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Camps and Trails in China. A Narrative of Exploration, Adventure, and Sport in Little-Known China - Roy Chapman Andrews, Yvette Borup Andrews

1918 - D. Appleton and Company, New York - First Edition
First edition, with two folding maps and illustrated with 58 photographs.

The popular narrative of the American Museum of Natural History's 1916-1917 Asiatic Zoological Expedition. The expedition was mostly in Yunnan, China, but also entered Burma, Tibet, and Vietnam. This focusses on their travel and adventures, for the scientific part of the expedition a separate detailed report was issued.

Explorer and naturalist Roy Chapman Andrews (1884-1960) was the expedition's leader, while his wife, photographer and filmmaker Yvette Borup Andrews (1891-1959) was its photographer and also kept daily journals of the trip. She also contributed six chapters to the book, including ‘
The Women of China’, ‘Stalking Tibetans with a Camera’, and ‘Prisoners of War in Burma’. 
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Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. From the Little White Bird - J. M. Barrie, Arthur Rackham

1912 - Hodder &, London - First Thus : Best edition with Rackham&rsquo
Large and finely bound by Sangorski and Sutcliffe, and with 50 delightful illustrations by Rackham who 'seems to have dropped out of some cloud in Mr. Barrie’s fairyland, sent by a special providence to make pictures in tune to his genius' - Pall Mall Gazette.

Peter Pan In Kensington Gardens, Peter, not wanting to grow up, spent his time amongst the enchanted birds, trees, animals, and magical folk of the park, he also meets and falls in love with a little girl named Maimie Mannering. Peter and Maimie were developed by Barrie into the slightly older Peter Pan and Wendy, for the play Peter Pan, or the Boy Who Would Not Grow Up.

‘The still air is filled with the ringing of hundreds of little fairy bells,
but the sweetest sound of all,
is the fluting of Peter Pan’s pipes as he calls to the spring to make haste,
because with the spring comes Wendy.'
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Chinese Pictures. Notes on Photographs Made in China - Mrs J. F. (Isabella L. Bird) Bishop

1900 - Cassell and Company, London - First Edition
A rare first edition of this title, containing a selection of sixty full page black and white plates from photographs taken by the great Isabella Bird Bishop during her journeys across China, one of the most famous Victorian lady travellers, and the first lady fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. Each photograph is accompanied by a page of notes mostly dictated by Bishop specifically for this book. 
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The Arts of Rowing and Training, with an appendix containing the laws of boat-racing, etc., by Argonaut . - Brickwood Argonaut

1866 - Horace Cox, 346 - First Edition
A near fine and rare first edition of ‘in all probability the earliest comprehensive work on the technique of rowing’. It was written to supply “the want of a concise, yet withal comprehensive, manual on boat-racing”. Only one previous writer, says the preface, had “been found willing to bequeath to his successors the results of his observation and the fruits of his experience; and even he, if I am not mistaken, excelled rather as a coxswain than as an oarsman”. The reference is probably to A. T. Shadwell.

The contents, which “
embody the precepts which have of late contributed to the repeated successes of the Oxford University crew”, are arranged in 2 parts. Part I, “Rowing”, includes chapters on boats and their fittings, the art of rowing, coaching, steering, sculling, examples of form and style, and the conduct of regattas. The chapters on coaching deplore the contemporary sacrifice of form to pace. The chapter on boats gives an interesting account of the development of outrigged boats and a table of dimensions and prices.

In Part II, “Training”, running before breakfast is condemned, meat should be “just done to a turn, as it is called, not blue or half raw”, and the author expresses his opinion that a limited amount of smoking should be permitted except in exceptional cases.’ No raw vegetables or green tea, but make sure to have a beer with lunch (p. 133-134).
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Boat Racing: or The Arts of Rowing and Training - Edwin Dampier Brickwood (Amateur Ex-Champion of The Thames)

1876 - Horace Cox, 346 Strand - New Edition
Fine example of the rare second edition of ‘the earliest comprehensive work on the technique of rowing’ which adds the wonderful albumen photograph of an elegantly calm Henley and has been expanded with alterations bringing it up to date with the addition of historical matter. The most important being the invention and acceptance of the sliding seat between the first edition of 1866 and this second edition of 1876.

The introduction comments on the marked decline in the popularity of professional rowing, except on the Tyne. On the other hand, the crowds ‘have taken to the University boat race, which, for obvious reasons, would be more likely to prove attractive to the middle and upper classes’. A great improvement is noted in the art of rowing and an increase in its popularity. ‘Twenty years ago’. says the author, ‘there was not one regatta in England where there are now a score, and... good oarsmanship is not confined to the male sex. The art of training has been rescued from the depth of empiricism in which it was too long suffered to dwell, and in which the ignorant prejudices of illiterate professionals, who at one time usurped the coaching amateurs, purposely kept it. At the present time it is conducted on the principles of common sense and hygiene, and so far from being a mystery is now nothing more nor less than an adhesion to a few simple rules’. On the other hand, coaching has been needlessly surrounded with ‘humbug and bewildering technicalities’, and ‘form, perhaps has not improved, but better things may be hoped for, as the use of the new tools becomes familiar.’
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Traditions of Edinburgh - Robert Chambers

1825 - Printed by William Chambers for W. &, Edinburgh - First Edition
Two finely bound volumes of this popular work by the Chambers brothers, divided into three parts, the the first dedicated to the Old Houses (the entirety of volume I), the second to the Characters, and third part to Traditions, such as the clubs, eateries, Bickers, Burns, Extinct Closes, the King’s Birthday, etc.

The last 60 or so pages cover ‘
Bachanalianism, Taverns, Clubs, etc.’.

This set was formerly in the regimental library of the Royal Horse Guards.
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Pictures of the Chinese, Drawn By Themselves - Rev. R. H. Cobbold

1860 - John Murray, London - First Edition
A lovely little work, rather scarce in this condition and original cloth, giving wonderful descriptions of thirty different Chinese figures, mostly tradesmen, profusely illustrated throughout with 36 lithograph plates (including two title pages), 18 black and white full page illustrations and numerous in-text sketches and engravings.

The author, Robert Henry Cobbold (1816-93), was a Cambridge educated priest (and President of the Cambridge University Boat Club), he sailed for Shanghai in 1847 and then on to Ningpo where he became Archdeacon, returning to England in 1857.

Most likely the author’s copy which was inscribed in 1864 to his son Robert Russell who was born in Ningpo.
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Bordeaux and its Wines - Charles Cocks,

1899 - Fé, Bordeaux - Third English Edition Improved
‘The classic reference work on Bordeaux wines’ - Jancis Robinson, The Oxford Companion to Wine.

A comprehensive and thoroughly illustrated third English edition of ‘
The Bordeaux Bible’. This edition was greatly expanded from the second edition, with 215 more pages, 11 colour maps (up from 8) and 374 in-text engravings of the Châteaux (up from 193). Also included are numerous tables, lists, and comprehensive indices of principal proprietors, villages and communes, and principal growths.

A presentation copy from the great Bordeaux wine merchants Nath. Johnston & Fils.
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