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The Rugby Football Annual 1922-23 - Charles Marriott (editor)

1922 - Walker & Co., 38 Heath Road - First Edition
A near fine and thus scarce example of the sixth issue of this annual which ran up to 1939-40 and is the primary reference for rugby in this period.

Beginning with articles on notable rugby men, summing up of the seasons matches teams and players; Club Football in 1921-1922,; Half-Back Play; How to Coach a School Team; The Game in the North; followed by results of international, public school, and Oxbridge matches, with players; The Laws of the Game of Football as played by The Rugby Football Union; and finally a list of international and local fixtures for the coming season.

Interspersed throughout with wonderful period advertisements and black and white photographs.
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Football – The Rugby Union Game - Rev. F. Marshall (editor)

1892 - Cassell & Company, London - First Edition
The classic 19th century history of rugby and earliest published complete history of the game, illustrated with black and white photographs throughout.

Despite the title this is a comprehensive history published prior to the great split of 1895 into Rugby Union (remaining an amateur sport for a further century) and Rugby League (which allowed players to receive compensation, initially as long as they had a regular job, with full time professionalism coming much later).

The early chapters include a history of the origin of the game, and the different games played at the public schools of Rugby, Eton, Harrow, Winchester and the Scottish Schools. Histories of the the formation of the English, Scottish, Irish & Welsh Unions appear in various chapters throughout the book as well as lengthy chapters of rugby at Oxbridge. Other important chapters include overseas tours, international matches and players.
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Ashenden or The British Agent - William Somerset Maugham

1928 - William Heinemann, London - First Edition
An attractively bound copy of Somerset Maugham's highly influential collection of espionage thrillers based on his own experiences in British Intelligence during the First World War, inspiring many later writers in the genre including Ian Fleming, John Le Carre, Graham Greene, Eric Ambler, Len Deighton among others.

A Haycraft-Queen cornerstone book. Two of the stories in
Ashenden were used by Alfred Hitchcock as the basis for The Secret Agent. 
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The Things They Carried - Tim O'Brien

1990 - Houghton Mifflin / Seymour Lawrence, Boston - First Edition
O'Brien's most famous work, a collection of short stories inspired by the author's experience during the Vietnam War.

‘In prose that combines the sharp, unsentimental rhythms of Hemingway with gentler, more lyrical descriptions, Mr. O'Brien gives the reader a shockingly visceral sense of what it felt like to tramp through a booby-trapped jungle, carrying 20 pounds of supplies, 14 pounds of ammunition, along with radios, machine guns, assault rifles and grenades. He conjures up the resupply choppers that would arrive every evening with '
fresh watermelons and crates of ammunition and sunglasses and woollen sweaters,' sparklers for the Fourth of July, and colored eggs for Easter.’ - New York Times. 
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Hunlikely! - W. Heath Robinson

1916 - Duckworth & Co., London - First Edition
A bright first edition of W. Heath Robinson’s World War I era anti-German cartoons, his fabulous drawings of unlikely machines, ever-more-unlikely secret weapons, and various comic contraptions, each with amusing titles such as ‘Germans Training Wasps to Sting Highlanders’, ‘Unfortunate Mishap to a Zeppelin’, ‘The Armoured Bayonet-Curler’, and ‘British Soldiers Disguised as a Palm Grove’.

Many of Robinson’s war illustrations had previously appeared in magazines and advertisements. His cartoons of bizarre and improbable machinery were so popular that Britain later adopted the term ‘Heath Robinson’ to refer to absurd inventions.
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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - J. K. Rowling

1999 - Bloomsbury, London - First Edition, First Issue
A scarce and fine first edition, first issue of J. K. Rowling’s third book in the Harry Potter series, in the correct dust jacket.

Winner of the Whitbread Prize (Children's Book of the Year). Hugo Novel Award 2000. Listed in BBC's Big Read (200 Best Novels) [2003].

There were three issues of the first edition. The first issue states '
Copyright Joanne Rowling' on the copyright page, whereas the second issue is amended to 'J.K Rowling'. The first issue also has a misaligned text block on page 7 'burnt (drop a line) so much', which is corrected in the subsequent issues. The publisher says that the errors were spotted early during the print run and amended. The dust jacket also has the correct measurements of 485 mm width (the dust jacket for the third issue was 5 mm shorter). The vast majority of the first edition are second or third issue. 
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Maskee - A Shanghai Sketchbook by Schiff - Signed - Friedrich Schiff

1938 CircaShanghai - Number A191 of an unspecified Limited Edition
Fabulously Shanghai Art-Deco 15 foot long accordion folio in original silk covers, folding out to show 21 illustrated panels each hand-coloured by Schiff. Each panel depicting a view of 1930’s expatriate life in Shanghai through the unique eyes of Schiff. More a folio of art-deco artwork than a book, although many of the panels include amusing comments and rhymes for example:

Miss Shanghai
Me No Worry– Me No Care!
Me Go Marry Millionaire!
If He Die – Me No Cry!
Me Go Marry Other Guy!!

Signed to the first panel by Friedrich Schiff (1908-68), an Austrian Jewish artist who moved to Shanghai in 1930 after an invite to visit from a cousin and lived there for 17 years. He had worked as a newspaper cartoonist in Vienna and continued this line of work in Shanghai, soon becoming famous for his amusing caricatures of the city's inhabitants. Prolific, Schiff’s cartoons appeared in books, newspapers, magazines and advertisements throughout China and the Far East, and collaborations with Ellen Thorbecke (
Peking Studies; People in China; Hong Kong; and Shanghai). 
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Contributions Towards The Materia Medica & Natural History of China - Frederick Porter Smith

1871 - American Presbyterian Mission Press, Shanghai - First Edition
First edition of this scarce work, being one of first books on Chinese medicine by a western author.

With text in English and names and terms in Chinese. Dedicated to Robert Hart of the Chinese Maritime Customs

Smith was the first British medical missionary in China, sent by the Wesleyan Missionary Committee to Hankow in 1863, where he opened the first hospital in central China in 1864. His detailed catalogue of medicinal drugs and compounds was compiled through his close work and personal exchanges with practitioners of traditional China medicine, and was meant for for use by both Western physicians and Chinese medical students. Smith also credits the early Chinese medical works from which he drew his knowledge of herbs, and of native and imported drugs from throughout Asia.
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