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Real Cédula en que se establecen las reglas para el gobierno del Consulado de Manila, espedida por S.M. en Madrid á 26 de agosto de 1828: Mandada imprimir, prévias las licencias del Real y Supremo Consejo de las Indias, y Juzgado de Imprentas y Librerías del Reyno, por su Apoderado general en la Corte D. Francisco de Garibay -

1828 - Imprenta de D. Leon Amarita, Madrid - First Edition
First printing of this Spanish Royal Decree in which the rules for the government of the Consulate of Manila are established, issued by the King in Madrid on August 26, 1828: Commissioned to print, prior to the licenses of the Royal and Supreme Council of the Indies, and the King's Court of Printing and Bookstores, by its General Attorney in Court - D. Francisco de Garibay.

With text in Spanish, on the final page José Maria del Rio certifies that this copy is in conformity with the original document.

In 1828, the year this declaration was made there was also a failed plot to overthrow the Spanish colonial government in the Philippines, which became known as the Palmero Conspiracy after the two Palermo Brothers who led the failed uprising.

Rare, six copies are listed in OCLC, one of which is a finely bound copy in Madrid’s Biblioteca del Palacio Real published by a different printer with slightly different layout but same text.
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Rules, Bye-Laws, Regulations and List of Members of The Empress Club -

1903London - First Edition
Rules. ‘1. The Club shall be for Ladies only, and shall be called THE EMPRESS CLUB.’

A rare and fine example of the member’s handbook for the most luxurious ladies club in London, founded in 1897 and blessed by Queen Victoria herself, by 1903 the club had moved into a purpose built premises at 35 Dover Street with another entrance on Berkley Street.

Containing a history of the club, details of charitable work with The Prince of Wales Hospital, Rules, Bye-Laws etc, details of charges and updated subscription fees, and a list of the members. Illustrated with a wonderful sectional drawing of the interior of The Empress Club, a ‘Sketch of the Gold Badge presented to Life Members, facsimile of the 1897 receipt from The Prince of Wales Hospital Fund for £105, and frontispiece ‘Bust of he Late Majesty’ ‘Executed for the Empress Club by Geflowski’.
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Atlas de Filipinas. Atlas of the Philippine Islands - José Algué, Henry S. Pritchett

1900 - Government Printing Office, Washington - First Edition. Special Publication No. 3
First edition of the first complete atlas of the Philippines to be published, compiled by the great Father José Algué (1856-1930) who was based in the Philippines for 39 years, Director of the Manila Observatory (1898-1925) and inventor of the barociclonometer, an instrument which locates the centre of a typhoon and points out the probable direction or path of the tropical storm.

‘It was only when the United States occupied and subsequently acquired the Philippines that a real Philippine atlas was published. The Algué atlas became the standard work on the Philippines till the beginning of the Second World War’ (Lietz).

Containing 30 full page colour maps prepared by the Jesuit Observatory and executed by Philippine draftsmen. An introduction explaining the involvement of the U.S. Coast and Geodatic Survey department, and an 18 page index.
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1907 - E. Grant Richards, London - First Edition in English
Scarce first edition of this epic work, in bright illustrated cloth, and containing 100 photographs of some quite amazing scenes, scenery and peoples, together with folding colour map to rear.

‘Will any one agree to go, this summer, from Peking to Paris by motor-car’ –
Le Matin 1907
‘I hereby enter my name for the Peking to Paris race in an Itala motor car’ –
Prince Scipione Borghese

– The Car: 4-cylinders, 7.4 litres (bore 130mm, stroke 140mm), propeller shaft to the rear wheels, brakes only on the rear wheels, fuel consumption 9 mpg.

– The Rally: Thousands of miles, two continents, no roads, petrol stations, or reliable maps. At Nankow they had to be hauled over the mountains by mules and men. 60mph in the Gobi desert!

– The Prize: A magnum of Mumm champagne.

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The Book of Household Management - Isabella Beeton

1861 - S. O. Beeton, London - First Edition, Second Impression , Second State
This book has more wisdom to the square inch than any work of man’ – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

A rare example of the first edition of this truly important English work, and one of the most successful cookbooks of all time. In original boards, and later leather spine. With the engraved and coloured art-nouveau title page, and an additional twelve colour plates.

With over 1,100 pages of recipes, culinary advice, and household hints, Mrs Beeton’s incomparable
The Book of Household Management was one of the earliest cookery books to use coloured illustrations. 
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A Pilgrimage to Nejd - Lady Anne Blunt

1881 - John Murray, London - First Edition
First edition of the second of Lady Blunt’s two classic travel accounts, in publisher’s original gilt pictorial cloth, and describing the journey that she and her husband, the poet Wilfrid Scawen Blunt, made in the winter of 1878–7, across the Nejd from Beirut, south into the Great Nefud, north to Baghdad and east to the Persian Gulf. Lady Anne was the first European woman to reach the Nejd and, together with her husband, they were the first Europeans to enter the Jebel Shammar in the Nejd. At Hail they met the Emir who received them courteously, having recently knifed his nephew and cut off the feet of his cousins, leaving them to bleed to death.

With over 30 black and white illustrations including fifteen wood-engraved plates, and large folding colour map.

‘To find out how the Bedouin lived, Lady Anne lived like one herself: she became a temporary nomad, riding the two thousand miles from the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf for the most part in Arab dress, and without guides or the usual caravan. This was quite an innovation, and prompted Blunt to dub his wife ‘the first bona-fide tourist who has taken the Euphrates road'. - Jane Robinson,
Wayward Women. 
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Ham on Rye - Charles Bukowski

1982 - Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara - First Trade Edition. One of 750 copies
Fine first edition, one of 750 copies

The first of Bukowski’s intentionally? poorly disguised autobiographies, which was followed by ‘Factotum ‘
Post Office’ and ‘Women.

‘Charles Bukowski details the long, lonely years of his own hardscrabble youth in the raw voice of alter ego Henry Chinaski. From a harrowingly cheerless childhood in Germany through acne-riddled high school years and his adolescent discoveries of alcohol, woman, and the Los Angeles Public Library's collection of D.H. Lawrence, Ham on Rye offers a crude, brutal, and savagely funny portrait of an outcast's coming-of-age during the desperate days of the Great Depression.’ [from the later
HarperCollins edition] 
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The Last Night of the Earth Poems - Signed and with Silkscreen Print - Charles Bukowski

1992 - Black Sparrow Press, Santa Rosa - No. 105 of 225 signed and numbered copies. First Edition
No. 105 of 225 numbered copies with an original signed and dated silkscreen print, also signed in the colophon.

One of Bukowski’s most successful collections of poetry.

‘These poems were written when Bukowski was in his seventies. Old man Bukowski reflects on his life in his typical raw style. It features classic Bukowski poems like the beautiful ‘
The Bluebird’ and the epic apocalyptic horror that is ‘Dinosauria, we’.’ - Outsiders & Misfits. 
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