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The Shanghai Dollar Directory 1940 (July Edition) -

1940 - J.H. Howard, Shanghai - Only Edition
A very nice example of this rare Shanghai directory.

Over 800 pages, with the main tabulated sections comprising:-
Alphabetical List of Firms (with alphabetical tabs), giving business address, type of business, members of staff etc. Also with all the clubs listed together under ‘Clubs’ and Schools and Colleges listed under ‘Colleges’.
Agents Directory - Alphabetical list of brands and the Shanghai agents who represent them.
Street Directory - Alphabetic al list of streets, showing the District, the name in Chinese and the occupants.
Residential Directory - Alphabetical list of persons followed by their private address.
Who’s Who - Alphabetical list of persons followed by the firms name.
Preceded by Weights and Measures; Jewish Calendar; Postal Rates; and dates of the Shanghai Race Club Meetings.

Numerous advertisements throughout the ‘List of Firms’ as well as to the covers and endpapers.
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Price HK$ 15,000

A Guide to Peking -

January 1933 - The Peiping Chronicle, Peking - First Edition
A fine example of this illustrated guide, with a large folding map showing the ‘Tartar City’ and ‘Chinese City’, ‘Peiping and Vicnity’ and the ‘Legation Quarter’. Numerous advertisements and photographs throughout.

Contents: Historical Introduction by Dr. Y. C. Chang - Points of Interest - Peiping as an Art Center - The Chinese Theatre by George Kin Leong - Peiping’s Chinese Theatres - Other Theatres - Shops - Chinese Foods by Philip Ashton - Industries - Mode of Transportation - Peiping Churches - Peiping as Educational Center - The Hutungs of Peiping by L. C. Arlington - Newspapers and News Agencies - Cultural Institutions - Clubs and Associations - Chinese Festivals by Dr. Y. C. Chang - Festival Calendar.
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Port Arthur. A Descriptive and Historical Sketch. -

1915 - Japan Tourism Board, Dairen Branch - First Edition
With a colour folding map of Port Arthur to the rear (46x49cm).

A rare booklet, forty two pages, illustrated throughout, with a strong war-related tourism focus on the historic Russo-Japanese conflicts of 1894 and 1904, and the heroic efforts of the Japanese Army in this far northern Chinese port located near to Dalian, Liaoning Province.

Published by the Japan Tourist Bureau, the predecessor of the Japan Travel Bureau (JTB).
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Bond Bound - Ian Fleming and the art of Cover Design -

2008 - Fleming-Wyfold Art Foundation, London - First Edition
A scarce and fine example of this title, produced to accompany the 'Bond Bound' exhibition held in the gallery of London’s Flemings Bank during the Ian Fleming Centenary year, and later at The City art centre in Edinburgh. Heavily illustrated throughout with over 200 images of Bond covers, an essential guide to the artists and art that accompanied the James Bond books. With essays from various specialists. 
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A Pictorial Handbook to Canton - John Arnold

1905 - Hood &, Middlesbrough - First Edition
A fine example of this rare early photographic work on Canton and Macao, consisting of over thirty pages pages showing twenty five illustrations from black and white photographs many taken by John Arnold, accompanied by text, together with twelve pages of wonderful period advertisements for Canton and Hong Kong based traders, merchants, shipping companies and hotels.

In the delicate original illustrated wrappers, highlighted in silver, and red string ties.
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China Through the American Window - Julean Arnold - Commercial Attach

1932 - The American Chamber of Commerce, Printed at The Mercury Press - First Edition
A fine and thus rare expansion of Arnold’s little pamphlet ‘Salient Facts About China’ with graphs, sketches and photographs throughout. Focused, obviously on Chinese American trade. With text in both English and Chinese.

Julean Herbert Arnold [1875-1946] joined the consular service in China in 1904 and from 1914 to 1940 served as American Commercial Attaché in China, and was founder of the American Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai in 1915.

The highly active and influential Arnold once gave a speech calling the Chinese soybean “The Cow of China,” explaining that the legume packed just as much nutrition as milk, so inspiring Lo Kwee-seong that he formed his own soy milk company in Hong Kong, Vitasoy, Lo’s family are now worth a combined US$1.5 billion (2019).
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The Curiosities of Ale & Beer: An Entertaining History - John Bickerdyke, John Greville Fennell, J. M. Dixon

1889 - Field &, London - First Edition
A finely bound first edition of BIckerdyke’s ‘evocative 19th century masterpiece’ [Craft Beer & Brewing], a project begun by his friend, fellow angling author and lover of ale, John Greville Fennell, who due to failing health asked Cook to continue and finish the work.

A history of ale and beer brewing from 2000 BC to the 1880's. Ballads and songs on beer, porter and stouts, served at large feasts at inns and taverns. Early anecdotes and poems, with sections on the medicinal uses of ale and hops. Illustrated with over 50 ‘quaint woodcuts’ and woodcut initials taken mostly from rare old titles.

Since the dawn of our history Barley-wine has been the “naturall drinke” for an “Englysshe man,” and has had no unimportant influence on English life and manners. It is, therefore, somewhat curious that up to the present, among the thousands of books published annually, no comprehensive work on the antiquities of ale and beer has found place.’ 
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My Name is Michael Sibley - John Bingham

1952 - Victor Gollancz Ltd, London - First Edition
A fine first edition of Bingham’s first novel, in a fine and rare example of the delicate Gollancz dust jacket.

‘A classic example of the crime story’s new direction... Bingham is able to dispense with the element of surprise and still tell a wholly fascinating story. A large part of this fascination rests in his accurate account of police interrogation, something which had never been attempted before in the British crime story.’ – Julian Symons,
Bloody Murder.

‘This novel comprises some of the best work of an extremely gifted and perhaps under-regarded British crime novelist... What gave John Bingham his magic was something we look for in every writer, too often in vain: an absolute command of the internal landscape of his characters, acutely observed by a humane but wonderfully corrosive eye.’ – John Le Carré.
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Price HK$ 30,000

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