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Chafing-Dish Dainties - Mrs. Sarah Brownson How

1896 - Self Published. Printed by E. C. Lockwood, Brooklyn - First Edition
'At once a stove and kitchen - the chief recommendation of the Chafing-dish is that it may be brought into use at a moment's notice.

A rare and delightful guide to the benefits of the chafing-dish, with numerous recipes for eggs and omelettes, caramels, corned beef, lobster, macaroni, oysters, turkey, veal and sweetbreads.

‘There are all possibilities within the chafing dish, providing there is a cordon blue, who gives herself up to the task of managing it. If the cook be a novice, Mrs. Sarah Brownson How of Brooklyn in her pretty book “Chafing Dish Dainties” will explain all the niceties and there is also to be found an extensive menu, all to be cooked with a chafing dish.’ -
New York Times, New Book Review, 1897.

Mrs. Sarah Brownson How, a New York socialite gave frequent lectures on the art of housewifery as well as the history of New York.
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Death in the Making - Robert Capa, Gerda Taro

1938 - Covici Friede, New York - First Edition
'If the photo isn't good enough, it's because you're not close enough.' – Robert Capa

A stunning copy of Robert Capa’s first published monograph – a landmark of 20
th century war photography – in the rare dust jacket depicting a Loyalist soldier falling to his death, gun in hand, after being shot – a now iconic image of the Spanish Civil War Featuring 145 photographs by Robert Capa and Gerda Taro, captions by Robert Capa, translated and with a preface by Jay Allen, and arranged by André Kertesz. Housed in a custom clamshell case of fine black morocco leather over matching cloth, velvet lined, and lettered in gilt to the spine.

From 1936 onwards, Capa's coverage of the Spanish Civil War appeared regularly. His picture of a Loyalist soldier who had just been fatally wounded earned him his international reputation and became a powerful symbol of war. After his companion, Gerda Taro, was killed in Spain, Capa travelled to China in 1938 and emigrated to New York a year later. As a correspondent in Europe, he photographed the Second World War, covering the landing of American troops on Omaha beach on D-Day, the liberation of Paris and the Battle of the Bulge
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Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue - Signed - Grace Coddington, Michael Roberts, Jay Fielden [Editor]

2002 - Edition 7L, Paris - First Edition
First edition signed to the title page ‘Grace Coddington, December 13th 2004’.

‘If Wintour is the Pope… Coddington is Michelangelo, trying to paint a fresh version of the Sistine Chapel twelve times a year.’ -
Time magazine.

Large and beautifully produced, lavishly illustrated with the definitive Vogue photographs spanning thirty years, courtesy of creative director Grace Coddington, and an eclectic plethora of world famous photographers.

With an introduction by Anna Wintour OBE [aka “Nuclear Wintour” Editor in Chief of American Vogue since 1988, and depicted in
The Devil Wears Prada], a second preface by Karl Lagerfeld, followed by a short work on the life of Grace Coddington ‘About Grace’ by Michael Roberts [formerly fashion editor of The New Yorker], and then the photographers, enhanced with Grace’s anecdotes about each one.

A superb selection of some of the best collaborative photographs in large format colour and black and white by David Bailey, Terence Donovan, Helmut Newton, Horst, Norman Parkinson, Annie Leibovitz, Peter Lindbergh, Irving Penn, Mario Testino, Bruce Weber, et al.
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Present Indicative - Noël Coward

1937 - Doubleday, Garden City - First Edition
First edition of the first of Noël Coward’s autobiographies, sumptuously bound by Zaehnsdorf for Asprey’s of London, which he would have approved wholeheartedly.

Illustrated with numerous black and white photographs - ‘
I was photographed naked on a cushion very early in life, an insane, toothless smile slitting my face and pleats of fat overlapping me like an ill-fitting overcoat. Later, at the age of two, I was photographed again. This time in a lace dress, leaning against a garden roller and laughing hysterically. If these photographs can be found they will adorn this book.’

‘Thus begins the life story of one of the most celebrated characters in British theatrical history. Displaying an early dedication to the theatre,
Present Indicative hints at the success that would come to Coward as actor, playwright, novelist and performer. Each line is punctuated with his trademark effervescent wit, making this book a comic tour de force in it's own right.’ [Methuen] 
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Entertaining with Elizabeth Craig - Elizabeth Craig, Heather Perry (illustrator)

1933 - Collins, London - First Edition
A fine first edition in the extremely elusive and wonderful dust jacket.

From entertaining on boat race day, surprise parties, after-theatre supper, assisting a bride with her first dinner and presenting a tea-party to afternoon bridge, shivarees and a full swing cocktail bash, and bathing parties (mixed), this book has it all, topped with 32 charming full-page colour illustrations by Herry-Perry (Heather Perry).

Your basket may be the latest model from Bond Street, or just a long wicker hamper, neatly packed with all the appliances you need for an enjoyable meal. It may be only a tea basket for two, fitted with a stove, stand and kettle with a screw lid for carrying water, a spirit tin, provision box, tea and sugar box, cream flask, butter or preserve jar, and china cups and saucers and polished spoons.’ 
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Culpeper’s English Physician; and Complete Herbal. To which are now first added, Upwards of One Hundred Additional Herbs, with a display of their Medicinal and Occult Properties, physically applied to The Cure of all Disorders incident to Mankind. To whic - Nicholas Culpeper, E. Sibly, M.D. (illustrator)

1813 - W. Lewis & J. Adlard, London - 15th & 13th edition respectively
Two volumes bound in one, ‘Vol. I. Containing the Herbal’ and ‘Vol. II. Containing the Medical Part’. Volume I the ‘Fifteenth edition, improved by the Addition of the Linnæan Name to each Herb, Plant, and Tree; and a Life of Culpeper’, volume II the ‘Thirteenth Edition’.

Culpeper’s ‘
herbal’ is quite possibly the most popular work of its kind ever published, and is still the most complete and definitive herbal available today. It was first published in 1652 without illustrations, this edition includes 40 plates of over 450 illustrations which were added by Ebenezer Sibly in 1790, together with his ‘Life of Culpeper’ and rather worshipful Masonic dedication to the Provincial Grand Master. There is also an engraved frontispiece portrait of Culpeper to the front of volume I, and two engraved plates giving a ‘View of the Celestial Influx on the Body of Man’ and ‘the Body of Woman’ to the front of volume II.

Nicholas Culpeper [1616-54] was an English botanist, herbalist, physician, and astrologer. He spent the greater part of his life in the English outdoors cataloguing hundreds of medicinal herbs.
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Les Grand Crus Bordelais - Alfred Danflou

1867 - Librairie Goudin & Typ. Au. Lavertujon, Bordeaux - First Edition in this format (a smaller work was published in 1866 with only 19 photographs of the 1st and 2nd growths)
A rare and remarkable work on Bordeaux, in beautiful condition, two volumes bond in one, containing fifty-five early photographs of the great Châteaux of Bordeaux, with their history, vintages and other contributions, in French.

Of superb quality, the plates of the Châteaux include Lafite, Latour, Mouton, all accompanied by a history and contemporary description of the Châteaux and wine vintages. With a long and interesting commentary on the classifications of first and second Crû, strongly in favour of reclassifying to Premier Cru, Branne-Mouton (purchased and renamed Mouton-Rothschild in 1853 by Baron Rothschild but herein referred to by it’s former name), for which they would have to wait a further century until 1973, and referring to both the 1855 Exposition Universelle de Paris, and London’s Great Exhibition in 1851. There are additional chapters on ‘La Système Féodal Appliqué Aux Vins du Médoc’ and ‘Les Grand Vins de Saint-Émilion’.

A truly important and visually imposing work on Bordeaux and a vital part of any wine book or photographic collection.
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Le Nobiliaire des Eaux-de-Vie et Liqueurs de France - Maurice Des Ombiaux

1927 - J. Mawet, Liége - Number 208 of 500 on ‘papier soufflé anglais
A handsome production by one of the foremost knowledgeable gourmandes of the era, dispensing his entertaining and opinionated views on the history, mythology, production, tasting and appreciation of French Liqueurs and Eaux-de-Vie, with text in French, charmingly illustrated throughout with woodcuts.

Fall into the seductive arms of such greats as Armagnac, Calvados, Kirsch, Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Benedictine, and Chatreuse.

Complete with the publisher’s announcement loosely inserted.
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