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Rowing with The New Rowing magazine -

1950 to 1955 - Rowing Publications / C. E. Fisher, Kingston-Upon-Thames / London - First Editions
A run of 60 of this most influential rowing magazine, consisting of:-
Rowing’ Magazine No. 2 (January 1950) to No. 45 (Autumn 1952). 44 magazines
The New Rowing’ Magazine No. 1. (March 1953) to No. 7, plus Nos. 9, 12-13, 16-18, 21-23 (January 1955). 16 magazines.

Illustrated throughout with black and white photographs and sketches, wonderful anecdotes, regatta reports, international as well as national rowing, articles on coaching, styles, the history of rowing, famous rowers and teams, keeping fit, the education of a coxswain, articulate letters from readers, period rowing related advertisements, etc. etc.
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The Holy Bible. Translated from the Latin Vulgate: The Old Testament and The New Testament -

1885 - Thomas Kelly, New York
A massive and exquisite bible in original heavy binding with brass clasps.

Over 1660 pages, with hundreds of plates, full page colour illustrations, in-text illustrations, lithograph pages for marriage, etc, and two lithograph pages for mounting portraits.
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Down the River - Signed - Edward Abbey

1982 - E. P. Dutton, New York - First Edition
A fine first edition, signed ‘Edmund Abbey, SLC, May 10, 1984’. An important collection of insightful, powerful and punchy essays, illustrated by Abbey.

From the front cover –
"Be of good cheer," our favorite war-horse advises, "the military-industrial state will soon collapse." This sparkling book, which takes us up and down rivers and across mountains and deserts, is the perfect antidote to despair. Along the way, Ed Abbey makes time for Henry David Thoreau while he takes a hard look at the Air Force's MX missile system, currently slated for the American West.

Ed writes: "For twenty-three years now I've been floating rivers. Always downstream, the easy and natural way. The way Huck Finn and Jim did it, La Salle and Marquette, the mountain men, and Major Powell..."’
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Abbey's Road - Inscribed - Edward Abbey, Jean Pruchnik (illustrator)

1979 - E. P. Dutton, New York - First Edition
A fine first edition, illustrated by Jean Pruchnik, signed and inscribed ‘all the best! Edward Abbey Santa Fe 11/56/88

‘In the spirit of
Desert Solitaire and The Journey Home, Abbey's Road is a personal odyssey. Edward Abbey's explorations include the familiar territory of the Rio Grande in Texas and Canyonlands National Park and Lake Powell in Utah. He also takes us to such varied places as Scotland, the interior of Australia, and the Sierra Madre and Isla de la Sombra in Mexico.’

‘I've been along a few of Mr. Abbey's roads. He sees much more than I did. Indeed, reading him is often better than being there was.’ – John Leonard.

‘Abbey's the original fly in the ointment. Give him money and prizes. Don't let anything happen to him.’ – Thomas McGuane.
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The Journey Home: Some Words in Defense of the American West - Signed - Edward Abbey, Jim Stiles (illustrator)

1977 - Dutton, New York - First Edition
A bright fresh first edition of Abbey’s first major non-fiction work since Desert Solitaire, signed by him to the title page, and illustrated by Jim Stiles.

‘Alive with ranchers, dam builders, kissing bugs and mountain lions. In a voice edged with inner chagrin, he offers a portrait of the American West what we'll not soon forget, offering us the observations of a man who left the urban world behind to think about the natural world and the myths buried therein’.
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The Wasp Factory - Iain Banks

1984 - Macmillan, London - First Edition
A fine first edition of Banks’ important first novel. A fabulous twisted story of incidents in the lives of Scottish islanders and one child in particular, highly controversial at the time of its release:-

‘Brilliant’ -
The New York Times.
‘Rubbish’ -
The Times.
‘Macabre, bizarre, and impossible to put down’ -
The Financial Times.
‘A work of unparalleled depravity’ -
The Irish Times.
‘One of the top 100 novels of the century’ - The Independent.

So there you have it, to be read with caution.
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The Bridge Over The River Kwai - Pierre Boulle, Xan Fielding (Translator)

1954 - The Vanguard Press, New York - First American Edition (issued at same time as UK edition, but title differs with &ldquo
First edition in English of Boulle’s first novel, based partly on his experiences performing slave labour as a POW in Japanese-occupied Indochina; and basis of the epic 1957 movie directed by David Lean starring Alec Guinness, William Holden and Jack Hawkins. 
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1971 - The Limited Editions Club, Connecticut - Edition limited to 1500 copies, of which this is number 955
I opened myself to the gentle indifference of the world.’

A finely presented limited edition of Camus’ classic novel of crime and punishment, following the story of an ordinary man unknowingly drawn into a senseless murder on an Algerian beach. Powerfully illustrated in colour from paintings by Daniel Maffia (b.1937) and signed by him on the limitation page.

Often cited as an exemplar of existentialism, despite the author’s protest at being labeled an existentialist; nonetheless, the content explores various philosophical ideas, most predominantly absurdism.

Camus’ compelling and disturbing tale of an ‘estranged’ and apparently amoral young man, is divided into two parts, both narrated by the title character Meursault. It explores events both before and after the murder, revealing vividly the anxieties of its time – alienation, fear of anonymity and spiritual doubt.
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