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Antiquitates Culinariae - Rev. Richard Warner

1791 - Printed for R. Blamire, London - First Edition
First edition of this large and important work, ‘one of the first signs of scholarship being applied to the history of early English cookery, a development which occurred in the last three decades of the Eighteenth century’ [Maclean].

Illustrated with an engraved title-page, the magnificent double-page terracotta aquatint plate of '
A Peacock Feast', a single-page terracotta aquatint plate of 'A Saxon Entertainment', and an engraved tailpiece on page lvii.

The double-page plate present here was removed from unsold copies after Warner lost the case to Carter over copyright infringement [Maclean].
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Noctes Ambrosianae by Professor Wilson. A New Edition Edited by his Son-in-Law Professor Ferrier - John Wilson, John Gibson Lockhart, James Hogg

1876 - William Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh and London - First Edition Thus
‘North. The jug is a most excellent one, James. Edinburgh is supplied with very fine water.

Shepherd. Gie me the real Glenleevit – such as Awmrose aye has in the hoose – and I weel believe that I could mak drinkable toddy out o’ seawater. The human mind never tires o’ Glenleevit, ony mair than o’ cauler (fresh) air. If a body could just find out the exac proper proportion o’ quantity that ought to be drank every day, and keep to that, I verily trow that he micht leeve for ever, without dying at a’, and that doctors and kirkyards would go out of fashion.’

This sentiment about the virtue of Glenlivet, the classic pot-still malt whisky, is put into the mouth of the poet James Hogg (1770-1835), whom Wilson called the
Ettrick Shepherd, as Hogg really had begun life as a shepherd and was widely regarded as a self-taught rustic genius. Wilson built up his character in the Noctes with condescending affection as a loquacious, sentimental, heavy-drinking, romantic loved of nature.’ - David Daiches, A Wee Dram.

John Wilson (1785-1854), who wrote under the pen-name of Christopher North, was the principal author of this series of invented conversations, conducted by real people under assumed names, that appeared in
Blackwood’s Magazine between 1822 and 1835 under the title Noctes Ambrosianae (Ambrosian Nights): Ambrose’s was the name of the Edinburgh tavern where the conversations took place, in a highly convivial atmosphere.

Four finely bound volumes, each with engraved frontispiece.
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The Art of Social Climbing. How to win invitations and influence newspaper columnists - Jerome Zerbe

1965 - Doubleday & Company, New York - First Edition
First edition, scarce in a dust jacket of this condition. Jerome Zerbe was both a chronicler and photographer of international society, a pioneer of the style of photography now commonly used by the modern paparazzi. The society editor for Town & Country, and the photographer for the El Morocco, gives advice on how to rise in society. With hommages to Elsa Maxwell, Evita Peron, Mrs Astor, Mrs Vanderbilt, and Laura Corrigan.

A do-it yourself kit for breaking into society–by a sophisticated, amused, and socially acceptable society editor’. 
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Results 73 - 75 of 75 results