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Maskee - A Shanghai Sketchbook by Schiff - Signed - Friedrich Schiff

1938 CircaShanghai - Number A191 of an unspecified Limited Edition
Fabulously Shanghai Art-Deco 15 foot long accordion folio in original silk covers, folding out to show 21 illustrated panels each hand-coloured by Schiff. Each panel depicting a view of 1930’s expatriate life in Shanghai through the unique eyes of Schiff. More a folio of art-deco artwork than a book, although many of the panels include amusing comments and rhymes for example:

Miss Shanghai
Me No Worry– Me No Care!
Me Go Marry Millionaire!
If He Die – Me No Cry!
Me Go Marry Other Guy!!

Signed to the first panel by Friedrich Schiff (1908-68), an Austrian Jewish artist who moved to Shanghai in 1930 after an invite to visit from a cousin and lived there for 17 years. He had worked as a newspaper cartoonist in Vienna and continued this line of work in Shanghai, soon becoming famous for his amusing caricatures of the city's inhabitants. Prolific, Schiff’s cartoons appeared in books, newspapers, magazines and advertisements throughout China and the Far East, and collaborations with Ellen Thorbecke (
Peking Studies; People in China; Hong Kong; and Shanghai). 
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The Tragedie of Othello, The Moore of Venice - William Shakespeare, Mary Grabhorn (illustrator)

1956 - The Grabhorn Press, San Francisco - One of 185 Limited Copies
‘It is the Cause, it is the Cause (my Soule)
Let me not name it to you, you chaste Starres,
It is the Cause. Yet Ile not shed her blood,
Nor scarre that white skin of hers, then Snow,
And smooth as Monumentall Alabaster:
Yet she must dye, else shee’l betray more men’

A fine copy of this large (27 x 39 cm) and handsome private press folio, printed on fine English handmade paper, and featuring six colour drawings by Mary Grabhorn reproduced from a combination of zinc, wood, and linoleum blocks. The sixth title in the Grabhorn Press series of Shakespeare’s plays. The text for this edition reprinted from the First Folio of 1623, in red black and larger gilt lettering using Franciscan type designed for the press by Frederic W. Goudy.

One of Shakespeare’s most frequently performed tragedies – thanks to its enduring themes of racism, love, betrayal, and revenge – the tale of Moorish general Othello, his beloved wife, Desdemona, and his trusted but ultimately deceitful ensign, Iago.
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The Yu-Chi Stone - Edmund Snell

1926 - The Macaulay Company, New York - First Edition
First edition in a bright example of this wonderful dust jacket.

Picture a hidden world ruled by a Chinese bandit prince, where the God of Evil holds an army of captives in grovelling slavery. Torture and terror are the weapons used to bar the white man’s entrance into this cruel kingdom. Glen Haverstrock, for the love of Louis Stroud, penetrates the concealed empire and out-wits the gruesome black magic of a Chinese fiend.’

Mr. Snell has written a story to tempt the most jaded appetites of those seeking for thrills and startling adventures in the quick changing sinister realm of the East 
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Through the Dark Continent - Henry M. Stanley

1879 - Harper & Brothers, New York - Second American Printing
A superb set in particularly bright and sharp pictorial boards, and without restoration, somewhat scarce in this condition. Illustrated throughout, with 150 full-page and in-text wood engravings. Two large folding maps in pockets at rear of each volume Eastern Half of Equatorial Africa and Western Half of Equatorial Africa; together with folding maps of Stanley and Livingstone falls, a double page map of Lakuga Creek, and five full page maps, all highlighted in colour.

‘In August 1874, Stanley left London for Zanzibar. There he engaged over 300 porters, who were each to carry 60 pounds of goods, arms, and supplies, making it the largest African expedition ever seen.... ‘

By July 1875 he had lost 181 men but gained further support and his ‘armada’ was now 685 men and women strong. In Zanzibar on November 1877 at the end of Stanley’s legendary exploration of the great lakes of Equatorial Africa there were 114 survivors. Stanley returned to England and published ‘
Through the Dark Continent’, ‘finally dispelling Livingstone's notion that the Lualaba was the source of the Nile and vindicated Speke's claim that the lake seen on his expedition with Burton was indeed one of the sources’. – R. J. Howgego, Continental Exploration. 
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Letters to Elizabeth: A Selection of Letters from John Steinbeck to Elizabeth Otis - John Steinbeck, Florian J. Shasky, Susan F. Riggs (editors)

1978 - The Book Club of California, San Francisco - One of 500 copies printed by the Plantin Press
Edited by Florian J. Shasky and Susan F. Riggs.

Illustrated with a facsimile letter.

Elizabeth Otis was Steinbeck's literary agent and friend for forty years. The introduction to the letters is by Carlton Sheffield, Steinbeck's lifelong friend and roommate at Stanford.
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This Sporting Life - David Storey

1960 - Longmans, London - First Edition
First edition of this classic, gritty, partly autobiographical tale of rugby in the working class North of England. The first novel by Storey, the son of a miner, a former professional Rugby League player, playwright and screenwriter.

The basis for the brilliant Oscar-nominated 1963 British film of the same name starring Richard Harris.
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The Crooked Samaritan - Inscribed - Paul Trent (Pseud. of Edward Platt)

1933 - Ward, London and Melbourne - First Edition
Inscribed to the half title ‘To Llew. S. Jones, from his friend The Author, December 1933’ and signed ‘Paul Trent’ to the title page.

A fine signed and inscribed first edition of this courtroom drama in a very good example of the rare dust jacket.

Featuring Roger Welby, Barrister and gentleman romantic, who comes to the aid of his persecuted father, a lawyer who had been tempted away from his profession by the riches of the city and a life of financial schemes which finally proved his undoing. The author, Edward Platt was himself a solicitor.

Paul Trent was the pseudonym of Edward Platt (1872-1946), English solicitor, goalkeeper (made his debut for Gloucester AFC as a goalkeeper in 1889), and prolific novelist who wrote over 80 books under the pseudonyms of Paul Trent and Wilmot Kaye.
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An Account of an Embassy to the Court of the Teshoo Lama, in Tibet; containing A Narrative of a Journey through Bootan, and Part of Tibet. - Captain Samuel Turner, Lieutenant Samuel Davis, Robert Saunders

1800 - Printed by W. Bulmer and Co. for G. and W. Nicol, London - First Edition
First edition, completely untrimmed in original publisher’s paper covered boards and spine, housed in later custom half navy blue morocco clamshell case, with spine lettered in gilt. Rare to find such works in this original state.

With fourteen copper-engraved plates including the drawings of Samuel Davis ‘a surveyor and draftsman for the Bengal Army, he accompanied the second British embassy, in 1783, to Druk Yul, the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon. These elegant depictions attest to the only foreign artist “of distinction” to show Bhutan, and the first outsider to paint scenes from these mountains’ [Michael Aris
Views of Medieval Bhutan]. The geographical focus of this work is split between Bhutan (180 pages) and Tibet (246 pages), together with thirty pages of appendices.

In addition to Davis’ illustrations and the folding map of Bootan and Tibet by Turner (58 x 23.5 cm), is the marvellously Mona-Lisa’esque ‘
Yak of Tartary’, an engraved aquatint by De la Motte of the Bhutanese yak that Turner successfully shipped alive back to Hastings, where it was painted by George Stubbs, better known for his paintings of horses. 
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Price HK$ 30,000

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