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Ladies’ Directory. Red Book for Shanghai for the year 1885 -

1885 - Printed and Published at the “North-China Herald” Office, Shanghai - Only Edition
If one was not included in the Ladies’ Directory or little Red Book for Shanghai, then one was not of social importance.

A beautifully restored example of this rare and exquisite little directory. This one the property of Mrs. Ernest T. Holwill (
How-kung-kuan) of “West Villa” Bubbling Well Road, Shanghai (see page 39), with her hand written ‘visiting notes’, both ‘visited’ and ‘received’.

With 65 pages listing 516 society ladies, with their surname in Chinese characters, a transliteration, and address in English, followed by 48 pages for one’s ‘Visiting Notes’.

In addition are useful sections including ‘
Colloquial Phrases’ covering directions, places one would usually visit, and roads; Fixed and Moveable Festivals; The New Lectionary; Postage Rates and Regulations; Market Prices (with items in English and Chinese characters); followed by pages of relevant advertisements. 
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The Loyal Samurai of Ako - Aisaburo Akiyama

1930 - Takahashi Bookstand, Tokyo - First Edition
Stunningly presented edition of the story of the legendary revenge of the forty-seven rōnin. Illustrated with colour woodblock plate by Toyokuni.

A fine copy, in the publisher’s glassine jacket and two part decorated box, together with the loosely tipped in ‘Notice’ explaining that the illustration on the beautiful silk covers is based upon ‘an immortal declaration made by Norinaga Motoori, the greatest Shinto Scholar.
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Lessons in Flower Painting - James Andrews

1835 - Charles Tilt, London - First Edition
In submitting these "Lessons in Flower painting" to the public, I beg to remark, that it has been my object to render them as plain and practical as possible. There are few accomplishments more graceful, more innocent in their tendency, and more pleasing, than the art of painting Flowers after nature.

Rare step by step instructional for painting flowers by the renowned Victorian botanical artist James Andrews, with 24 lithographic plates, 12 of which are exquisitely hand-coloured

The book begins with black and white outlined sketches of foliage followed by the same plate hand coloured with recommended colour palettes, this is repeated and then the artist is then shown a plate of black and white flower sketches, followed by the same plate now exquisitely hand coloured together with recommended colour palette, the remaining plates differ in that they focus on individual flowering plants and gatherings of various flowers, again on a black and white outline paired by hand-coloured plate without the colour palettes shown.

The individual plants are - Wild Hyacinth, Fuschia, Convolvulus (Morning Glory), Canterbury Bell, Geranium, Auricula, and Moss Rose.
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The Chinese Drama - From the Earliest Times until To-Day - Lewis Charles Arlington, H. A. Giles, Mei Lan-fang

1930 - Kelly and Walsh, Shanghai - First edition, number 152 of 750 copies signed by the author
‘A Panoramic Study of the Art in China, tracing its Origin and describing its Actors (in both Male and Female roles): their Costumes and Make-up, Superstitions and Stage Slang: the accompanying Music and Musical Instruments: concluding with Synopses of Thirty Chinese Plays.’

A rare and signed copy of this authoritative work, retaining the beautiful pictorial boards and end-papers, illustrated with 115 full page colour plates ‘reproduced through the medium of stone lithography’, as well as black and white engravings. Signed by Arlington to the front blank endpaper.
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Bedouin Tribes of the Euphrates - Lady Anne Blunt, Wilfred Scawen Blunt

1879 - John Murray, London - First Edition
‘Fortunately we are too old travellers to be easily impressed by tales of lions and robbers, even supported, as they were in this instance, by the authority of special correspondents of The Times.’

A beautifully bound two volume set of Lady Blunt’s intrepid excursion to the Euphrates, Nejd and the Nafud desert. Based primarily on her journals and letters, and edited by her husband, this is a testament to the beauty and culture found in the heart of Central Arabia, accompanied with thirteen illustrations which include maps, equestrian diagrams, traditional Beduin ballads, and the author’s own sketches.

‘To find out how the bedouin lived, Lady Anne lived like one herself: she became a temporary nomad, riding the two thousand miles from the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf for the most part in Arab dress, and without guides or the usual caravan. This was quite an innovation, and prompted Blunt to dub his wife ‘the first bona-fide tourist who has taken the Euphrates road'. - Jane Robinson,
Wayward Women. 
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A Visit to the Philippine Islands - Sir John Bowring

1859 - Smith, London - First Edition
A near fine and thus scarce copy of Bowring’s important and comprehensive work on the Philippines. Illustrated with eight full page tinted wood-engraved plates, four maps (one full page, three in text), four engravings in the text, and two double sided leaves of musical score for ‘Comintang de la Conquista (The Indian Song of The Philippines)’ to the rear.

Sir John Bowring [1792-1872], the fourth Governor of Hong Kong, explored the Philippine islands in 1858 with the aspiration of developing British trade relations with the Philippines. Escorted and attended by high-ranking Spanish officials, British envoys and native guides, Bowring visited cities and towns all over the islands, from its plains to its highlands, and conscientiously observed the social and economic situation of the country.

After a year, Bowring produced
A Visit to the Philippine Islands, a credible and detailed reference on the condition of the Philippines under Spanish rule. Containing his recollections and assessments of Philippine life, Bowring's memoir makes up one of the significant primary sources on Philippine history in the 19th century. [Vee Press] 
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Chinese New Year Festivals - Juliet Bredon

1930 - Kelly and Walsh Limited, Shanghai - First Edition
A beautiful example of this lovely work, in the publisher’s coloured paper highlighted in gilt. Loosely inserted is a colourful Chinese woodcut on rice paper.

Juliet Bredon describes the history of the Chinese New Year Festivals as well as the varied customs amongst different areas and social classes in China, superbly illustrated with six tipped on colour photogravure plates from selected Chinese paintings, combined with scenic monochrome silhouettes from photographs to each text page.
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Peking: A Historical and Intimate Description of its Chief Places of Interest - Juliet Bredon

1922 - Kelly & Walsh, Shanghai - Second edition, revised and enlarged
The revised and enlarged edition of this important early travel guide to the sights and history of Peking, considered by foreigners as an essential guide at the time.

Profusely illustrated with six folding maps and plans, including ‘
Dr. Bretschneider's Map of Peking, showing Surroundings of the Capital’ to the rear, 24 black and white photographic plates mostly by A. J. Waller, and engravings in the text. 
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