. Dumas' epic tale of suffering and retribution, inspired by a real-life case of wrongful imprisonment, was a huge popular success when it was first serialised in the 1840s.
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Chronicon Preciosum: or, An Account of English Money, the Price of Corn, and Other Commodities, for the last 600 Years - William Fleetwood

1707 - Printed for Charles Harper, London - First Edition
‘the oldest and one of the best treatises on price indexing’ before the modern age’ - Edgeworth,

First edition of this influential first attempt to demonstrate and investigate the origins of price rises by establishing the value of labour and commodities in different periods based upon historical records.

Chronicon Preciosum was used as part of the basis for Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, which in turn laid the foundations of modern free market economic theory.

‘Fleetwood's motive: he wanted to calculate if £5 in 1700 was worth the same as £5 in 1400. The reason was eminently of urgent academic interest: an eligibility condition for receiving a fellowship established by a college charter c.1440 (conjectured that Fleetwood had either All Soul's, Oxford or his own King's College, Cambridge in mind) is that the student must not have an alternative outside income that exceeds £5. If he does, then he must forfeit the fellowship. Fleetwood sought to demonstrate that this original £5 condition should be adjusted for purchasing power, that inflation since the 15th C. made it a very low threshold that most current students easily surpassed. Fleetwood compared the value of different commodities and stipends across the centuries concluded that the fellowship should be kept’ –
History of Economic Thought. 
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On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Ian Lancaster Fleming

1963 - Jonathan Cape, London - First Edition
A sharp and smart first edition of the second of the Bond books now known as the ‘Blofeld’ trilogy, sitting between Thunderball (1961) and You Only Live Twice (1964). Appropriately housed in a custom made black morocco leather, felt lined, clamshell case, with gilt lettering to the spine.

Filmed in 1969; directed by Peter Hunt, with a terrific story line and slick script from the ever-reliable screenwriter Richard Maibaum, O.H.M.S.S. features superb action, spectacular locations, a marvellous John Barry score, and, in Diana Rigg’s Contessa Teresa de Vicenzo (aka Tracy, aka Mrs James Bond), probably the greatest Bond Girl of all time.

The movie, unlike most in the franchise, was faithful to the original Ian Fleming novel and is a fine thriller; one of the grittiest movies of the series.
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The Spy Who Loved Me - Ian Lancaster Fleming

1962 - Jonathan Cape, London
The tenth book in the James Bond series; A beautiful girl with a sensual past, Vivienne Michell is different from all the women 007 has known before. When she is confronted with two evil killers there is only one man who can save her - Bond himself.

Appropriately housed in a bespoke black morocco leather, felt lined, clamshell case, with gilt lettering to the spine.
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The History Of Freemasonry - Robert Freke Gould

1887 - Thomas C. Jack, London - First Editions
A superb set of this this authoritative survey in the publisher’s full morocco binding. Considered one of the most well-rounded accounts of Masonry in all its stages, illustrated with 53 plates, including engraved portraits, plates of freemasons’ marks, seals and tokens, three folding charts and two chromolithographs of Masonic coats-of-arms.

Gould’s monumental three volume work chronicles "the Craft's" development and movement throughout Europe and to the Far East, Africa, and the Americas. Culled from many years of research, it spans the vast range of Masonic history from ancient to modern times, including Medieval Operative Masonry, English Laws of the Middle Ages, the Story of the Guild, Legend of the Craft, Early Scottish Craft, the Great Division in English Masonry, Operatives and Guilds throughout the World, and the Grand Lodge of England.
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Ling-Nam or Interior Views of Southern China - B. C. Henry

1886 - S. W. Partridge and Co., London - First Edition
An exceptional and thus scarce example of this title, the Brooke-Hitching copy, housed in custom slipcase.

Illustrated throughout including frontispiece, two double-page maps of Canton and one of Hainan, twenty full page illustrations and numerous in-text sketches.

Reverend Benjamin Couch Henry (1850-1901), one of the founders of Lingnan University, was an American, Princeton educated, Presbyterian missionary who spent 20 years in Southern China. In addition to his missionary work he collected plants including many new species.
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Price HK$ 6,000

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