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Real Cédula en que se establecen las reglas para el gobierno del Consulado de Manila, espedida por S.M. en Madrid á 26 de agosto de 1828: Mandada imprimir, prévias las licencias del Real y Supremo Consejo de las Indias, y Juzgado de Imprentas y Librerías del Reyno, por su Apoderado general en la Corte D. Francisco de Garibay -

1828 - Imprenta de D. Leon Amarita, Madrid - First Edition
First printing of this Spanish Royal Decree in which the rules for the government of the Consulate of Manila are established, issued by the King in Madrid on August 26, 1828: Commissioned to print, prior to the licenses of the Royal and Supreme Council of the Indies, and the King's Court of Printing and Bookstores, by its General Attorney in Court - D. Francisco de Garibay.

With text in Spanish, on the final page José Maria del Rio certifies that this copy is in conformity with the original document.

In 1828, the year this declaration was made there was also a failed plot to overthrow the Spanish colonial government in the Philippines, which became known as the Palmero Conspiracy after the two Palermo Brothers who led the failed uprising.

Rare, six copies are listed in OCLC, one of which is a finely bound copy in Madrid’s Biblioteca del Palacio Real published by a different printer with slightly different layout but same text.
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General View of the Government and Administration of Siam, 1926 -

1926 - Times Press Limited, Bangkok - First Editions
A finely bound collection of these fourteen detailed works on Siam, published in Bangkok. Illustrated throughout with a multitude of photographic plates, maps and diagrams. A fascinating and exhaustive work, detailing all aspects of life in Siam.

The titles included are:-
1. General View of the Government and Administration of Siam.
2. Guide Book to Chief Monuments of Bangkok, Bang Pa-in, Ayudhya and Lopburi, with an Introduction on Siamese History and Religion.
3. Public Health and Philanthropic Institutions in Siam.
4. Education in Siam.
5. Resources.
6. Siam Natural features.
7. The Forests of Siam.
8. The Rice Industry of Siam.
9. Irrigation in Siam.
10. Lac Cultivation and Trade in Siam.
11. Mining in Siam.
12. Aquatic Resources and Fisheries of Siam.
13. Aviation in Siam.
14. Co-operative Movement in Siam.
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Atlas de Filipinas. Atlas of the Philippine Islands - José Algué, Henry S. Pritchett

1900 - Government Printing Office, Washington - First Edition. Special Publication No. 3
First edition of the first complete atlas of the Philippines to be published, compiled by the great Father José Algué (1856-1930) who was based in the Philippines for 39 years, Director of the Manila Observatory (1898-1925) and inventor of the barociclonometer, an instrument which locates the centre of a typhoon and points out the probable direction or path of the tropical storm.

‘It was only when the United States occupied and subsequently acquired the Philippines that a real Philippine atlas was published. The Algué atlas became the standard work on the Philippines till the beginning of the Second World War’ (Lietz).

Containing 30 full page colour maps prepared by the Jesuit Observatory and executed by Philippine draftsmen. An introduction explaining the involvement of the U.S. Coast and Geodatic Survey department, and an 18 page index.
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A Voyage Round the World, In the Years MDCCXL, I, II, III, IV. - George Anson, Richard Walter

1748 - Printed for the Author, London - First Edition
A finely bound ‘Royal Paper’ copy of this beautifully illustrated work which ‘has long occupied a distinguished position as a masterpiece of descriptive travel’ (Hill), and ‘a model of what such literature should be’ (Cox).

Containing forty-two copper-engraved maps, charts, views, and coastal profiles, all but one folding, including views of Brazilian harbours and cities, Acapulco, Tenian, Port St. Julian, Magellan’s Straits, the Bay of Manila, Saipan, Lama, Lantau, Chinese junks, and others, and large folding maps of South America, the Philippines, and the Pacific Ocean, as well as a twelve-page subscriber list, and the two-page instructions to the binder.

England, at war with Spain in 1739, equipped eight ships under the command of George Anson to harass the Spaniards on the western coast of South America for the purpose of cutting off Spanish supplies of wealth from the Pacific area. Seven ships were lost and of 900 men 600 perished. As usual, scurvy took an appalling toll.

The Spanish fleet sent to oppose the British ran into storms; provisions ran out and many ships were wrecked. Thus the primary objective of the expedition was not attained. Anson, however, continued taking prizes off the Pacific coast during 1741-42, and in June 1743, near the Philippines, he captured the Spanish galleon
Nostra Seigniora de Cabadonga and its treasure of £400,000 sterling, which allowed Anson and the surviving members of his crew to reach England much the richer. 
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1907 - E. Grant Richards, London - First Edition in English
Scarce first edition of this epic work, in bright illustrated cloth, and containing 100 photographs of some quite amazing scenes, scenery and peoples, together with folding colour map to rear.

‘Will any one agree to go, this summer, from Peking to Paris by motor-car’ –
Le Matin 1907
‘I hereby enter my name for the Peking to Paris race in an Itala motor car’ –
Prince Scipione Borghese

– The Car: 4-cylinders, 7.4 litres (bore 130mm, stroke 140mm), propeller shaft to the rear wheels, brakes only on the rear wheels, fuel consumption 9 mpg.

– The Rally: Thousands of miles, two continents, no roads, petrol stations, or reliable maps. At Nankow they had to be hauled over the mountains by mules and men. 60mph in the Gobi desert!

– The Prize: A magnum of Mumm champagne.

Why Not?
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Reisen in China von Peking zur Mongolischen Grenze und Rueckkehr nach Europa [Travel in China from Beijing to the Mongolian border and return to Europe]. - Dr. Adolf Bastian

1871 - Hermann Costenoble, Jena - First Edition
A rare work on China, the sixth and last volume in Bastian’s series on Asia ‘Die Voelker des Oestlichen Asien. Studien und Reisen’. Text in German, bound in later blue cloth.

Adolf Bastian was an early pioneer of the concept of the collective unconscious and his writings greatly influenced Carl Jung. Bastian put the focus of his interest on customs and traditions of the natives. He brought the Berlin Anthopological Society into being in 1869 and became director of the newly founded Berlin Museum for Ethnology in 1886.
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Peking Und Umgebung - Boy-Ed

1907 - Verlag der Brigade-Zeitung, Tientsin
Canvassed backed colour map of Peking, 71 x 80 cm. Text in German and Chinese.

With original title, additional booksellers stamp and contemporary owner’s name to front covers

This map was also used for the photographic work of the same name published in 1906 by the printing office of the German occupation forces. According to Wittockiana very little is known about the author Boy-ed, who was first lieutenant and headed the German detachment of howitzers in Peking during the Boxer rebellion.
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1934 - Kelly & Walsh, Shanghai - First Edition
Describing the visit of Mr.Pim to Peking, where he meets with his colleague Mr Wu, and together they tour the wonderful city that is 1930’s Peking. As a gift to someone who is moving to China or has recently visited this is hard to beat. Things may have changed slightly though.

A clean, bright and this scarce first edition of this charming large format book (38x27cm) beautifully illustrated throughout by Friedrich Schiff with a mixture of black and white or colour sketches, combined with photographs taken by Catleen on her Roliflex camera, with colour applied and a full page hand sketched colour map.
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