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Rewards and Fairies - Rudyard Kipling

1910 - Macmillan and Co., London - First Edition
‘If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, but make allowance for their doubting too.....
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it, and – which is more – you’ll be a Man, my son!’

A finely bound first edition of this charming collection of (occasionally fantastical and supernatural) stories and verse, many of them set in the surroundings of Kipling’s Sussex home, and perfectly capturing the myth and mystery of the English countryside. Includes the tales ‘
The Marklake Witches’ and ‘Simple Simon’, together with Kipling’s beloved poem, ‘If’, which made its first appearance in this collection, and was later voted Britain’s favourite poem.

With four full page black and white illustrations by Frank Craig.
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1870 - Deighton, Cambridge - First Edition
A near fine copy in original publishers blue and illustrated gilt covers of what is believed to be the earliest rowing history book (Meehan & Nisonger). Complete with five engraved maps of the racing courses, three of which are folding.

An account is given of each race, together with the names and weights of oarsmen, followed by a short biographical notices. During the later years, extracts relative to the period of training are given from the club log-books. The last ten pages of the chronicle are devoted to the Oxford and Harvard four-oared race of 1869. MacMichael (12st. 4lb) rowed in the 1868 and 1869 Cambridge boat (both won by Oxford, by six and three lengths respectively), Downing College had to wait until 1962 for their next rowing blue.

Includes an article by F. C. Skey from
The Lancet (1869) on muscular action in rowing and another by Professor Humphrey from the British Medical Journal (1867) on the effects of boat racing on health.

Provenance: Contemporary inscription of Edward A. Field dated 23rd April 1870, Norwich based lawyer, and cox whilst at Christ’s College, Cambridge (1863-1864). Later signature of C. Geoffrey Mortlock.
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The Artistry of Mixing Drinks by Frank Meier of The Ritz Bar, Paris - Frank Meier

1936 - Printed by Bishop & Sons, Paris - First Edition, one of 700 copies on Cream Vellum paper
One of the most elegant cocktail books of the art-deco era, in unique leather and tartan binding with matching bespoke slipcase.

Text and decorations in black and red, illustrated throughout with enchanting art-deco vignettes. Containing nearly 500 drink recipes, including over 40 marked FM
originated by the Author.

Beginning with
Ode to The Ritz Bar (5), Foreword (7-8), Introduction (9-12), How to Enjoy Cocktails at Home (13-16), Various Specialities and Their Origin (17-19).

And on to the main section: -
Cocktails (21-44), Mixed Drinks (After Dinner Drinks, Collins, Coolers, Crustas, Cups, Daisies, Egg Nog, Fixes, Fizzes, Flips, Highballs, Hot Drinks, Juleps, Lemonades, Miscellaneous Drinks, Non-Alcoholic Drinks, Puffs, Punches, Rickeys, Sangarees, Scaffas, Shrubs, Slings, Smashes, Sours, Toddies, and Zooms, 45-94).

This main section is followed by the supporting essentials:-
Sandwiches (95-102), Wines (103-122), Useful Formulas (including Poisons and their Antidotes, Differences in Time (compared to noon in Paris obviously), Help in Case of Accidents, and Pick-Me-Ups, 123-144), Horse Racing (145-149), advertisements (many beautifully illustrated, 151-175), and the Index with blank pages for ‘Additions’. 
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Doctor Zhivago - Boris Leonidovich Pasternak

1958 - Collins and Harvill Press, London - First Edition in English
Loosely based on Pasternak’s life after moving out of Moscow, Lara being modelled on his mistress, Olga Ivinskaya. The manuscript was being smuggled out of Russia in 1957 - ’You are hereby invited to watch me face the firing squad.’ said Pasternak on handing the manuscript over. After the publication of the English translation in 1958 Doctor Zhivago spent 26 weeks on the New York times bestseller list. This is the first edition of that translation.

The epic film adaptation by David Lean, starring Omar Sharif and Julie Christie, won 5 Oscars and 3 Baftas, and cemented
Doctor Zhivago’s place in film folklore. 
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1907 - Cassell and Company, London - First Trade Edition
Uniquely and finely bound by Bayntun-Riviere in full brown morocco. Five stories magically illustrated throughout by Arthur Rackham. With coloured frontispiece, twelve full-page half-tone illustrations, and 24 in-text illustrations.

‘The stories and illustrations in this book originally appeared in "
Little Folks" between 1896 and 1902’. The stories are: The Maker of Ghosts and the Maker of Shadows; The Mines of Experience; Harry and Herodotus; The Stories of Ben the Sailorman; and Stories from the Edda. 
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1913 - Smith, London - First Edition
‘A worthy memorial of one of the great achievements of our time.’ – Winston Churchill

An exceptionally bright and clean set of the first edition, describing Scott's final, fateful and fatal journey in quest of the South Pole. Both volumes are illustrated with numerous plates from photographs by H. G. Ponting, plates from sketches and water colours by Edward A. Wilson, some colour; photogravure frontispiece portraits of Scott & Wilson, and two large folding maps.

It seems a pity, but I do not think I can write more – R. Scott – For God's sake look after our people

Volume I containing the diaries of Scott, including the letters written to Wilson's mother, Bowers' mother, a string of notables including his former commander Sir George Egerton, his own mother and his wife, together with his ‘
Message to the Public’. Without these diaries, which were found on Scott’s body, we would never have known Oates’ immortal line ‘I am just going outside and may be some time’. 
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1923 - Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston and New York - First Edition illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren
An elegantly bound ‘Heidi’, wonderfully illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren, with four full page colour plates, and numerous black and white vignettes

At the age of five, little orphan Heidi is sent to live with her grandfather in the Alps. Everyone in the village is afraid of him, but Heidi is fascinated by his long beard and bushy grey eyebrows. She loves her life in the mountains, playing in the sunshine and growing up amongst the goats and birds. But one terrible day, Heidi is collected by her aunt and is made to live with a new family in town. Heidi cannot bear being away from the mountains and is determined to return to the happiness of life with her grandfather. [
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Beyond the Hundredth Meridian: John Wesley Powell and the Second Opening of the West - Wallace Stegner, Bernard DeVoto

1954 - Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston - First Edition
A fine first edition of Wallace Stegner’s epic work, with an introduction by Bernard DeVoto.

including a large folding panoramic frontispiece painting of the Grand Canyon by William H. Holmes, and illustrated throughout from engravings, paintings, sketches, maps, and photographs.

Stegner recounts the successes and frustrations of John Wesley Powell, the distinguished ethnologist and geologist who explored the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon, and the homeland of Indian tribes of the American Southwest.

‘This book goes far beyond biography, into the nature and soul of the American West. It is Stegner at his best, assaying an entire era of our history, packing his pages with insights as shrewd as his prose.’ – Ivan Doig.

‘Wallace Stegner ... has summarized the frontier story and interpreted it as only one who was a part of it could do. The result is a memorable and rewarding book.’ – Hal Borland,
New York Times Book Review. 
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