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A Study of Chinese Paintings in the Collection of Ada Small Moore - Louise Wallace Hackney, Yau Chang-Foo

1940 - Oxford University Press, London New York Toronto - First Edition
A superior example of this significant and large folio catalogue of the substantial collection of Chinese paintings in the collection Ada Small Moore (Mrs. William H. Moore) from pre T'ang times to the Ch'ing Dynasty.

Profusely illustrated with 43 monochrome plates of paintings (a number of which are folding), five colour plates of paintings, five plates of calligraphy, and three plates of seals. With detailed descriptions of each work, together with additional notes on history and provenance, and detailed indexes.

This copy includes the additional ten page additional supplement describing the Ming Dynasty hand scroll ‘Distinguished Scholars Feast Before Parting by Shên Chou (1427-1509)’ which ‘
was added to the Collection too late to be included in this book’. It is also housed in the original scarce dust jacket, which has suffered somewhat to protect this fine copy. 
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Cleek, The Master Detective - Thomas W. Hanshew, Gordon Grant (illustrator)

1918 - Doubleday, Garden City - First American Edition
Fine example of this collection of short stories featuring Detective Hamilton Cleek, known as the man of forty faces for his masterful ability to disguise himself. Formerly the villainous ‘Vanishing Cracksman’ but now reformed chief riddle solver for Scotland Yard. 
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A Priest to the Temple. Or, The Country Parson His Character, and Rule of Holy Life - George Herbert, Orator of the University of Cambridge, Barnabas Oley

1671 - Printed by T. Roycroft, London - The second Edition
George Herbert’s important and still influential work, providing advice for country clergymen. Together with ‘the Life and Virtues of the Authour, and Excellencies of This Book’, and an introduction by Barnabas Oley.

Herbert was a Welsh born poet, orator and Anglican priest. Being born into an artistic and wealthy family, he received a good education that led to his holding prominent positions at Cambridge University and Parliament. After the death of King James and at the urging of a friend, Herbert acquired an interest in ordained ministry. In 1630, in his late thirties he gave up his secular ambitions and took holy orders in the Church of England, spending the rest of his life as a rector of the little parish of Fugglestone St Peter with Bemerton St Andrew, near Salisbury. He was noted for unfailing care for his parishioners, bringing the sacraments to them when they were ill, and providing food and clothing for those in need. Henry Vaughan called him "a most glorious saint and seer".
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One of Those Ways - Mrs. Belloc Lowndes

1929 - Alfred A. Knopf, New York - First American Edition
A fine and rare example of this title in the elusive and fine dust jacket, with the exception of a split along the rear flap fold.

A Hercules Popeau Mystery.

‘The story takes hold of you and whirls you along, from London to the Riviera, from casino to casino, from danger to all but destruction.’ –
The Graphic. 
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The Influence of Sea Power Upon the French Revolution and Empire 1793-1812 - Captain A. T. Mahan

1892 - Sampson Low, London - First English Edition (published the same year as the First American Edition)
An exceptional two volume set by one of the most important naval strategists of the nineteenth century, illustrated with five full page maps, one large folding map of the ‘North Atlantic Ocean’, and seven full pages of battle plans.

‘Alfred Thayer Mahan (1840–1914) was an American naval officer, in 1885 he was appointed Lecturer in Naval History and Tactics at the US Naval War College, and became President of the institution between 1886–1889. These two volumes, contain Mahan's detailed analysis of British and French naval strategy during the French Revolution. Mahan recounts chronologically the major naval battles and campaigns between Britain and France and their allies, analysing the different naval strategies used and discussing Britain's successful naval tactics.’ (CUP).
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The Bell Jar - Sylvia Plath

1966 - Faber and Faber, London - First Edition under the name ‘Sylvia Plath’
‘It was a queer, sultry summer, the summer they electrocuted the Rosenburgs, and I didn’t know what I was doing in New York.’

A superlative first edition of
The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath’s first and only novel. Rare in such fine condition. Originally published under the pseudonym Victoria Lucas a month before she committed suicide in 1963, it was first published under her real name in this edition of 1966.

‘This semi-autobiographical novel is raw, emotional, and uncompromising, as it chronicles the rise and breakdown of Esther Greenwood, a young writer on a scholarship in New York, as she spirals into chronic depression. Hailed as one of the most significant works of literary fiction in the 20th century, the novel has become a landmark in its depiction of mental illness, largely based on Plath’s own experiences undergoing electroshock therapy’.
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The Fool of the ‘Yard’ - Inscribed - T. Arthur Plummer (pseud. Michael Sarne)

1942 - Stanley Paul & Co., London - First Edition
Rare first edition in dust jacket. Inscribed ‘To Mr & Mrs W. R. Harvey, with all good wishes, T. Arthur Plummer, Mar 23 / 42’.

Featuring Inspector Andrew Frampton.

From the moment Inspector Andrew Frampton was called in to the Breck Hollow Mysteru he knew it was no ordinary killer. That was why he had to let the suspect – male or female – think him a fool; Frampton didn’t altogether like this; being just a little conceited; but (as he told himself) “needs must . . . when a killer drives!” 
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The “J For Jennie” Murders (A ‘Frampton’ Story) - Inscribed - T. Arthur Plummer (pseud. Michael Sarne)

1945 - Stanley Paul & Co., London - First Edition
Rare first edition in dust jacket. Inscribed ‘To W. Robertson Harvey, with every good wish for this New Year. T. Arthur Plummer, 1945-6’.

Featuring Inspector Andrew Frampton.

Tragedy stalked Dr. Weston quite a lot. What the mystery was that surrounded him gave Frampton of the “Yard” more than one headache. And when the first of the “J” for Jennie murders startled the community, it also startled Andy Frampton, to say nothing of Detective-Sergeant Arnold. 
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Price HK$ 3,100

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